December 2nd 2015 fraud bankruptcy document 10 points of bankruptcy fraud yet the department of justice nor the us trustee chapter 7 bankruptcy has not removed this fraud off my public records!

Well, America and the justice department …WHAT ARE YOU DOING?…. I’m baffled… at the lack of justice for me… an AMERICAN law abiding citizen… What is going on in AMERICA????
AMERICA …..”justice for all”…. you gota love it… I mean if your a criminal.. you can just about get away with ruining my life…. you can lie /cheat and steal… you can cover your theft of 65,000.00 taken from a fraudulent mortgage and then with a fraud bankruptcy…. you cover your theft ..your id theft… and all the lies that go with it… and if your in the right crooked circles…. you can set up a fraud. bank account… and a fraud mortgage… and false accounts… like phones accounts and even Dr. sues books bought to establish your credit…and leave your victims… like me-the real person mary jean ziska to clean up the mess….

Well its been a year.. where a fraud bank account set up by crooks and money stolen is still not returned… It been over a year when a fraud bankruptcy was set up to hide the money and false mortgage where some id theft person got a new car… and took classes.. even bought jewelry and still nothing is fixed… anyone willing to help please contact me… i’m sick of having the Grinch who stole Christmas … actually keep getting away with stealing my life!

!orig letter from 5th 3rd admit fraud bank account10 poinits bankruptcy fraud page 3

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