january 11th 2013 @8:58am start f rewrite outline for guardianship paperwork

Rewrite of guardianship paperwork for Larry and judges as
per Larry’s request.


Definition of guardian as per the florid
statutes 744 and limited guardianship 

Limited guardianship for assistance in specified
areas of life:

Fix problems with  identity theft to increase  credit score

Increase income through increase of medical

Clear title for identity theft  on condo 5632 whisperwood blvd. 1601 Naples

Obtain equity line of credit to assist in
payment of settlement for HOA

legal counsel in assistance of defense of HOA and assist in mediation for

Assist in obtaining legal counsel to sue Patrick

Assist in obtaining legal counsel to sue Karen
Kahel and her associates

Assist in Regaining  complete independence

Assist in 
obtaining job/training  with apple
or other home based business for eventual independence acquisition  

Assist in changing laws for  guardianship in florida /notify television
stations and other news organizations to  bring 
injustice to forefront  to be
recognized and to be changed

Guardianship for limited guardian does not have rights
to  take over any rights that are already
being handled by ward…. Mary Jean Ziska

The guardianship was established after bulling  and harassment by Karen kahel and others and
the nervous breakdown caused by such abuse. 
Patrick weber was supposed to help to defend me from further abuse and
as a guardians primary purpose is to assist in trying to gain independence e or
the most independence possible for the ward…. 
I am trying to  prevent any
further friction within  the guardian
/ward relationship and  I already do all
functional daily personal  duties, and
take care of my environment  on my own
without the need of guardian interference I 
pay  bills on time, and  the primary reason for the guardianship was
to assist in the legal cases involving 
the HOA.  Taking away right that
are already  properly handled by me
violates  the Florida statutes 744 and my
civil rights.  I have had to deal with
the lawyers for the HOA and their bulling tactics/ and their their manipulation
and personal control of my guardian for their benefit …. Not mine… when a
guardian is supposed to be protecting me…. 
And assisting me not the HOA attorneys…

I don’t know who wrote documents sent to me concerning  what should be an alleged incapacity……. I am
not totally incapacitated…..   I needed a
limited guardian to help with  fixing
areas of my life that were ruined  by the
bullies and criminals who took advantage 
of my nervous breakdown…. Who stole money off my mortgages, who stole my
identity…  who ruined my credit  … who stole 
personal  items  and possessions… and  who hurt my life  to where now it is ruined!  

I have since continued to try to piece my life back together….. 



These areas have been and will continue to be handled by
mary jean ziska

I handle all my finances and pay  all my bills I had shown Patrick and larry my
budget/ sent a copy of my budget to the social security office and have paid
these bills without any assistance from any guardian.

I handle all my own social/ had not been ever
handled by past guardian Patrick weber 
nor anyone other  than myself /
this is a right I already handle and  do
not need or want it removed from my civil rights  as it had not been under the controlof
Patrick weber

I am not in need of any medical or
interference  or decision making
decisions by a guardian and had not been under 
the control of anyone ever! This is a right I already handle and no not
need or want it removed from my civil rights as it had not been  under the control of patric weber



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