Thursday August 30th 2012 @ 2:41pm Phone conversations with SS department

August 30th 2012  at 11:22am-11:45am   /  11:45am- 12:10pm                                                                                  phone conversation with social security office 

Appointment made for call in appointment Monday September 10th 2:30pm   they are to call me   Appointment made by Chris…. No confirmation or reference number/  just made by Chris for phone call  appointment not  appointment  in office.                                                                              

Telephone number from online  1-800-772-1213

Local social SECURITY OFFICE:    3174 Tamiami Trail E.     Naples, Florida  34112

Attempted first call at 11:22am.  August 30th 2012   I called for payment adjustment  / to increase payment by September.

Technical reason for call:  “cost of living adjustment”

After being put on hold I was able to start phone call with Sharronn(sp?)  no id number/ no office location.  She asked my name,  my  mailing address,  and my date of birth, and my mother’s maiden name.   I get really nervous  about giving out so much information because of the identity theft….. but she said  that   I called the social security office, so it was supposed to be alright….she said she wanted to  update my  information… and I thought that  the reason my disability was decreased  was because when  filing out the application  I put down that I sometimes did babysitting….. She wanted to know when I worked last…. And when she said she was going change  my  disability   payments to reflect that I worked… I freaked… what ???? that she wanted to take money out????….. when I was calling for an increase …just to pay the dam HOA that I  didn’t even have anything to do with the horrible payment amount settlement!…… then we got disconnected…. When I started to hyper ventilate .    I got really  really upset….  So we were disconnected at 11:44am.  I thought that  she hung up on me…. Bit when I called back the other woman( Chris)   I  spoke with told me she thought that I had hung up on her….  What the hell?????…. The phone ghosts I mean hackers playing God again????


 Another thing that bothered  me when I was talking with her…. We discussed an appointment… in the SS office…. I told her I didn’t leave my house these days… and when I mentioned bills… and the $500.00 payment  was more than the 468… that I even got….  I mentioned I steill needed t pay electric, anf car insurance and she mentioned that what did I need car insurance for when I didn’t drive anywhere…. She didn’t even let me explain that  I  don’t drive far…. These days…. I start getting too anxious when I am going  too long form my home…. She almost started to argue with me on having car insurance..  am allowed to have car insurance…. And my dead aunts car…. That I got  when these idiots constantly broke my car… to get money for their  “non” fixing of my car… ( but that is another story… )  I don’t know if she was trying to get information to have automatic deduction… or  what …. But when we got disconnected the conversation was not finished.. not finished at all….  And I’, worried about what she is  going to put  in my report?…. its all subjective and she was not nice…. And was argumentative….  


She did say that my employment was not the reason that the deduction was taken… it was my cost of living… not having any rent… No one told me that ever!….  my aunt and mom had speculated that it was because I sometimes babysat…. But it was not consistent! Not a full time  job…   but the fact that there was supposed to be a free and clear mortgage on my condo… well Patrick Weber was supposed to make sure that was the case…. He did not…. He also had a copy of my budget….. so he should have dam well known what  my living expenses are…. And his negligence in not clearing the title… in not obtaining a loan… in not assisting in my ssi increase…. In not doing anything  we discussed…. In not clearing the identity theft….


 Everything is just as messed up as when It first started…. A year ago… except it is even worse…. Now there  is this  new bill that I had no say in …. That will hang over my head each and every moth .. new threat of losing something… like my home….if this $500.00 is not paid… a $500.00 which is more than any car payment…. Which is even more than rent in  certain  areas…. Which is more than the deal Patrick weber was supposed to make for arrangements…..  he  and Larry both sat there  and  told me  about how the loan would only have a payment of $100.00 a month… and how he wanted to use  regions bank…. How there was to be this large balloon payment after 10 years….. and how I was to save money for that payment….

Back to the conversation…  I immediately called back….( 11:45am ) same number but this time I spoke with Chris an no id number and I couldn’t catch the office where she said  she was located… I think she said Baltimore teller????    Again I went through  my personal information…  my mailing address…. Then also my living address… my mother’ s maiden name… and  everything  all over again…. I tried the best I could to explain how my living situation had changed… there  is now a $500.00 payment each month….  But not for rent.. for a HOA payment …..  and I told her about  how
my guardian did nothing that he was supposed to do for me… I gave her his name, his address… and I didn’t have his telephone but I did have his Florida Bar Association  Membership Number…. She didn’t want it… she set up  an interview for Feb…. and I started to freak…. Then she changed it to September 10th 2012 at  2:30pm- 3:30pm  it is a phone appointment….   She wanted me to go into the office… I told her it was too far…. I told her about my anxiety these days….   She told me that  she hoped the office would get through.. and all I could think of was the three days I had to wait for Comcast security… the problems with the Sears..and with empire today… with everyone  one of the con-artists on the phone….   

 She did say she was sorry about the experiences of these past 10 years…. Some of the worst experiences…. To go through…. But sorry doesn’t fix anything .. or sorry doesn’t make it better…. It’s just a word… and people who commit the lying and stealing and harming my life in every aspect of my life… their words don’t mean anything….    Not that this chris is someone I should fear who might harm me.. but in general….  This is not the life I should have ever had…. Or the bad experiences I should have ever had to go through…. 



She said she couldn’t  promise that I will  get the phone call appointment… but if it was normal circumstances.. I should have been able to get it… right? And under normal circumstances… hell I should    have never had any of these horrid experiences ever…. You meet bullies and criminal creeps… and nothing is ever the same…  So we will see what happens…. I think I should  email the probate courts again…. And make judge krier and judge murphy know  what they are responsible for allowing to happen….


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