monday august 27th 2012 @ 3:04pm … why did youhave to steal my journal entries?

While I am crying….. I keep trying to remember all that I wrote.,, my journal entries,, why the hell did you have to steal those?

Like the  memories of growing up in Saudi,,, and of the memories of my life…..   


  1. blueberry pancakes when I got back from boarding school,,,,
  2. The list of qualities I wanted in this perfect guy
  3. The start of my gingerbreadman story
  4. The times I went out with  Maura and mattie in palm beach /cards/ and birthday and Christmas and holiday  thoughts and presents
  5. Of course the scum gerard ahler.. And his slobberying….. his wanting me to pick out names of for his “surrogate” or “motherless” children my mom said she  just got a girl pregnant in California… that is why he wanted me to travel to California in a RV  ….. now I think he was just a con artist /maybe gypsie… or with  traveler criminal groups….  
  6. The way he scared me or   the way karne kahle and her friends bullied me
  7. My bucket list
  8. My hopes and dreams  for my future….  Essays and essays full of plans…. 
  9. My dream of  the perfect life.. the reoccurring dream I had when I was first in college… of  the villa in France, the curtains, the two children the  friends… the fun…  
  10. The  times of boarding school and memories…. My memories….
  11. Birthdays at the ritz.. or throughout my life…
  12. The prospects of my business,,
  13. My hopes and dreams

What sick control freak needs to not only steal my possessions but steal the information I wrote…. My hopes and  my dreams my lists I wrote from “the  secret”..  the books I read the  movies I saw.. the  plans I had… and

 the actual horrid experiences I had…. The bullies… what they did or what they said… over the phone… or in person…. The information I was saving to make sure i could  prosecute Karen kahel and her scummy bully trespassing  band of mean  girls..,,,

Can this bitch be soo dam selfish such a  horid and empty void that she needs all my thoughts to try to be me.. is she so lacking in personality,,, 


I wish/pray for justice…. Something horrid would be just… not that I intend to do anything to them but try to prosecute…hold them accountable for their actions …..  to me they deserve the electric chair… death… . death of their children  right in front of them  so that they might gain  compassion   can feel what it is like to lose something and something they love,,,,  and to lose it for ten  years .. and for it to  lost from them forever… like my stolen items… or my thoughts… or my journals… 

I had one witch on the phone who recently  told me to “get over it”,,,, it is not just one stolen time or stolen memory…. That  you can get over it happens repeatedly…. And without any consequence to the criminal.. but I am the one who normally gets punished,,,, bullied more..   I even had a witch tell me  while I was hyper ventilating  to the point of throwing up…. To just  STOP IT  and then threatened to send the police over  to my home…..  what a bitch…. Or ass,…. Whoever it was … was not my family or friends……    Don’t you people get it.,,, it is not  just one item…. Or  one time  I am stolen from… it is time after time after time,…  stealing jobs or job opportunities.,,  stealing  my  friends. My family… my  presents my life my thoughts now?  My personal thoughts… what type of freak needs to do that? ….. I end up crying over and over  again because of this….. this time it is too far…..

 The worst years of my life,.. you  are making them worse by stealing my writings not better you fools, you cannot  just steal the words and think there it is all better now., it is as if it didn’t happen…..  or try to steal the evidence of the bully cards I used to get.,,,  and  think  that  you are safe from being caught….  

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