march 17th background of comcast service failure of installation of security system

user mary jean has entered room

analyst Sheryl has entered room

Sheryl: Hello mary jean, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Sheryl. Please give me one moment to review your information.

mary jean : My Issue: i have an apointmetn for installation of a security system…. today from 1pm -3pm… and a new cable line and cable outlet installed s ofar this appointment has been messed up fo teh 10th for teh 14th and today so far they are late!

Sheryl: I can certainly understand your frustration and I really appreciate the opportunity to make things right.

mary jean : i have no idea if you can… my roomate is not here3 and is a convicted felon and somehow has been ableto stop any installation of any security system… and it has been a horrid wxperience… well the past 12 years have been horrid

mary jean : i never received a confirmation like the 10th… but have talked to peole onthe phone.. and went into an actual office to confirm the apt.

mary jean : i have been lied to about what is included aobut who willbe installing the service and when it will be done….. i need it installed today…. i mean really need it done today

Sheryl: I am sorry to hear that Mary Jean.

mary jean : can you tell me if they are really coming today… and who will be here?

Sheryl: May I know the services to be install today please?

mary jean : and will they really be able to install the real system.. with the camera the key pad adn everything included in the system….

mary jean : the xfinity home securty… system

mary jean : i also need to set up a passcode for my email…. i willbe needing that for watvchign the security system on lineright?

Sheryl: I understand you Mary Jean.

Sheryl: I apologize for the inconvenience I can assure you that the installation will be pursue today.

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