July 27th 2012 so for some reason i coudlnt log back into my account… i freaked!

So for some reason i couldn’t log into my account just  a little bit ago… i tried to call and got a rep matt in the technical department… he said there were no id numbers.. but i swear i had  gotten many id numbers from both Arizona and Oregon… so i asked for his supervisor…said something about me being  number two.. after i told him i had to called the police this morning… and about felony Fred… and about  all the  crap that has happened…and why i don’t  trust giving any information out over the  phone to anyone….  and I  don’t give out  any information..especially  if this account has been hacked…. I told him that  a along with  identity theft…I started  this blog and website to notify and  send to congressmen and senators…. and anyone who is not a criminal… and who can stop these creeps…. and criminal scuummmmmm …… 

he told me how to change the password myself.. and i did or i thought i did then when i went to   log in it didn’t work.. so i had to do it a second   time….
is this part of the idiots who make up rules … like they think instead of me being the original mary jean ziska because i have been separated from my family and   gone through so much hell… that i must not be valuable?… that i am the  spare part?… for some really valuable girl who stole  my identity.. who stole my name and who stole my life? ….. Well I am not some spare part…. … it is my life…. is still my real life!  still my hopes and dreams and my wishes these idiots who play GOD …. it is my life you are ruining do you hear me!
Why do they think I am the second mary jean? … the spare part? ….. the person  who would  never want to be an actress.. or a fake or be mixed   up with this group of criminal scummmmm ever! 
is it because i actually had morals and didn’t screw anyone to have a baby out of wedlock…. or was like karen kahel and the  rest of the ohio state scumm … did all the  lying and cheating and  stealing  or bulling or  trespassing or screwing guys to get a BMW or steal a business or a condo by  being deceitful and  dishonest…. 

I hate having to keep  justifying who the  hell I am.while the  real imposter little girls are so good at watching and coping.. the wannabes…. the fakes the frauds…. the phonies….
cant you people see the difference between us…. the  horrid fakes and the real people who didn’t ask to be involved in your freak show… who the hell would have ever asked ot be involved in any of this.. this is not fun… this is nothing nice… to be made to cry to have personal possessions stolen… to have clothing and jewelry stolen or ruined,… 

Ared you all out of yoru minds… i never wanted any part of any of this.. why couldnt you have left me and my family alone in peadce to be successfull to be happy … to have families…and lives…. that wer genuine and real…  i will never forgive or forget…. never! 

while your fakes… try to pretend they wrote blog posts    did faux painting.. or traveled around the world.. or  had a great family or friends…. i will pray they are punished and caught for being fakes… at least stopped for being  fakes…

so that is why  on my  bucket list,… my mom got her veins done.. when i wanted to have my legs done.. why at lest 5 people got to go toFrance on my wishes… classes and parties.. events and anything i wanted to do got stopped… I’m  not dead.. like that  freak carla from brazil told me on christmas eve( my family thinks i am dead and i  should be happy with whatever family i get )  when she wouldn’t let me talk/call  my sisters to wish them merry christmas…  at midnight mass.. when i was bawling my eyes… out i missed them sooo much….   I am not DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… .  this is my life… quit stealing every precious moment ! I didn’t do anything wrong.. i didn’t do anything to you…. go ruin  someone elses life and hopes and dreams….   LUV MARY JEAN ZISKA

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