July 27th 2012 @ 2:17pm took forever to log onto this account… whenit sould go right through… doi have a hacker again…

I forgot to mention.. last weekend.. when i received a phone call at 11pm form a very young sounding girl… but was supposed to be my mother…. by very young sounding.. her speech was fast… high pitched…. and the verbiage she used was not how my mother ever speaks to me… especially  i have never had my mom call at 11pm wanting to have a pass code to the internet…  she never goes on kine that late… eh woman is in her 70’s…. if she had really come home from babysitting,,, she would have just gone to sleep…. then when i almost  fell back to seep i remembered that there is an internet  cable for her to connect  to the internet so i called her back and got this same person…and the  story changed.. and instead of her having to get on teh internet,, it was wes and his girlfriend who needed to go on teh internet,,, any lie usually denotes.. the criminal scummmmmm  they ie cheat adn stea,,,, without it ever bothering themit is  their nature….. it is who they are inside…. is is how they were raised…. and how they will always be…hey will always be criminal scummmm  adn bullies adn rotton…. 

my mom had been trying to change  the internet settings when lee had left…. and wanted a new pass code to make it more secure…  because wess and or his girlfriends need to go on line… and m y mom hasd seem some realestate car parked onteh side of her road ,,adn she thoght she saw them using the internet or computer…and without the security code the bullies had actually even sent mean emails to me for years…..,  so she had a passcode put on..,,,
smart move mom…..

anyway…  a few nights ago again on a late night call… this same woman.. or man in voice disguised… i cant tell anymore,, anyway this person….. told me she needed me to go on line then to check my emails to see if this email about cranky old men went through…… i did and them n wondered if some hacker.. keylogger  needed  me to do that or was it really just an innocent request? 

this morning and last night the idiot who wanted my mom’s possessions…. silver… the set of silver she got for her wedding…  and my car.. wanted to sell my  car without my permission! or even asking ….. what …….to sell on ebay? the silver argument….. that my mom promised me way back in 1985…. and in 1989… when she told me how she wanted her funeral… and the songs she wanted,. and  what she wanted.. and even  just recently she went over everything she wanted us each to have,.. to remember her by,,,,
this idiot,, was like the  time i got really really upset… some witch wanted to sell my mom’s wedding   dress on ebay…. I flipped out….. no sister or family member of mine would’ve said that… also my mom always wanted us to have it…. her real daughters…..
and there was no mention of anyone  needing money then,. it is jsut a way tthese  scam artiss  steal from older people,…

I had called(9:25am am)  the police spoke with  a woman officer sheeahan(sp?) badge # 0337  who said she would send out an officer.. and have the officer call me back…. I received a call from officer Hurly badge# 2308 ( 9:57am)   and requested an officer go by… to make sure these creeps weren’t  loading up one of their unmarked vans….  with my families possessions…..

officer hurley called me back  
after  speakign to officer hurley i called gloria fletcher and reached jackie… i guess a new receptionist at 10:18am…   who took my message and said marci  or gloria will be in touch… she also thanked me for giving her warning… and  I backed up everything with an email… just in case the phone calls still are not reaching the right   people…..for justice to be taken,…
for documentation of all  crime…and  for all the people who need to be in jail… to be in jail….

i also left message of what needs to be done to stop anyone from selling my mother’s possessions… when it might not be my mother or even my family selling them….. restraining order… or what needs to be filed… also  if anyone does hack int any email accounts.. or does alter anything on my website or blog.. it is my intellectual property and that would be pujishable  by the law…. i just need to know  what i need to do ….

i am still under the assumption… that the babysitters,, the rotten ones who have been stealing jobs..and stealing my hard work and  my mother’s business… same scum who stole files  off my original laptops… remember me saying,. it was a guy who came  in  saying he was from Ohio..and  was from a company sharka who worked for the  sabatova family had recommended…  who knows who i was really speaking with way back then,.. i had no clue how devious…. these  criminals..worked..
 what i did notice even then was that he  took out my hard drive and  copied.. it with all the files .. then left not fixing anything on my  laptop….  so they have been after a cash free business for a long  long time….
the imposter criminal idenity thieving  criminal freaks…..   I hate them….

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