Thursday February 07th 2013@ 5:57am recent email to larry and everyone.. what the hell are you people doing to my life now?

Dear Larry                                    Thursday
february 07th 2013 @ 5:06am

As my guardianship lawyer….. aren’t  you supposed to be assisting with  my guardianship?  first of all….  who the hell is allowing the HOA people to
choose my guardian?   the judge for
the  gurdianship is now also the judge
for my HOA situation.. total conflict of interest! and  never allowed before … what happened to
judge brodie? or judge krier? and why are you not protecting my interests?  My choice of guardian  was going through as scott renshaw?…. he
has moved to naples just two days ago completed getting  his florida drivers license…. was
completing his tasks for residence so that he was in place for my
guardianship….   what happened? I do
not want another abusive, neglectful court ordered person as my guardian
who”s misconduct would threaten my home ownership….. and you are
allowing this to happen Why?  you have
told me countless time s that the two cases were separate and that you could
only advise and ONLY  help with  the guardianship case….          now i get  an email from a james goetz 17 hours  ago,,, from a catrina catalono …. who i
have never spoken to before… regarding 
my case….  the one time i spoke
with a kathy from the james goetz office 
she said a few weeks ago that she was emailing me paperwork specifying
that he was not my guardian… that   he
was only sending paperwork to the court to stop anything until i get a real
guardian… someone i trust that is  not
going  to be negligent  and abusive and  have misconduct that will threaten my
homeownership….   what the hell are you


and so who the hell is

 CATRINA  CATALONO…..   ? not listed on the  phone list for the assistants….


I do not want another abusive choice for a guardian….  i want someone  i know and can trust!


I immediately ask you to make sure that  my choice of guardian is not delegated by the
HOA lawyers…. you were supposed to be making sure my wishes were being
heard!  that this is  what the job of the guardianship l,awyer is
supposed to do right?


Please contact me….ASAP….. and if we talk on the phone i
want it also in writing…. what your plans to correct all of this ….
again!    thank you for your kind
attention to this email sincerely, mary jean ziska



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