February 21st 2012 @ 1:07pm email to miriam housing ave maria law school naples fl. that would not go though via email

Dear Miriam,                                             Fri. February 17Th 2012 @ 9:28pm


It was a pleasure meeting with you concerning my search for a suitable roommate.   We discussed the requirements and i showed you the pictures of my condo.  If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to revise and assist in helping me to make a great ad!   

  I have been trying to  send this email to you and it has not been going  through since Fri. I hope you receive this email. I can put a copy in the  mail and bring a copy over to your office again if you do not receive this email.  If you do receive this email please email back to let me know you received this email.  (Feb. 21st 2012)  


I am looking for an additional roommate to share my two bedroom two bath condo located in The Strand (located off immok. road.).  In The Strand, there is a pool that is associated with the condo; there are walking paths for biking and running. The tennis, clubhouse and golf are accessible at an additional cost with either golf or social membership.  It’s a beautiful area  and a gated community that is located right by  a plaza that has a groceryPublix), three banks:  (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Fifth /Third, ) and , various stores: beauty salons and mail center along with restaurants (Chinese food, Subway and Italian food ) and even close to  a Shell  gas station!


The room that is available would be the den that I converted into a bedroom.  It has a twin bed, two armoires one for hanging clothes, and one for folding clothes.   It has a television and space for a desk.   The floor is all tiled, neatly decorated and clean.  The bathroom would be a shared bathroom that is separate from any of the bedrooms and includes a tub/shower sink and toilet.   It is also tiled.   The condo is approx. 1700 square feet under air, and consists of the kitchen, with dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator.  An eating area by the kitchen, a tiled lanai, living area and is more like a large great room and laundry having both washer and new dryer.   Most of the condo is tiled and the condo itself is located on a fountain/ lake that is private and located on the other side of the golf path.   It has a two car garage but parking would be outside on the pavers. 


The  addition we would be splitting electric, and internet connection and basic supplies for cleaning the condo or for the things like dish washer soap.   For months , the current roommate bought the grocery supplies and I made dinners but then when we had a third roommate,  he wanted to keep his dinners separate, so I guess it just  depends on what they would want to do as for  as sharing any food expenses.  


I am attaching photos of my condo so you can show any prospective students.  As for a roommate I am looking for a nonsmoker, no drugs, not heavy drinker, quiet, studious person who has Christian values such as a person who is:  honest, honors commitments, trustworthy, and treats people with respect.  I require a first, last and security deposit and a signed lease.  I don’t really have an age requirement but would hope that a law student would not be a partier both inside  and outside of my home.  If they have any questions   they can feel free to email me:  whatabtmary@yahoo.com or whatabtmary@gmail.com   


I presently have a roommate in the guestroom who is a male. He works most of the time and leaves early in the morning not returning until the evening and would be the person sharing the bathroom with any new roommate.   You mentioned a female who was in her 50’s that may want to move in after August.  At present I thought a male would be preferred since then it would be two males sharing the bathroom.   I also want to make sure that all residents remain “just roommates” and hopefully friends but no romantic relationships between roommates as it would complicate situations! So a male roommate would probably be the easiest fit at present time.  


I am looking for a new roommate to start as soon as possible and if any students would want to move in between semesters that would be great!  The room is currently   available and ready for immediate occupancy…. And will be that way until I find the right roommate!  I thank you for your kind attention to this email (sorry it turned out to be more like a very long letter!) I trust that a really great roommate /divine connection is out there and I am hoping it will be a great law student from Ave Maria!  




Mary Jean Ziska


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