Tuesday february 21st 2012 @ 1:20pm ( chat with scott..about alarm and sliding door )


scott is Available
scott : what is all that ?

Me: how do you turn back on the chimes ? do you remember?
scott : on the chimes ?
Me: i tried to press the chime button… you remember when the door and windows would announce when they were being opend or closed?
scott : u mean turn off the bell ?
Me: it woudl bing then say “open door”… or “open window”  and give the location

none of it is working…

scott : if u turn it off u will want it back on again

Me: it is off i want it on!

scott : oh

Me: someone went and truned it off with out my permission

scott : i’d have to look at it

Me: and this morning the alarm was also off when i  had turned it on last night before i went to bed

and  yesterday while i was in the shower the pin to the lock on my sliding glass door was broken.. and i only found out about it when i went to lock the door at 11 pm

something  very bad is going on … and i’m a bit helpless at fixing it this time

scott : how do u know when it was broken ?

Me: from the modem being switched..to the actual camera alarm beign tampered with so i could  not access it

to the alarm

scott : i see

Me:  i knew about the sliding door lock … because it was fine when i opened the door in the  moring..and when i closed it to take a shower aprox 5-8pm before  8:30pm

scott : all other hours ?

Me: the sliding door was open..during the day… . didn’t notice…I  didn’t move it… didn’t touch it… but as for the chimes they have been off for days… and i ve been trying to fix it and it is not changing backto the chimes.

scott : oh

Me: so do you remember how to turn it back on?
scott : i think it says “chime ” under a cerain key

Me: yes and in the instruction on the internet… it said to press it for a few seconds.. then it should turn back on .. and it should say on the pannel that the chime is back on… and it says nothing …

it says nothing…

scott : are you there?
scott : yup


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