march 17th 2012 @ 2:33pm ( email to sears… concerning mess up of installatin of garage door purchased from sears….)

TO whom it may concern:                                  March 8, 2012

I purchased in a sure link garage door opener from Sears a few weeks ago I attempted to have it installed by Sears and had horrible problems trying to schedule an appointment using official Sears technicians that would honor a warranty for the insulation for the parts. The entire process over the phone has been horrific. I attempted to schedule the installation online was able to schedule an appointment however no one was able to reach me via phone or did reach me via phone to confirm the appointment time and the actual installers that would be coming to my house I live in a gated community and needed to actually know the names and ID numbers of the installers that were officially employed by Sears to perform the installation and to represent Sears. I received a confirmation online when I called I spoke with people from Winter Park Florida who actually canceled my appointment wanted my credit card number over the phone and to me he represented some type of criminal element that should not be associated with Sears from the official Sears website I received extremely professional e-mails confirmations and correspondence. The people I also received additional e-mails that did not represent Sears in a positive and professional light. After the horrific time trying to schedule something online I contacted a local company that once again through my phone system was horrific to schedule appointments including three cancellations due to their lack of being licensed bonded and insured. I drove to Sears location and coastland Mall twice to set up an appointment the first time I was there before the store opened was not able to complete the task. The second time I came and was able to actually meet with one person working downstairs who scheduled an appointment I’ve been told continuously the people you employed our subcontract or subcontractors were not in official vehicles with the field official uniforms or official identification I was sent to a website a company from Cape Coral who has no website but does have an ad on Angie’s list from Venice Florida when I went to look at the actual ad the company does not mention their involvement with Sears does not mention the ability to install garage door openers and it did not mention the Naples Collier County area for their service area. The people who were supposed to come out did not call to confirm times names dates as I was told from 6:30 PM till 9:00 PM is the timeframe that the company was to confirm with me the times and dates the main office was closed. To me this is a policy would work better if the company itself did not close at 5 PM therefore not being allowed to actually confirm next day installations. I was able to reach a telephone number for the main Sears installation they gave me an installers name and phone number Angelo I called back when Angela’s number did not work and was told Angelo was no longer the installer it would be a gusto would be the installer my mother received in message from a Brian who is scheduled to install the garage door not a gusto the following morning after much contemplation and much worry concerning who would be actually doing the installation of my garage a gusto Brian ended up showing up the installed the garage door however I was told from one representative associated with the Sears Main website that the Sears representative would test all of the features would make sure the safety precautions were installed and would also be able to help to make sure and let me know the workings of the actual garage door installer gusto wanted was able to install the garage door however at one point in time he did want to see my manual to make sure that he had installed everything correctly when my I told him my manual was filed away and couldn’t he possibly call his supervisor he told me he thought everything was fine he left before testing out the motion detectors he left before testing out the remote and I myself actually set up the sure link process through my computer for the garage door open sensors.  The my garage door sensor was very sensitive and would open at the slightest touch I was relieved to have a working garage door however yesterday upon returning home from work, my garage door would not open after pressing the button 2 to 3 times but eventually opened approximately 2 feet then closed then opened again for only 2 feet wide then closed then after 5 min. of attempts to open again and close again it eventually opened at full capacity and close to full capacity I drove to the front gate of my complex in order to call Sears and have someone come to look at the installation and to make sure that everything was done properly when I called the local so Sears office located at coastland Mall I was told that I was not allowed to have a different contractor come in I was stuck with the Richard solutions the person I spoke with Richard I believe since he said it was his company was trying to tell me I had an electrical problem which was not addressed which is not even addressed by his installer or checked by his installer that he wasn’t planning on rewiring my house I am writing this e-mail today to request a professional new installing company come to my home to address the situation to check the workmanship of a gusto and to validate any situations or problems that have occurred since the installation last week I’ve only had this installed since March 1 and I respectfully submit this e-mail expecting Sears to take a  professional and expedient response to the situation. Thank you for your kind attention to this e-mail


mary jean ziska

5632 Whisperer Wood Blvd. unit 1601

Naples Florida, 34110

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