July 27th 2012 I feel so stupid for being nice to these idiots whoare probably the criminals!UGG

So i feel really really stupid,, i have been too nice to a bunchof  criminal scummmmm  first thinking by my being nice, i  could  let them see  real christian values…and then maybe they coud lbe ncer too…. but now i jsut feel stupid.. these are criminals.these criminals are the scum of the earth they will never change. They enjoy being this, they are. They think it’s fun and funny to be hooligans in the limbs and lie, cheat and steal Helen must be how they were raised! So first when I was nice to a waitress named Debbie, was having problems with her husband I thought I could maybe help her and be nice. My sisters warned me against us and I stupidly didn’t listen. She told me she lost her daughter in a car accident and her has been a created a website for donations and I believed her. I still to this day don’t know if that was true but I was told it was a scam. What was really weird. After meeting her is babysitting off Davis Boulevard for a woman who owned a gold Lexus and whispers to be a lawyer from Ohio. This woman had a pole dancing picture in her living room with her children’s pictures and I was babysitting the entire weekend so she could go to Las Vegas and get a new husband. The fact that her closet was filled with garbage bags that she was living out of that I never met her and I was left with just instructions for the three children was a bit odd, but at that time I didn’t think anything about criminal behavior. This is the weird part, a girl much older than the picture Debbie had of her daughter was living in the household like werewolves and other scary pictures, stories, etc. I understand lots of children can look-alike it was weird that this child also like the same things I was told that these childhood liked. Could it be possible that my identity was stolen as far back as meeting Debbie whether that’s a real name or not? Was it before that? I keep trying to go back and figure out who wanted to get information about me. How I lived what I looked like what I wore how I dressed and this was one person who even wanted to know the color of the eyeliner at that point in time. It was blue but I used. I brought her into my life. We went to church together. I thought even though we weren’t on the same page as far as future wants or needs that I could still be friendly with her. After meeting her there is also Gerard who like scaring girls he once took me until pawnshop to show me an iron that he said he used to break into houses. He asked if I would send him any amount of money he asked at a moments notice, he told me he was in the Mafia and could have my mother killed because she thought he was a low life revolting thought. Now that I think about it was that really Gerard Oehler or just another one of the scum who continuously change identities depending on what poor victim they’ve met.
I also feel stupid, to believed roommates and so far most of the roommates I’ve had even though the intention was to make me feel safe have done little to protect my home my property my security in my future. For example, I allowed a man who went by the alias of Fred into my home. He said he had in the past worked with the FBI and was from  the country of Iran  and when I first met he seemed nice and it was a refreshing thought to have a man who could protect my home. However, when the alarm would go off. He never woke or check the facility.
I went so far as trying to include him in holidays and special occasions such as making pancakes and sharing them, getting cards and small gifts for holidays just as I had with past roommates, however however, one afternoon there was a knock on the door and Audrey Martin find new from high school was out the door looking for Fred real name FARZA D    KHOSRAVI
telling me he was on probation that he had not told me about and told me that had something to do with drugs from Canada to Atlanta to Florida. As of the first I’d heard of any of this is I have had hurt his stories about being best friends with Kevin Costner and dismiss that as insecurities or exaggerations. I wasn’t sure. But this new revelation was very disconcerting!
Of course his variation of the story was very different, and trying to be nice. I gave them a second chance. In February, I had saved $1000 that was to go to the homeowners Association fees or lawyers fees or anything to fix some the mess that others have caused my life. This money disappeared. I confronted Fred and to my amazement, he could care less. In fact that day we got into an argument. And he said I was privileged to have them as a roommate so I said if he had a better place to go to leave. I moved his possessions out into the garage. That afternoon I called the police to write a report about the thousand dollars missing add the policeman come to be available when he was first return and didn’t return on time. The policeman had to leave and I’ve never seen him since. I receive messages through my mother who told me lies about him losing his job, about him needing money, about his mother being ill, I didn’t believe a word of anything he ever said after the thousand dollars was:. This is a just an example of me being stupid again and trusting someone… Getting so hard to ever trust again! From Debbie who possibly lied and stole identities to Gerard who definitely lied I could’ve possibly stolen identities to people who pretended to be everything and anything that they weren’t. I miss my old life with trusted friends and family. I miss it every minute of every day! Is there anyone out there who still honest, trustworthy, noble, normal?