Tuesday November 13th 2012 59 letters and articles for real estate fix

letters to be put into real estate packages  to fix real estate mess

1.       Mortgage Assignments s as evidence of fraud

2.      GMAC 
Fraud fabricating evidence needed to facilitate a Foreclosure

3.      Foreclosure Mess:  More Shoes to Drop?  Money talks news   Http:// www.money talks news.com/2012/10/22
Foreclosure-Mess-<pre-Shoes-To drop/ by stacy Johnson October 22nd

4.      Article:  GMAC fraud fabricating evidence needed to
facilitate a foreclosure

5.      Complaint:  Inacio Domino Figuaroa vs. Mers Corpt Inc. A
Foreign Corporation Law Offices of David J Stern Pa. A Florida Professional
Association and David J Stern Individually.

6(C.)   Motion Hearing
/ Enforcing Loan Documents Collier County Clerk of Courts March 24th
2009 Presidential Funding Motion Hearing Mathew Kahl

6(B.)  Complaint to
Forecloure Mortgage and To Enforce Lost Loan Document ( Count II) Signature
Page with Mathew Kahl Residential Funding / Mathew Kahl / David J.  Stern

6(A.)  Complaint to
Foreclsoru Mortgage and to Enforce Lost Loan Document ( Count I) /Residential
Funding Mathew Kahl / David J Stern

7.       Assignment of MOrtgae Different Signature for
a. Argondi

to Prove Assignment of Mortgage ( fraud)

8.      Another Mortgage Assignment Example
for Option One

signature for a argandi


9.      Homeward Residential


10. (A)  Transunion
Info for Dispute / Remove  Form

10.(  Equifax info
for Dispute/Remove Form                                                                                                          10.(C.)
Experian  Info for Dispute/Remove Form

11.  Credit Letter (
Dispute/ Remove Item /Litton Loan Account # 1927xxxx September 28th

12.  Transunion :  Request For Investigation

13.  Law Offices of
David J Stern” Mistakenly Files Foreclosure on Sarasota Florida Man Includes Federal
Tax Lien… Article by Bill Warner April 7th 2009

14.   Article:  Mortgage Paperwork Mess:  The Next Housing Shock?  ( CBS News)

15.  Credit Letter (
dispute /Remove Item )

a.  Aegis Account
20037xxxx September 28th 2012

b.  American Servicing
Letter Account 10611276xxxxx  September
28th 2012

16.  Bill Warner
Sarasota Private Investigator View on crime, Terrorism and Cheaters                          ( 941-926-1926)  October 22nd 2010 

17.  Notice of
Dismissal without Prejudice Case No 0801272CA 
Residential Funding Company LLC vs Mary Jean ziska

18.  Assignment of
Mortgage ( AM) Option one – Residential Funding

19.  Supreme Court of
Florida Florida Bar vs David J Stern

20.  Article:  Internal Doc. Reveals GMAC filed false
documents in Bid to Foreclosure

21.  Article:  tired Robo – signature let other people sign
their names by Stacey Johnson October 20the 2010

22.  Photo copy of
Drivers license ( MJZ)

23.  American Home
Mortgage for Wikipedia filed for bankruptcy

24. History  of

25.  9/27th
2012 Collier county /clerk of court results to send to companies to send to
mortgage full report.

26.  Article:  Florida bar Files complaint against David J
Stern over MERS case Housing wire: 

27.  Florida
Foreclosure King Investigated for Questionable practices  ABC NEWS.com/Business /Florida Foreclosures

28.  The cautionary
tale of Aegis Mortgage Bankruptcy (August 2007) 
CNN Mang.  The Darker Side of buy
out firms.

29.  Aegis
Mortgage  Corp. files for Bankruptcy by
Flood copy right 2007

30.  Credit letter (
dispute remove)  Homeward Residential
American Home Mortgage September 28th 2012.

31.  The Florida
Deceptive Trade Practices  Act Consumers
are unable to defend themselves adequately against the unlawful practices as
this court implicitly recognized ( Pino vs Bank of NY) 

32.  Credit Letter (
Dispute/Remove Info Article “ Foreclosure King David Stern Shuttering his law

33.  Lexis Nexis
Comminutes Bankruptcy Law Community ( Article )

34.  Article:  American Home Mortgage Info. Form Wikipedia

35.  Predatory Lending
laws” Politicians are become more aware of the problems of predatory lending
laws and are realized the need for laws against predators

36.  Foreclosure Fraud-
Fighting foreclosure fraud by sharing the knowledge David j Stern v. State of

37.  GMAC residential
capital declares Bankruptcy

38.  Mortgage Paperwork
reveals GMAC filed false documents in Bid to foreclose

39.  Internal Doc.
Reveals GMAC filed false document in
bid to foreclose

40.  Article /website
Mortgage Assignment s as evidence of fraud by Lynn Szynaick Esq, Editor Fraud
Digest Fraud   2010

41.  Article “
Foreclosure Mil David J Stern Firm to close by end of march  on behalf of the law office of Jeffery A

42.  Florida Chapter
755  Definition, general Penalties
Restrictions of criminals entire chapter

43.  Article:  Fabricated Evidence is Fictions Testimony or

44.  Article” Credit
Reporting is Regulated by the Federal Government under the fair  credit protection Act (FCPA)

45.  Article GMAC’s
full letter to agents something does not add up by Tyler   created 09/20/2012 

46.  Article” Created
Assignment and cloned officers yield fraudulent foreclosures across the county
by Cynthia Kuril  Monday April 19th
2012 12:27pm

47.  Article:  Florida Bar vs. David J Stern- complaint /consent/
judgment/report or referee and judgment From: 
Foreclosure Fraud –Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by sharing the knowledge

48.  Assignment of Deed
of Trust Having Jeremy Brown as collateral specialist ( use for option one
–Residential Fraud assignment of mortgage)   

49.  Article:  When a borrower signs the mortgage security
instrument at closing they  grant and
convey the legal title to the mortgage ( MERS) Mortgage Registration System

50.  Article:  GMAC Bankruptcy Petition for official
Borrowers committee Posted by 4 Closures Fraud on June 19th 2012

51.  Bloomberg GMAC
Residential Capital Declares Bankruptcy

52.  David J Stern –
The Florida foreclosure King Is  under
investigation and doing layoffs by morning docket

53.  Article
foreclosure Fraud- Titles used  by
Jeffery Stephan of  GMAC

54.  Florida
foreclosure King Investigated for questionable practices                                                        
ABC NEWS.GO.COM/Business/Florida/Foreclosures 5JE9S

55.  Online sunshine
logo / official internet site of Fl. Legislature October 11 2012 statutes

56.  Monday September
20 2010 More On GMAC and foreclosure Fraud Mess:  The Shit is hitting the Fan” 

57.  Residential
Capital / GMAC Mortgage Proof of Claim

58.  foreclosure Mill
David J Stern Firm to close by end of March on behalf of the law offices of
“Foreclosure King” David J Stern will be closing his law firm by March 31st. 

59.  Letter From:  Offices of David J Stern PA.  To Honorable Lee Hayworth     






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