monday august 27th 2012@ 5:09pm …. call from richard at comcast executive support

OMG!… I’m really a bit baffled….. . just  got off the phone from speaking with Richard Spence  who said he was with Comcast  executive support…. the  caller id  that shewed up on my magic jack:  561-266-2278 but the message he left on my voice mail and  when i called him to confirm his telephone number was supposed to be:  561-881-3254…..   the phone call began at 4:31pm and ended right now…. with only one item resolved!  that is not good enough! This is not even close to being resolved!
Just wanted the police  to know this person said he needed to confirm my address and my social security number….i did not give him my social security number…. or my account number over the phone…..but he should have had that information on the account right?   If he was a crook and it was fraud again…. how am i to proceed? or if he is legitimate shoudn’t he  have been able to fix the problems?…. all of the problems?  he directed me to the  office where the problems originated…  and this is what makes no sense…. If  someone steals from you…. do you go back to the person  who did the stealing to ask if they have stolen from you? ….. see the irony? this is what Richard told me to do…. to go back to the local office who did not have a manger…. to and  as far as i am aware not authorized to do  any refunds…. they weren’t even able to tell me  about  the  installation mix-ups or give me credit for those….. let alone  when the woman behind the counter r  told  me there was this outstanding bill that i didn’t  have…. with an email i never used but somehow was in my name and she typed in my social security number  with it….. I’m supposed to go and tell her that i think she did something  wrong…. like maybe stealing,… and then ask her if she stole???? what????  and see if she will investigate her own actions? what eh hell? something is very fishy with this call… and the policy and procedures  for rectifying the  situations….  very wrong….  

o.k. this makes no sense and again i have to put in an additional  report to the  attorney generals office for identity theft and for corporate Comcast that this is still in dispute.    He said he will be reimbursing me two of the three days that i waited to have the Comcast security installed…. i waited and ended up in tears all three days… waiting from  8 am…. and clearing out a closet… each time $20.00 per day is not sufficient for the emotional distress that i  endured  over three days of email chats, and  phone calls to confirm..  three days where no one showed up and  i had to wait and   waste an entire Sat not to mention the loss of income Saturday mornings which  could have been the time frame  I could  have worked… and instead i was on the  phone or chatting or emailing or trying  to see where the installation of this security system was in its route….   on its way?   I forgot to tell him that  I had to cancel  work  one of those days… that I  could have these installations  done…..and that was  was money right out from my pocket… and time and  again emotional distress… it wasn’t funny  being lied to…   or amusing to  have me running  to the gate to  change the time frame when this mythical Comcast security installer  was going to turn up….     so no … i am saying  that is not satisfied but here is the part that really baffles me….
the other  problems:  the overpricing…. the  $300.00 that  i was originally billed for using Comcast services 2006-2008…. i had cell phones… so didn’t use Comcast for my phones,…. i had free television services through the,… the  cable from my wall… and it was supposed to be bundled into the community service….  I had no extra boxes  received no  additional special channels….. this bill did not show up on my credit report…. and  again to reiterate… the email the woman behind the counter said was mine…. for the Comcast bill at my home….

No something was very fishy with this phone call…. and the manner that Comcast didn’t  rectify the situation!  more work….. but i am not going to go to the local office that doesn’t have the authority to fix anything…. and waste more time…..   their should  have also been a reference number for the complaint…. and when things  are resolved then  there is a resolution case number… right? 

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