October 10th 2012@ 2:43pm second chat with lexmark October 8th 2012 ( chat with honey)

[mary ziska] i am still trying to get my printer to print…
and thought i could install a new driver and its not installing from the cd

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[Honey] Welcome to LEXMARK CHAT SUPPORT. My name is Honey.

[Honey] Let me help you with your installation concern.
Here’s is your reference number: 1-9921871531.

[Honey] Hi Mary.

[Honey] Is this the first time you contacted chat support
regarding this concern?

[mary ziska] no

[Honey] Are you using Z31 printer?

[mary ziska] i found the download on the  website but i have a cd and  would prefer to install it that why  it is not accepting my cd??????

[mary ziska] yes

[Honey] Please give me 2 minutes to review your previous

[mary ziska] o.k.

[mary ziska] it is printing but the ink cartridge is not
writing on the paper it is just printing out blank pages

[Honey] Thank you for waiting.

[Honey] Based on the record, you are using a refilled
cartridge and you are having issue with printing blank pages, is that correct?

[mary ziska] yes

[mary ziska] but it was working  weeks ago  with a refilled cartridge before I got the new

[Honey] I understand that Mary, however, if the printer is
printing blank pages the issue is not with the printer software it is with the
ink cartridges.

[Honey] Since we are using a refilled cartridge, we can’t guarantee
the life and print quality of the refilled cartridge.

[mary ziska] i have returned 4  ink cartridges already…

[mary ziska] for new ones but not official Lexmark ink

[mary ziska] are you saying for real l it is just because it
is a remanufacted ink cartridge from staples?

[Honey] Refilled cartridges may or may not work. Most of the
times, the printer will read an empty or very low ink level and sometimes causes
printer errors. It will also be able to print but producing blank pages. There
are instances that the printer will not be able to read the refilled cartridge.
I think that’s what’s happening right now.

[mary ziska] are you there?

[mary ziska] so i need to buy a real cartridge not download
a new driver or anything?

[Honey] I would recommend purchasing a new genuine Lexmark
cartridge if the refilled cartridge won’t work. The reason why we don’t advise
our customers to use refilled cartridges is that refilled ones can cause
permanent damage to the printer.

[mary ziska] do you have any discounts for Lexmark    cartridges
i can get from your website?

[Honey] Yes, that is right. The issue is not with the
printer software, it’s with the ink cartridges.

[Honey] Before you purchase the ink cartridge, please let me
know the Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Mac) installed on
your computer.

[mary ziska]

[Honey] Thank you.

[mary ziska] why does that  matter

[Honey] Here’s a deal, the printer was manufactured last
2000, there’s a possibility that the driver will not load in the computer
because of the software compatible issue.

[Honey] If you want to try another Lexmark cartridges, I can
offer you a 15% discount the ink cartridges.

[Honey] Also, if you want to purchase a new Lexmark printer,
I can offer you a 20% discount.

[mary ziska] can i file away a discount code for a new
printer…as well i can’t afford one now but maybe god willing  some financial miracle will happern…

[mary ziska] how much will 15% make the cost of the  ink cartridge and  do i need a code for that?

[Honey] The price of the ink cartridges compatible to your
printer is about $60-$70.

[Honey] Lexmark offers a new printer less than $100.

[Honey] What I recommend, it is better to purchase a new
printer than purchasing a new ink cartridge. The ink cartridge cost might be
the same with the price of the new printer.

[mary ziska] for just the  black cartridge it is only 37-40 dollars at
staples or office max

[mary ziska] the lap top I  have is from 2003 i don’t  want a new printer r that wont work for the
old laptop

[Honey] The price that I gave is for the combination of both
black and color cartridge.

[mary ziska] i only want to use the black ink cartridge to
print out documents for court/judges /lawyers

[Honey] The price of the black cartridge is $34.

[Honey] Is this your e-mail address whatabtmary@gmail.com?

[mary ziska] great yes .. can you give me the promo code I
can get it from the lexmark website

[mary ziska] yes but you don’t need to email me anything
just give me the promo code to get the discount… alright?

[mary ziska] while  we
are chatting

[mary ziska] how  long
is that discount available?

[mary ziska] like for this  year will it work to get cartridges?

[Honey] I will send the cartridge discount coupon in your
e-mail address.

[mary ziska] o.k. thanks also what about the printer that is
less than 100

[Honey] We can only send the discount through e-mail.

[Honey] You can only use the cartridge discount when
purchasing ink cartridges to Lexmark website.

[mary ziska] can you send me that as well

[Honey] About the printer discount, you can only avail this
to our Presales Department with direct number 1-800-358-5835 Mon to Fri 9am to
9pm and Sat 12noon to 6pm EST.

[mary ziska] o.k. is that for a printer that can print out documents
need just regular  black and  white documents …

[mary ziska] i don’t want to spend extra money on extra
print cartridges…

[Honey] I have send the discount for the ink cartridges.

[mary ziska] thanks i can’t afford them now… the coupon is
good for how long ?

[Honey] To answer your concern, the new Lexmark printer has
new ink technology. The printer will not print using black only of color
cartridges are not installed or out of ink.

[Honey] The coupon will not expired.

[Honey] You can use it anytime.

[mary ziska] great thanks bye

[Honey] Is there anything else that I may help you with?

[mary ziska] no not unless you know winning lottery numbers

[Honey] I wish I can help you and provide the winning
lottery numbers.



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[Honey] Bye Mary.

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