Tuesday february 21st 2012 @ 3:25pm ( important email correspond. to larry and patrick )

When i sent the email to you it also included the email patrick sent to me…. The meeting is set for 2pm this wed. I hope you can be there as i want to make sure   I am not misunderstood and am represented by my lawyer and my guardian. thanks sincerely mary jean ziska 

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Subject: Re: Reply to email from patrick weber to mary jean ziska
To: “mary jean ziska” <whatabtmary@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012, 11:11 AM

Dear Mary

The way we concluded the meeting with you, myself and Pat was that I would not attend the Examining Committee interviews.

The appointments for Wednesday were. It coordinated with me

What time are the meetings set for?

If my schedule permits I will be there!

But you will not be alone as Pat will be there for sure.


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Dear Larry,        Monday Feb. 06Th 2012 @ 10:34am
I wanted to send you a copy of the email I just sent to Patrick.  You will be at the evaluation on Wednesday right?  I don’t want  there to be any  misunderstandings  for the  questions asked.   
Will all the people be there? I forgot to ask Patrick.   thank you for your kind attention to this email.  Sincerely mary jean ziska    

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Subject: Reply to email from patrick weber to mary jean ziska
To: “Patrick Weber” <websspot@aol.com>, colliercountypg@aol.com
Cc: “mary jean ziska” <whatabtmary@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012, 10:09 AM

Dear Patrick,                                          Monday February 06Th,  2012 @ 10:04am 
I received your email concerning  the examining committee on Wednesday.  I actually emailed both you and Larry last week  with questions, concerns,   and  research  about the guardianship  case and the HOA case.  I  don’t know if you received the email I sent you.
I  sent the email to the email address you gave me on your business card and on the membership profile for the  Florida bar association.    Did you get that email?  I  also put it on my website in a blog entry www.mysearchforjustice.com  or I can send it again.   
Is there anything you need me to bring for the meeting?  Were you able to contact the man from social security? or the  food supplement? 
I tried to look up the doctor and the nurses in the  AMA directory and I found one of the nurses  with a  linked profile but I was having trouble finding  out all the information on the others  who are supposed to  evaluate  me.    
Please email me  with any information you have.  I will try to call you again  today to confirm receipt of these email.  I had tried to call you a few times did you get the  messages and email?   I will see you on Wednesday but hopefully will speak with you today. 
Sincerely Mary Jean Ziska  

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From: Patrick Weber <websspot@aol.com>
Subject: Ziska Guardianship
To: whatabtmary@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 3:25 PM

Mary: I just wanted to confirm that we have set an appointment at my office for Wed., Feb. 8th at 2:00 PM, for you to meet with the examining committee members and discuss your case again. I tried to return your call but was unable to connect with you. I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. Have a great weekend.

