December 21st 2012 @ 9:54am email to have restraining order against patrick weber

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Re: Did you get my request to process a restraining order
against patrick weber?Monday, December 17, 2012 11:36 AM

From: “Lawrence Pivacek”
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To: “Larry Pivacek” <>

Cc: “mary jean ziska”

Mary jean

Got your call

Scott can fax the document to me or scan and e mail

R mail would be best as the fax is often busy

But whatever he wants is fine!


On Dec 17, 2012, at 9:09 AM, Larry Pivacek <>

Dear Mary Jean

Again, I am sorry but I do not represent you in the
foreclosure matter.

I have a call into my supervisor to see if I can appear in
court for you on Friday on that case.

Also I can not file a restraining order for you.

The court appointed me to represent you only in the
guardianship case.

I can understand why you are asking me if I am still on your
side and my answer is that I have never been on anyone’s side except your side.

But I can only represent you where permitted to do so by the

There is no prohibition on you hiring a lawyer yourself for
the foreclosure or restraining order cases.

I will let you know what I can find out but as it stands
right now I do not represent you in the foreclosure case or the restraining
order case.

I will talk to you soon.

Larry Pivacek


On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 8:39 AM, mary jean ziska
<> wrote:

Hi Larry did you get the email to process  a restraining order against Patrick Weber? to
keep a fired guardian away from my life … all areas.. he has no right to be
in a court room when he was already fired! i told you i will not go anywhere
near him….not after he threatened me..and definitely not  now that he has been removed….  where is the protection?I   don’t need to continue to be abused by a
person who was removed and is supposed to be out of my life…. This is
definitely   your area to protect me
against a “fired” guardian…. I am requesting that  you 
speak for me and put in a restraining order against Patrick Weber
immediately….. i don’t want him near me… 
or near any of my cases….. or any of my lawyers…. or guardians….
or family… or anything to do with my life…. I wanted him OUT….. 

I still don’t understand how judge Murphy ( the foreclosure judge
is now branching out to be both  the
foreclosure judge and the guardianship judge….. ?????)

 What happened to
judge krier.. or judge brodie?  Either
judge is the foreclosure judge or the guardianship judge but not both…. and i
saw no change in judges  allowing one
judge to do both jobs… isn’t that a 
conflict in interest?…. especially in light of the fact that I hear
Patrick Weber and  judge Murphy were
Friends… and my mom said that judge Murphy did not start court until  Patrick Weber arrived? When since  i did not have  a guardian in place or a lawyer to represent
me…. in all rights it should have been postponed … and he should have at
least  listened to the  letter i wrote requesting a continuance… (
it was my attempt at a motion for continuance … the same as the paper i asked
you to make sure  judge Murphy  received….. ) Did you make sure he received

I also don’t understand why you are not standing up for my
right to have my choice of limited guardianship?….why doesn’t  the judge already know that ….the hearing
should be stopped  for Fri… I am not
going .. especially if you can not guarantee that Patrick will not be there…
and i am not protected from his threats… and his abuse….  

Are you sure you are on my side?  I don”t have to go and get a new
guardianship lawyer do i? … one who will help me… protect me from
injustice.. and from people not protecting my rights…. 

Please tell the judge that just as in the papers for the
real guardianship judge…either krier… or brodie… that Scott is  working on the  application…and please remind him that it
is a limited guardianship…. only for the protecting me form the HOA lawyer s
and their under handed tricks…. and 
very  unethical behavior….

picking on a ward still declared incompetent … and
bulling.. looks really good after last weeks shooting…. picking on  people who cant or by the court aren’t
allowed to protect/ defend themselves…. 
wonder what  what a higher court
would  say to their actions…   all to steal a condo…..  


Please tell the judge…. what ever judge is supposed to be
in charge…. that it is not right to bully me into trying to give me his
choice of a guardian when i have been telling you my choice.. and we have been  working toward that choice…. 

I am disgusted with all of them…. at Christmas…
unforgivable…  really unforgivable….
someone should take away their rights and see how they feel when they are
bullied… and cannot speak for them selves…  

Thank you for your kind attention to this email

P, S.  you should have
received a copy of the email i sent Scott this morning with the papers… my
mom sent him papers in the mail ( fed ex) for arrival on sat. and  he was going to fill them out and send them
back asap….   I sent him what you sent

P.S.S  Do you
understand the level of anxiety that 
going to far away for too long of a time has been causing me…. i have
left my house  maybe three times since
august…..and  just thinking  of having to go to the court house….
especially after r Patrick threatened 
me… nooooo way,,,,,, that is why i want a lawyer to stand up and speak
for me…. and why i should not have been bullied by the HOA lawyers when i was
not  represented by a guardian or a lawyer….
really big injustice… can you remind the judge of the real laws that are
supposed to protect me… from such injustice….  i cannot call him directly… nor email
him….  and i don’t know if he received
any of my  mail….   Larry I need your help to relay messages
concerning the guardianship status… and stop him from causing any more
injustice….  maybe he doesn’t
realize  how unjust he is being… and
maybe since he he is a foreclosure judge and not a guardianship judge you can
ask him to reread the fl statutes of 744.  
and tell the judge who was in charge of the guardianship krier… or
brodie….. what the hell is going on…..  

Also… there has to be a way that a restraining order can
be filled out if you cannot go to the court house…. do you know how?

again thanks for all your assistance,

Mary jean ziska

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