JUly 27th 2012 @10:39am old email from virgin mobil.. molice told me to take off blog so the y coudl catch these criminals … they are stillnot caught… so puttign blog post back up

To Whom It May Concern: September 11Th 2010

My name is Mary Jean Ziska and I just switched over my phone number 239-287-2294 from Metro PCS on September 02Nd 2010. I went to check my minutes on September 10th 2010 and found 248 minutes were said to have been used. I went on line and at first couldn’t access my account. Following that incident (when my pin wouldn’t access my account), I found that in the 9 days I had the phone service there were many calls to
( 11239-287-2294) on my account.

On september 2nd 2010: 2 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 3nd 2010: 3 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 4nd 2010: 11 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 5nd 2010: 1 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 6nd 2010: 2 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 7th 2010: 12 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 8th 2010: 10 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 9th 2010: 0 calls show the number 11239-2872294

On september 10th 2010: 4 calls show the number 11239-2872294

Since my phone number is (239-287-2294) I questioned whether or not those calls were from my number or to my number. Upon investigating further, I realized that on ( 02/10/2010) I did not even turn on my phone until after 7 pm and the print out of the phone calls claimed that I had made phone calls:

09/10/2010 To: 11239-287-2294 @ 09:48 pm

09/10/2010 To: 611 @ 8:16 pm

09/10/2010 To: 11239-287-2294 @ 7:30 pm

09//10/2010 To: 11239-287-2294 @ 5:00 pm

09/10/2010 To: 11239-287-2294 @ 3:45 pm

09/10/2010 To: 11239-287-2294 @ 2:28 pm

09/10/2010 To: 11239-287-2294 @ 2:14 pm

I did not use the phone until 7pm and definatly did not make those 11239-2872294 telephone calls to my self! On numerous days calls to (11239-287-2294)this telephone number ranged from 1-12 calls in a day! On September 10th 2010 alone, a total of 7 fraudulent calls were said to be made from/to my telephone.

This fraudulent misuse of my account has cost me thousands of dollars in revenue as I used this phone number as my work phone over the course of 2009-2010! I am Assistant Director of A Tender Loving Care Service. It is a babysitting service run and scheduled primiarily through the phone. I called the police ( from my my other phone 561- 594-5921. and a police sargent called me back. After speaking with the police I called your help line which directed me to three different people:

1st spoke with:

Arnal ( id number 1301434) then

2nd spoke with:

Shinne ( id number: 82410) then

3rd spoke with:

Lenn ( id number: 56552)

She said she was the manager/supervisor of the department and would be able the help. Lenn said she would block the number 112392872294 and would erase all the phone calls made so far since most of them were incorrect.

I called ( September 11th 2010) checking everything and did not see where the phone number was blocked. I tried to block the number myself and it would not block. The reason stated by the automated email service was for that 112392872294 was not a legitimate or valid number. I also see that calls were not erased but bonus minutes were added to make up for all the fraudulent calls made and that a credit of 248 minutes were added as bonus minutes. Is that the same thing as promised by Lenn? In a way it is good that she didn’t erase those phone calls from the official record as I plan on pressing charges and having the people responsible for this criminal activity and illegal and fraudulent misuse of my cell phone arrested or charged with all criminal charges that apply. I had the woman Lynn check and verify that the serial number on the phone is the same as the serial number of the phone in my possession but am still under the assumption that something is wrong. She was supposed to call me after 10-15 minutes on the cell phone in question last evening after talking on the phone with her until 1 or 2 am trying to resolve this situation. I NEVER received a call and upon checking the calls there was also a call to #611 which I never made!

I do believe the same criminal element is involved in many of the unfortunant events in my life since 2003 as I met one con artist Gerard Ahler and one vicious bully Karen Kahel. What they and their criminal associates have done to my life, my business and my personal connections to my friends and family is not only unforgivable but luckily criminally prosecutable!

I had this phone number with:

Sprint (account # 514-620-247 ) from May 18th 2009 until August 6th 2009.

Metro PCS from August 6th 2009- September 2nd 2010.

I changed to Virgin Mobil on September 2nd 2010.

The reason we changed from Sprint was due to bills that were unreasonable high. I tried to tell people then that something was amiss with the phone and the amount and duration of the calls made but now I can prove that calls to the phone number and with extreme dollar amounts were fraudulent. I believe it may be the same group of criminals/criminal element involved and would like to take them to court have them arrested or their crimes and put in jail/ punished for all their crimes.

I am trying to rectify this situation and not allow any more of the criminal behavior to go unpunished. I need your assantance in this matter and advice in how to rectify this situation. I was told by a really helpful represantive of sprint that an MSID code can be traced or needs to be changed for any cloned phones. Is there a way to track down the telephone number 11239-287-2294? Or to make sure that the phone number is correct on my actual phone? Is there a way to see if any clone phones have been created from any of the phone providers? Is there any additional information needed to verify that this criminal behavior has been going on with my same phone number? As I mentioned before, I have used this phone number for my business and use it for many of the business contacts, and jobs for my company. Direct phone calls concerning jobs are our major source of income and by diverting the phone calls the perpretrator has cost me and my company 2 years worth of business! Because we have exlusive contract with the Waldorf Astoria and work with many other 4-5 star hotels in the area this criminal activity has cost my business thousands and thousands of dollars!

Please contact me via email (whatabtmary@yahoo.com ) or registered letter as I need to know what procedure to take so as not to only make sure I have the correct phone with the correct phone number but also to begin to gather evidence to put these people in jail.

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter,

Sincerely, Mary jean Ziska

I will be sending a copy of this email to my attorney, to the police I spoke with and to the other emails connected to Virgin Mobil. I want to have everyone informed of this horrid and criminal situation and bring conclusion to the criminal situation and justice for myself as i have been very harmed by these criminals.

A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska Assistant Director 239-287-2294

A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska Assistant Director 239-287-2294

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