July 27, 2012 3:22 PM doppelgängers( here’s what I’ve noticed so far)

So doppelgängers, spicy someone who looks like you enough to be mistaken for you but with different personality right?
So I’ve noticed over these years, which I’d never noticed before people’s eyes, people’s hands, people’s heights, I was once told to notice hands and feet as they can’t be changed in size…
What do you say to someone would one point in time towers over you, and then is approximately your own height within a matter of three months? What do you say to someone who changed feet size? What do you say to someone who’s changed eyecolor, skin color, and facial presence?
I’ve taken into account that people do change, that alterations can be made, in hair color, eye color, weight, and even preferences are personalities… But if everything is changed is that still a doppelgänger… Or an imposter? Or con artist who’s trying to be someone that they are not?! How can you tell when the person you’re supposed to know, has changed so much that is the same person or completely different person… A doppelgänger!

Are these people just acting? Are they imposters? Are they con artists and criminals posing as one person when they’re actually another is it something an identity thief does almost naturally or do they work at it… And someone asks so many questions and tries to mimic so much of who you are. Should you be flattered or concerned?
The biggest question is there some type of biometric testing that can actually distinguish one person from another… What if they’re twins? What if they’re triplets? What if they just look alike and have no relationship whatsoever to each other? What is available, how can be this be done efficiently and to stop any criminal behavior!

Does anyone know how to do this? Help, help, help, help, help, help, help, help, help, help!
For example, I could swear my youngest sister at times has had green eyes, blue eyes, her skin has been darker, her face has changed shape from round to square,…
At times I could swear my mother has more wrinkles, a mouth that stoops down, height changes, and variations in weight.
At times I could swear my old roommate Scott Renshaw has been taller, shorter, his teeth have been brighter, his hands have been wrinkled, not wrinkled,
at times people I’ve worked for have been taller, larger feet,
I would love to know if anyone else notices. Any changes… If anyone sees variations of me… I’d love to know what those changes are other than someone stealing my identity, stealing the life I should’ve been able to have, are they living a great life with benefits and hopes and dreams that did come true? Did they get married and have children, which I wasn’t allowed to do… Did they run successful businesses under my name? Get married under my name? Go on vacations by close and jewelry under my name? If this happened, why can’t people tell it is it me?
It is ruined my life, Iit has ruined my my achievement of hopes and dreams of goals of normal accomplishments. I had expected in the last 10 years…
When this first started, and someone was stealing my opportunities my name my life, my hopes and dreams. There had to have been people who knew the truth… Why didn’t they say anything? I believe these people are just as culpable for the crimes committed for the live stolen and ruined and I will never forgive nor forget one moment that should’ve been amazing and wonderful actually 10 years that should’ve been amazing and wonderful, that is not been so because of these criminal people… Is that a  doppelgänger? Work on artist? Or down and out criminal! In my book. It’s a criminal who should be punished. I hope there’s someone out there who will help with finding justice and stopping such despicable behavior and stop them from ruining lives!

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