march 17th 2012 @3:31pm … appointment to install secuty notesfrom the beginning

installation that was supposed to be  on march 14th 2012… i found outthat i had to be somewhere on the 14th( which of course got changed …and rearranged  but    when emailing dustin redd…  who was located in jacksonbville flroida…. who awas so nice and helpful and very professional… i thought  everything was gogin to be fine ….. there were two options for appointments.. the 10th and the 14th…. after settign up the apt for teh 14th…. everything  go t changed so i  was only able to  have an availablitity onthe 10th…. again not from  my  home  phone and cable… i received a confirmatin from  as woman whotold me no problem … she was locted in west virgina and so onteh day before i did receive an automated phone confirmation and thought allwas well… nope…..  not at all…. 

onteh morngof the 10th…. it was of course a saturday… i work up earlyu and started movign everything out of the area where i needed an additoanl cable outlet…. so far not one of the  cable guys who have come out ahce been able to  put ina  cable outlet…. or do anything  related to the calbe.. or the security system…. very suprising… well mabe not… 
So as I was saying before, I was at that for 5:00 AM but had everything well underway and in order for the 8 AM appointment at 8 AM no one showed no call at 730 or 745 when people told me they would call an hour or half an hour beforehand to let me know they were on their way. At 930 I called Comcast to find out where is the tech people were cannot reach anyone call back at 945 or 9:35 AM was able to reach Cindy who told me they were on their way at 1010 wins still known it showed up I called back and spoke with:                           who then told me the company by the name of that TS was supposed to be on their way from Sarasota and would show up at 1:00 PM at that point in time I went left my house locked up my house left my house and went to the front guard gate to try to call and see if there is any discrepancy in the phone conversation I was having with varying competent people who were supposed to be representing Comcast received I spoke with one person who then transferred me to another person who then transferred me to another person who then let me speak with one gentleman who told me that if a gentleman by the name of Mike who told me that if no one showed up by one by 2:00 PM to please give them a call back.

To me this is totally an acceptable and not typical of any type of professional company especially one of Comcast who exemplifies service and mentions their desire for excellence in service on their television commercials in their website and throughout all of their information brochures etc. By the end of all the telephone conversations I was in tears my complete date been ruined them once again someone was able to not only manipulate control and execute whatever they desired to have changed my life such as me not having the security system in my home to prevent any more criminal activity and the loss of control of my own life of my own choices of the freedom as an American citizen to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the real representatives of the Fortune 500 company is continuously devastating, frustrating, and absolutely unacceptable.     

I’m trying to decide is it the sharing of information with the people on the phone the people in person or the people online that actually contributes to all the problems. For me it seems very lonely and isolating experience to have someone control the very choices that would allow you the security of having a home protected by security system preventing criminal activity preventing trespassers preventing anyone who has for the past 12 years use my home, my name, my identity, my car, my clothing, stolen jewelry, and without any punishment. I have tried to be private I’ve tried to call and make appointments from other areas, I have tried by myself to do it is whatever is necessary to be… Secure my home my life my identity, my existence but to no avail when it’s one person against a group of criminals there is no way out.

Today was the third attempt to have a security system installed in my home this time I went to the Comcast Naples office where they confirm the appointment but could not tell me the tech people that would be showing up I confirmed online but I made the mistake of telling one person in my home to people on the phone and the security guard at my guard gate that my intention for today was to finally have a security system installed. The misinformation of what was included what the bill should be and where and how the system is installed baffles me. These are some of the misunderstandings I’ve been told that I believe are not truth:

1.  The Comcast tech who will be installing a security system may or may not be in the Comcast uniform, Comcast vehicle, have Comcast ID, and be prepared to actually install the Comcast service.

2. That you may be billed for viewing expenses, Comcast may or may not actually install cameras in the premium package. Comcast may or may not actually honor the items in the premium package featured on the website.

3. When chatting about your password or e-mail accounts set up by Comcast that you may or may not give out tons of information this information does not seem to be encrypted or secured so that you know you’re talking to a rap and have their first name it would be much better to have an ID number a chat box reference number and encrypted way of giving your Social Security number especially if you’ve had identity theft and feel uncomfortable telling a total stranger information such as your birthdate your address or telephone number and your Social Security number which is the information needed to steal identities again.


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