march 17th 2012 @ 2:30pm ( fist post to chat with comcast rep concerning 3rd attempt to install a security system )

i have been trying to have a xfinity home security service installed…. allmonth the first apt i had scheduled was for march 10th … waitied form 8am until 2pm called numerous times and not installed then onthe 14th not installed.. now the 17th an dit is 2pm they were supposed to be here from 1-3pm… didnt have a cll to conrfirm… last night… cant find out who willbe coming… as far as the techs names adn  id numbers…. or even a time….  this has been  a horrid experince allround.. i thoguh it wa just getting messed up through my phone.. which is through mycable..  but it is the entire process i8 went into  an office .. called from my guard gate..  allof it has been like dealing with a bucnh of crimiansl or  conartists wheo are fishing for personal information but not helping me to secure my home… i will put all this informatin into a blog and website i have started : i really cant believe that  all of these problems are caused by the real concast…. i have asked for your help.. i have chatted i have called i have gone into  the office… and no one willhelp to get a real security system in my home..  this last …. jsut had a tech peter grandinetti come to my home completely unprepared for installatin today… not ready to put in a cable outlet…  not having any cameras.. nothign is right about anyof this….