Tuesday Feb. 21st 2012 ( some body went ahead and ordered me brookstone locks for $47.00 when i requested a slip to return the broken locks for free… how the hell did that happen )

what teh hell.. earlier today i emailed brookstone requestin ga packing slip so i could send two broken locks to exchange  since i bought an extended warrentee on the locks i bought a few months back.. i jsut received an email telling me that  the order for the  locks had been bprocessed??? what ???? on whose credti card… and how the hell coudl that get messed up that instead of a free return and exchange someoen wants me to go and pay 47 dollars……. seems like the computer hacker or phoen people who get allmy orders screde up sicne the y are located in foreign countries are aat it again… but i knw when i last spoke with  peole form  brookstoen they were from  america… anyway here is what i wrote them.. and what  they wrote me….      

PLEASE NOTE:  The following email may contain information about

        gifts ordered from Brookstone.  If this is a shared email

        account–and you have not recently placed an order with

        Brookstone–please do not read further.  It would be a shame to

        spoil a surprise!



        Dear MARY JEAN ZISKA,


        Thank you for placing your order with Brookstone.  We are currently

        processing your order, #838820900001.


        We suggest you save this email for any future inquiries.  To assist

        us in providing you with the best customer care, please include your

        order number on all correspondence.  If you have questions about the

        status of your order, you may reply to this email or call us at



        Our first priority is to ensure that your items are shipped in a

        timely manner.  When an order is placed with Brookstone and all of

        the billing and shipping information has been accepted by our

        system, the order is immediately transmitted to our warehouse for

        processing.  For this reason, we are unable to modify your order

        after it has been submitted.


        We will contact you if we need to obtain any additional

        information.  You will receive an additional email once your order

        has shipped.


        Please see the bottom of this email for a list of the item(s) you




        Thank you for your order,




        Brookstone Customer Care Center


        Please visit us online at Brookstone.com







        0141591354 . 00021I





        Order Number: 83882090


        Ship To:

                      MARY JEAN ZISKA

                      5632 WHISPERWOOD BLVD. #1601

                      NAPLES, FL 34110



             1  635441    BLACK SET OF 2 WORD LOCK                                15.00

             2  635458    RED SET OF 2 WORD LOCK                                  30.00


                                                         Total $:                 45.00



                                                            Order Recap:

                                                         Total Product $:         60.00

                                                         Discounts:              -15.00

                                                         Net Product$:            45.00

                                                         Shipping:                 0.00

                                                         Sales Tax:                2.70

                                                         Grand Total:             47.70



someone jsu tput in an order for  two locks instead of sendign me an email for teh slip- to send backteh broken locks. I am not paying  47 dollars for replacements that i already a warentee on.. stop the order 838820900001 thnks




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