monday january 30th 2012 @ 3:31pm ( email sent to cwd limited and svat )

To whom it may concern.                                                    January 30th 2012

I am trying once again to reach your company to resolve the issue with my security system and once again i cannot reach anyone. i started my first call for today at 10:28am and it is now 10:49am and i am still on hold.  this is the third day i have tried to reach your company because my security system has been compromised and i cannot log into my camera’s dvr…. i need to get the information to the police i have already emailed the company i bought the system from and the police and you have not contacted me regarding this issue.  


As I was reading this email  I stopped being on hold and spoke with  She told me that i needed to send a copy of my actual receipt to get the master code to reset my admin log in and passcode.  I did not feel comfortable with that arrangement and wanted to make sure there were additional  security put in place to make sure that i want giving the wrong company or person more personal information.  I am a victim of crime and identity theft add giving out personal information especially for access to my security system makes me feel really uncomfortable.  I thought there woudl be a more secure way to get the master passcode like some sort of security questions… or a log in account that requires the specific serial number of your  dvr box…. 

I don’t want to give any  more people a way to access my home or my security system.  This cwd company  is very unprofessional  in their manner of answering calls… in responding to security breaches.. and the woman actually told me they are only accessible  monday thu fri….. so i guess the criminals only can work on weekends… 

When i asked to speak with this daniela she told me her boss was Ray white but when she put me through to her supervisor phone message the lady was called named cindy rodney….. it sounds and feels very fishy… and doesn’t ring  true that these people would be in charge of all the  security for my system…. how can i verify any of what she said.. and get the master code in a more secure way…. Help!  please email me asap….  or  I have had to create a website to document all the  crimes i have had to endure and this system with video cameras was supposed to stop the criminals accessing my home…. now that the entire system is compromised… i have no idea if they have hacked into the system remotely or actually were in my home… my suspicion was /is that they were in my home …. and if they also get a hold of how to  change my passcode and  log in…. then  i am totally screwed because they can reset it after every  crime leaving me with no evidence of the crimes… and if they have already bough system like mine and exchanged the  one that i originally had that had damaging evidence that would   finally put them in jail…. l …. these criminals have stolen my identity. Continue to break into my home.. have stolen my property… my personal information… everything  that has ruined my life… and done so repeatedly  and without any stopping for 12 years!!!! help!!!!!    


A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory   Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director 239-287-2294



— On Fri, 1/27/12, Dominico Scordato <> wrote:



From: Dominico Scordato <>

Subject: Customer in need of support



Date: Friday, January 27, 2012, 1:26 PM



This is Dominico with Brickhouse Security Tech Support. My customer

was calling to get assistance with the SVAT SYSTEM .


The customer name is Mary Jean Ziska, she can be contacted at or 239 234 4065


She has called and left a message, and she has sent a email.


The issue she is having is that her system will not allow her to log

in and she needs to view video footage of a incident.


Please assist her with this.


Thank you




Brickhouse Security


Tech Support.

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