sat. december 17th 2011 @ 10:22pm ( found a fiel transfer set up on my computer.. when i had to reboot and know i made sre to not set up a file transfer especially with an address… to send my files )

I just found that I had a file transfer set up on my lap top… when I rebooted two days ago.. and made sure to not have any fiel transfer set up….. can you say hacker and can you say criminals…. I was wondering whey it was takeig so long for mytyping to show up on my screen….  And for everything to be soo slow when I actually  had everything going really really fast… 

Of course I thought I was alone in my house.. and left my cocmpute r unattended and whie I was runin gback and forteh makeidn choc. Chipcookies..and finishing allthe laundry..the  clothes that  seemed to smell like  mildwew.. did I have a cirminals who actual was already in my house… is that hwothe  “boogy man gets to stay here allday… while one boy leaves.. and  I am thinin gtha ti am safe in my own home.. when the criminal is stillin my home…. SHIT!

Also I took off the two  comfortor covers.. I bought to use in my guest room.. they had the same pattern as in that movie … give them something to talk about .. a nice country floral… and they wer new comforters… wheni went ot put them away.. I found that they no longer matched the  origioanls one I had storred away.. they were or are bleached and faded… vompared to the new one.. now lets see… I had no one in theat room… and the curtains wer always drawn… youthink the same bitch who  stoel the two towles.. also decide to update her compforters… ?????

Also today…. This morngn in fact I had somemoen of (no sifnificance….) ….  tellme… like a threat… that  if I used the famn in my bathroom.. is  willbreak… hummm like when I woa stodl that  mycar wouldn’t start.. or  what… one of theos ehorrid predictions.. by a criminal.. whoactualy causes the horrid and devastation g events to occur…. God I hat ecriminals….

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