July 27, 2012, 3:42 PM missing entire box of files

So here’s a quick post. I went today to go put some information for resumes in a file, the entire box of file are missing! The same locked closet that housed the battery charger that was switched out and I’m wondering what else is missing. What else is been tampered with someone else might have actually been stolen!
It never fails, whenever something is missing, damaged, destroyed Rowand stolen by these criminal idiots, I always feel violated the fact that someone came in could care less about how much anything cost how hard you worked or what mementos meant to you. They believe their rights for taking something from you superseded anything when they have no rights to any of my possessions!
The girl who stole sorority date function pictures if she have them on the wall even though she doesn’t know the man/boy’s in the pictures?! To she put them in a photo album to make up a fake history of when she went to functions of the clothes she never  wore of the conversations that she never had of the hug she never received from my friends who were in the pictures!
How far do these imposters go to create their fake life? The stories they must tell that have no bearing on anything that really happened… Or know the time, date, smells, sights, entire experience that they fabricate to try to be someone they can never be!
What do these people get out of being an imposter? The con artists of course, lie, cheat and steal. But what about the freaks who actually just want to be you… Who want your life and think by stealing bits and pieces of it they can somehow make their despicable, disgusting lives into a meaningful life that they stole from me!
And who gathers all of these look-alike imposters could be a talent agent and actress, actor con artist,? Do they do this knowing their finding someone to look like you to commit crimes? Do they care to they have any morals or values that actually somewhere in there at dark disgusting in our sole they have some sense that what they’re doing is wrong? Or can there be so many people void of a conscience? 40 of honesty? Void of honesty? Floyd of anything to do with the redeemable personality or quality!
I now shatter when someone tells me they like an item of clothing… All I can think of is how can I hide it so they won’t steal it… When someone asked me the color of my makeup? Or where I got my shoes? Or if I buy a new outfit… I think twice of where and how I can store it so that it won’t be stolen, really  ruined, or damaged by these want to be criminal con artists, scum!
After being honest and giving out whenever people asked of me even though they may not have been family or friends, I change my ways, to a degree… I don’t want to lose any more family mementos, anymore cherished memories, anymore. Personal possessions, to these criminal scum… They stolen sweaters and jewelry pictures, letters… Far too many items I care to recount in this blog post… But with each stolen item is torn piece of my heart, is torn away a piece of trust, is torn away my past and my present and even my future… And the worst thing is these people don’t care. They will look you in the eye, they will bully you to tears, they will steal right under your nose. They will lie right to your face and they don’t care… I’ve mentioned it before they run impacts like animals with their leaders, their followers and all who do the bidding and criminal deeds and together. There are no words to describe the pain and hatred I have for all of them!
Each person as a human being had a choice! They chose without a shadow of a doubt to commit these crimes to hurt people on purpose and they feel no consequence to their actions… To me, these slime are despicable worthless subhuman who will never change. And I pray every day that they’re put in jail or die so that no one else can never be hurt by them again… I guess they’re lucky none of my prayers are ever answered or else I would be a multimillion dollar winner for the Florida State lotto lottery. Ha ha Ha! But maybe in some point in time, their actions will catch up and there’ll be someone or something that will bring justice and stop them from hurting and destroying lives and changing people forever!

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