Wednesday October 26th 2011 ( opps… its for the 26th but writing on the 27th 12:02am… missing napkins… )

O.k. its almost ridiculous…. right? who the hell would  steal cloth napkins?…. and a lot of them… well my aunt is coming over tomorrow and  while completing  some of the last minute preparations… i washed and ironed the napkins… yes i would have preferred to have  the life i wanted and been able to have them either  ironed by someone else or sent out with the dry cleaning…

 but having my identity stolen… and every thing horrid and rotten i have had to endure…. and everything else ruined… since 2002… well i have nothing  in my life the way  i ever wanted it… so  since i actually have to fold and  iron them myself…i noticed this evening… that a lot of them are missing… Here’ s the list: 

Originally i had a table where i had 6 chairs.. and had 2 set of napkins with 8 napkins in each set:

first set of napkins:  2 packages of white William Sonoma napkins= 4 in each package x 2 packages= 8 napkins
I have only three napkins left! Missing 5 napkins!

2nd set of thin white napkins that i got from my mom with the same number of red napkins for Christmas….. also 2 packages 4 in each package x 2 packages=  8 napkins
I also only have three left! Missing 5 napkins!

the third set of napkins are pretty old.. and have these white non readable label.. and i got them ages ago… also 4 in a package… one package but
only have  3 left….. Missing 1 napkin!

I  think i mentioned this before … but in case i only said it and haven’t written it in my blog… i am also  missing this lavender soap about 1 cup of it form my bathroom….  i bought it at the Ritz Carlton  gift ship ages ago… and also from my bathroom… missing about a cup of lavender cream… my mom had bought me the set of matching soap and cream from  William Sonoma.. but i hadn’t really used the cream…. so it was practically new… Sheesh… what slimy  little thieves…  right?

 I guess someone might say i am being  a bit  petty…. myself.. I have actually even  had people tell me its no big deal…..  what’s the problem? they say…..  its only a bit of this or a bit of that.. or that  I go overboard  when I try to  stop people from stealing    my possession… they seem to think  that if there  isn’t a great big price tag on the item then it is o.k.  to steal… or if i don’t notice .. then it is o.k. to steal… or even worse yet … that if they  steal the evidence  of any crime.. (like the bulling emails or the  anonymous letters..)  then they can say it didn’t happen… or i didn’t own it… or i was imagining it… or any number of  really damaging  excuses… that somehow in their sick and twisted mind makes it o.k. to steal from  me…. BUT IT NOT OK TO STEAL FROM ME…. after  years of crimes committed  that have totally damaged my life… have ruined what i wanted… and  even stolen what i had…  of stolen jewelry, and clothing.. and all that I’ve been through… and never gotten back what was rightfully mine.. what was originally mine…  I AM GOING TO MENTION EVERYTHING…. NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL.. I WANT THEM CAUGHT.. AND I WANT DAMAGES FOR THE YEARS OF MY LIFE THY HAVE RUINED!