Patrick C. Weber, Esquire
Collier/Charlotte County Public Guardian
4670 Cardinal Way
Suite 301
Naples, Florida 34112
Office: (239) 417-1040Fax:    (239) 417-1042Dear Patrick and Larry,            
 Monday  January 30th 2012 @ 5:34pm 
I wanted to  contact you via email and phone  to see if items we discussed have been addressed. 
1.       The dismissed mortgage has been researched.  In the  collier court website the dismissed mortgage is under: 
 F:  residential funding co llc /t:  Ziska mary jean
Recorded:  3/15/2011
Doc type :  Dism
Inst. #  4537237
Book or 4661
Page 1647
Pgs 2
I also wanted to mention  that according to the Fla statutes 744  and in regards to my condo and property  this mortgage  and mortgages after this mortgage  they have tried to sell on my property would be null and void considering that in July of 2007 the proceedings for  guardianship were ordered to be started by the courts.  Therefore  any  legal processes.. and paper work  would have been required to have a guardian signature attached … and be known by the guardian  not by just the  ward.   Right?
 I know I fought with Litton loan  ( on my credit report)  as they  claimed to carry a mortgage on my property and the date they used  as the start of their purchase  was November 2007… after the proceeding for appointment of a guardianship were started( july 2007).   In which case being declared incompetent  and in need of a guardian at that time.   I want to make sure that the title of the  condo is  verified in my name ..that there is no mortgage  due to the fraud perpetrated by Ian stein and  Mr. stern and that the courts and somehow my credit  reports know that they cannot  continue to sell any more fraudulent mortgages in my name for my condo.   
2.        I really liked the idea of having an equity line of credit from the bank taking care of the  monies owed to the HOA association.  Thus lowering the payment amount… and allowing eh condo association to feel more comfortable with the arrangement  since the debt witll be held by the bank and not them.     When I was looking over the fl statutes 744: I saw  under the limited guardianship rules that a   in addition to having Patrick as my guardian … the rules include a
“trust company state bank or savings association or national bank or federal savings and loan association.  A trust company  a state banking corporation or state savings association authorized and qualified to exercise fiduciary powers in this  state or a national banking association or federal l savings and loan association authorized and qualified to exercise fiduciary powers in this state may act as a guardian of the property of the ward. “   This bit of information is perfect in accordance with having het bank grant an equity line of credit   to pay off the HOA fees ( minus the interest and additional fees)   how can we have my bank  co- guardian thus being in charge of the real property  equity  line of credit to pay off the HOA association.   Since I already have a direct deposit  of the medical ssi payments they would be able to take the payment right from the direct deposit thus guarantee that it would be paid each and every month  on time and with government assurance of an income. 
The next point to mention actually has to do with the direct deposit of the ssi payment.    Were you able to contact David and have him find out what happened to the additional funds that were being deducted unfairly?   I really need to have the total allotted amount to be able to make the payments necessary to  live.  Were you also able to find out about the  food benefits ( snap) that were put in my name and I  never received?      I just received a letter  titled notice of case action case # 1384803530 with an access number of : 637281699  the problem is it stated I needed to get them information by January 20th and I just got this letter in the mail.  ( checked and go the letter a few days ago long after January 20th…  Can you help me to find out what is going on with this matter?    I will try to go online and see what I can find out but you may have other resources that are more efficient and have more information.    
I know you also need to know about items that need repair in my home an di don’t believe I went over everything with you when we met.   But this next month I would really life to be able to fix some or most of them   while I have the two roommates to help . 
I have two broken laptops that I have to have repaired, a hand set for my phone that needs to be replaced, items that were stolen or ruined that need to be replaced. ( I mention many of theses items in www.mysearchforjustice.com in my blog under different days when I would discover items missing or broken or stolen…..
The microwave above the stove has been broken for a really long time and I would really like to replace it.  I checked on replacement parts as one lady thought it was the heating element that needed to be replaced, the cost of the heating element form GE was $179.00  and I believe a new unit was closer to 250.00 if I get it on sale.  The woman said just to have a technician come to see what element might need to be replaced will cost probably $99.00.  I believe the better choice is to purchase a new unit so that  nothing else will break even after a new heating element is  installed.   The next item in my home that is broken is the garage door,   I was told when took a picture of the  unit  that there was a part that cost 120.00 that needed to be replaced to have the garage door  fixed that didn’t include the cost of the tech. to come and fix it… I have a lifetime warrantee on the unit and today emailed the  company to see if they could send someone out for free to see about  cost and repair. I will let you know what they had to say about the  repair.
I also have a 1990 mercedes  that  was returned to me without the head gasket replaced in the car and it does not run…. I would like to have that repaired and eventually have that running again since my dad and others have replaced the transmission and other parts and put a lot of money into it I don’t want to sell it for parts or for much less than what it is worth.     I don’t  think I  can even start on this project  but  I wanted to let you know  everything broken and in need of repair.   
I have worked on my; credit report and I keep continuing g to get people who say that I owe  them money…. I paid Comcast over 300.00 for a bill they say was outstanding from  2006-2008.  I do not recollect   leaving such a bill and it never was on my credit report.  But fraudulent or not it was  in my name  and I  couldn’t get the  internet  started again or my free television boxes  which allowed me to access all the cable television channels in the strand…. And I couldn’t start it until  it was paid. t.  Is there a way  we can make sure that identity theft and fraudulent bills  stop?  I also have a fraudulent  bill from t-mobil they claim is from 2011…. I was using majic jack and di
d not have a phone at  all in 2011… it is a different account number than one I already had removed from  my  account a few months ago that was also a t-mobil bill.   When  I once wen to get my hair  cut the  woman almost didn’t let me get my hair cut because she said that I had written a 350.00 dollar bad check  when I never write checks!!!!!!  This has to stop.  I was checking on  security systmes and someone from adt told me there  was an outstanding bill form them as well.. also not on my credit report and I believe is also fraud.   
  I called Comcast  for their security system to be installed immediately and  I spoke to a bunch of people  on the phone who  made no sense when telling me that they never install security in apartments … so I told them I am not in an apartment .  I am not in an apartment and when I told them that they  said they don’t install in condo’s     which is not what the website says.   I just feel like my security is not being taken seriously and still being compromised by a bunch of people who have been using my home, my life and my possessions for 12 years and don’t want  it to stop or they don’t want to be caught trespassing, stealing and committing numerous crimes…. Or they don’t even want to  be caught and  be held responsible for their criminal  actions.   Can you help with this as well?
At this moment, I am trying to  gain access to my security cameras and system  as I had the alarm off when I awoke on fri morning and was not able to use my  log in or password to see how the  alarm was turned off… I have filed a police report   and even had a deputy come to my home.  It was a continuation of  the police report I filed where a router that I had marked with my  name ended up being in my home without my name….
These sorts of things where  people steal  “take” or replace any of my new or in well conditioned items  because they believe I  am incompetent  and I don’t  matter and no one will believe me or any number of ways they ar allowed to bully me, to slime out of taking responsibility for ruining my life , my possessions or even using my home my clothing or stealing my jewelry or identity have been going on since 2002 and are directly related to the nervous breakdown I  had and the  times I wished I were dead instead of continually being a victim of  their abuse, or  torment  and taken advantage of by a bunch of  criminals who belong  in jail  or god willing they die so  they will never hurt anyone ever again !  
To this date,  whenever the police are called to my home…. By me even….  they   also call someone to baker act me believing that  I must be the problem…. When I was never the problem… these criminals.. were the problem!     And until they meet me my reputation is  ruined… my life, honor… and  my home and possessions  are in jeopardy from a bunch of low  life scum who got away with all their crimes by ruining me…  my reputation  and devaluing  me .   Once the police meet me, then I can  have them investigate the crimes…  and relay to them the crimes against me my home and my possessions…   These have been the worst years of my life with the worst experiences I could have ever imagined.    I am entrusting my  faith  and belief that  the legal system will prevail..that  all the  horrid experiences will some how  turn around and be resolved and fixed to allow me to regain my life back and  I can soon have my life and freedoms back and be able  to start  having  the life I should have  had starting in 2002.      

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