Tuesday February 21st 2012 @ 1:09pm ( email to comcast rep for the strand )


Dear Mr.  Landon Demery,                                               February 21, 2012 @ 11:26am 
I am have been a resident and condo owner since 1999 in Cypress Cove.   I have internet service with Comcast and have requested that a separate cable line be established  so that my security system will remain secure.  When the gentleman came to my home, he  wasn’t capable of doing  the cable rewiring and told me that John camble    would call me within the next 24 hours to be able to set up an apt.  the the cable line, but I never heard from  a John Gamble.
 I also wanted to get xfinity security installed in my condo ( 5632 whisperwood blvd. #1601) when I tried to call and request  that I have it installed I was told over the phone, that my condo was listed as an apartment and they couldn’t install the new xfinity  security.  Can you help to clear this up? … can’t i get the  xfinity   security in my condo? I want to be able to get the xfinity security for my own safety and my  condo. 
 Also when i went to get the adapters for my televisions, Comcast said I needed to set up my own account.  They said they couldn’t find anything under The Strand and that  there was this outstanding bill from 2006 and made me pay $300.00 for getting the free boxes so I could watch my televisions and all the regular television channels.   I was /am the victim of identity theft and have had multiple false accounts  I have had to clear up… I believe this was another example of a false account.   Is there a way to find out about comcast services  as far back as 2006?  Is there any way to get my money  back that I was told I needed to pay in order to  get comcast services and to get my free boxes and restart internet services.
 I went on line to see my account and under my name or log in.. there was no account.   I went last week to try to clear up  this situation and waited a long time in the waiting room before i had to leave without having any assistance.  
Since you are in charge of the comcast accounts for  the strand i am hoping you will be able to assist me in these matters. Please feel free to contact me via email:  whatabtmary@yahoo.com, whatabtmary@gmail.com, maryjeanziska@mysearchforjustice.com
If you try to call my phone at this present time is through magic jack and  I do not have messages set up for the account so it is only a viable way to contact me  when i have  the magic jack  plugged in and my computer turned on.  
Thank you for your kind attention to this email.
Mary Jean Ziska                 

Mary Jean Ziska    239-234-4069whatabtmary@yahoo.com 


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