Monday january 30th 2012 @ 4:02pm email sent concerning cwd/svat and police notification of security compromise

To whom  it may concern:  January 30th 2012 @ 2:21pm 


I called and had the police come out concerning my alarm system and the fact  that i cannot access my  log in and passcode. I have put in additional police reports concerning this matter and  all the problems with theft, identity theft and  tampering with the internet computer systems. 


I spoke with   who told me that  I needed to send a copy of my receipt.  I had brick house security email me this receipt and i request that an email is sent with the master code to reset my system.  Could you please keep track of when and who and times and dates such a  request is made?  I am trying to find the criminals who seem to keep having access to my information and my life and  who would possibly have access to resetting my security dvr… or  even when and who might be able to have another system like mine and have the  option of having access to the master code.  i wish you had a more secure system for accessing this information but i will alert the police, the brick house security system and  put this information in my website and blog  to keep track of these type of occurrences… i don’t want any  stalker, criminal being  able to access my security  system… to watch me.. or know when i am home or not home…  this is terrifying not having control of your own security system…  and thinking that people where already in my home and they have destroyed the evidence is worse… do not call.. just email the master code thank you mary jean ziska

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