Monday january 30th 2012 @ 4:07pm ( additonal email sent to police, to brickstone and to svat and cwd )

have had someone hack into my 8 camera security system that I purchased from brick house security systems.  i cannot log into my account.. with the log in name and password i set up.  i do not know if they have compromised my the entire box that was in a locked room in my locked home or just remotely have hacked into it. Help! i believe they did this because they  broke into my home last week and needed to get rid of the evidence.   Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. A representative has also emailed you from brickhouse security and yesterday i spent hours on the phone not reaching anyone who could help but getting a message saying you have another company handling your security system.   I must tell you that they never helped or contacted me back and this is horrid service especially when dealing with security the criminals would be far away in  30 minutes long before the 203 days response time for assistance. i need the video evidence to give to the police !

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