Thursday January 10th 2013 @ 2:35am horrid paperwork all incorrect from whoever is creating false documents…on behelf of the HOA lawyer group… to harm my property owenership!fhal and

Who the  hell sent the emails with  the false documentation …. it looks like some some took paperwork from 2006 and  falsified … it.. altered it… and then sent it to me as legal documents… 

criminal.. all to try to steal a condo… and threaten my home ownership… 
there are gaps in the actual documents as if someone had deleated information….  there are multiple le errors… from the very first line… and  it reeks of evil…..  
1.  the title of the actual document…  guardianship of the property? there is no guardianship of my property… never has been …..  a guardianship is for the benefit of the ward..  not some bitchy HOA lawyer who wants to bully  and  intimidate and try to  harm my homeownership….. evil….. and not professional… and these papers could not have ever be wrtten by  my  guardianship lawyer… larry P.
I pay my own bills…. so that right cannot be taken away from me…nor- taking over my finances.. that is what those crooks who had someone go into  the social security office tried to do by impersonating someone  …. i was told it was my mom and she said no it was not her… and i was told it was patrick weber… but the office said it was a woman… or girl…. obviouly a conatist…. 
its every line… is WRONG!!!!!!!
I have never  had anyone  incharge of choosing my social sourroundings… What the  hell is going on…. 
HELP!!!!!!!Please HELP! 
documents saying  the court decided i was incompetant since 2006…. ther were additional evaluations done … and the  one doctor… who wanted  what 15000.00 of additiona tests… for teh government to pay for… so i could have a limited guardian to help in the legal defense..  all bullshit! 
i don’t want to say it is a bunch of crooks… but it sure looks like that…. 
and  to recently find that i have a hacker who is altering what emails i get… deleating emails from my sister.. or additional emails i sent to my self…as carbon copies…. hummm some slimy group is going to  a lot of trouble harming my life .. for their greedy pursuits… and  trying to take away my rights…  against the constitution…    pretty evil….  that is all i can think.. really calculated.. and really criminal and really evil…. 
Jan. 9th  I called  judges and lawyers that i  had sent the packages containing  36 documents  
someone keeps telling me different judges.. judge krier.. then judge murphy.. then judge brodie then judge friendman…. 
 judge Brodie should have gotten a copy from the package i sent to judge krier…. ( her office said they forwarded the  package… I had sent a package to judge Brodie and to David Friedman and both packages were returned to me… I don’t know why… and  most recently i cannot find them anywhere in my home i may have t file a police report as i am also missing  the last  cd/dvd  that came with my security  camera system….  just what  i need is a bunch of crooks watching me over the internet to see when they can break  in and enter into my home…  its as bad as when the crooks were  hacking into my  voice mails.. with the spoofed number of my number plus additional numbers …. to get my messages and find out when i was babysitting or   out of my home  so the scummy people could break and enter or use my home for  whatever….  its just  slimy… when someone  harms your  life on purpose… 
HELP!     all i keep thinking to say is HELP…. honest lawyers…  police… hell why not the  FBI or someone who can really take care of these criminals so they will never be able to harm any one ever again.. that they will never be able to harm me… ever again…. i have hated ever minute that i have been put through hell…. and horrid expereinces…  14 years of my life .. of my finances.. of my possibilities all destroyed… why?… greed… slimy criminals and their greed….. unforgivable….