Thursday Otober 27th 2011 @ 11:56pm ( bullied when awoken this morning… and plans changed for myaunts visit…)

This morning.. i got up to go to the bthroom and a person who is visiting ( fred) woke me up to tell my that my mom had called his phonethree times already adn needed to talk to tme…

acordignto his phone.. the call wasfrom a private caller… and the calls made were:
8:45am/ 9:27am / and 9:29am… i ended up takingthe last call which was a mother who was telling me that my autn fran woudl nto be visiting afte 12 oclock nooon.. but  instead woudl be not  coming to  my house.. codo visit until after 4pm….  then  when i questioned to make sur eit was my actual mother and not some bully girl…. rearranging my life and  ruining  something agian.. teh woman got really really mad and todl me seh woudl baker act me  if i didn’t behave… WHAT?????? i was jsut waking up to be threateded????? and to be made to cry!!!!!!! and to make sure that the person visiting my home  was happy and alright…. this  is the seccond time when he handed over the  phone and i was bullied to tears…. by someoen pretending to be my mother… So now what are teh criminal creeps planning….

I had oen person predict that somegirl will win teh lottery and will go to the ritz carlotn for lunch… then someone else who keeps telling me that “ITS goiing ot work… its really goin gto work!”…. what is gogin to work this time .. an imposter..the idenity thief ill get away with stealing what?????  a condo….. my genuine aned nice family…. my hopes and dreams.. or what????   

Fred left at 11:30…. jsut in time to go to the luncheon…or wheatever is planned… or have been planned with using and manipulating my life for the last few months….  what are they doing this time…. was it the wedding last wekend whe my car mysteriously did not start of Sat. so i coudln tleave my home…. or maybe the option of stealing money form my genuine family… my aunt who loves me.. who really loves me… or my mom who loves me and really loves me.. and isters real aunt / sisters who love me… realy love me… making sure to isolate me form anyoene wo can assist me in savin my condo… or in helping me to acheive my goals or dreams… or what????
These peoplewho see one little bit of my life .. and thingk they knwo who i am.. i had osmeone decide tha ti was a painter .. then that because i ironed this mornign .. tha ti am a leaning lady… they dont knwo a damm thing aboutme… about my life .. about my hopes and dreams.. and what i wanted out of life.. they ruin everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nwhen  i was finally abl ot skype… iwas crying people were yelling.. it was horrible.. nothing like my family or my friends.. and all done onpurpose to make sure taht girl who doesnt eat… whois the sweet anoraxic  can have somme nice family???? or what???? yep i had a “mom ” on teh phoen who said she had ot et offo the phone  because she was readyto faint…. she needed to eat something…  so a bunh of wierdos who have eatin gdisorders… or who do i get stuckwsith on the phone… the prision idiots again.. or  more  imposters /idenity thieves…. who have ruined everything…..  
maybe i will get to have a bunch of alcholics and druggy  people UGGGG…..
bu tit sure is heading in the direction of havin nga horrible horribel next month.. and of ouse it feel like my life was jsut  handed over to a bunch of manipulative and horribel people… maybe the girl stealing my life  this time maybe the girl stealing my life is from canada….or Brazil… ( remember somem idiot thinks i speak spanish now…. or from west palm beach… or from palm beach… or from sarasota…. or where????? i mean seriously… why the hell cant they find the  criminals girls and stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i say my mom  is amazing.. i really mean it.. she is wonderful… and she loves me… really  loves me…  so does my aunt…so do my sisters and my  friends… 

and what did it take only two months to “PULL OFF” stealing a condo….  or money that is supposed to go to protecting my condo… or my life… a life… how about  all teh people who were contacted    to help me financially to make sure that the condo  and my life were fine…  liek the murry family who live  in teh remington .. i bay colony… or mycousin tommy sheppherd…. or my entire bodnar family….( teh aunt fran that is supposed to ocme to visit… ) or maybe… Ron issacs… his dad was contacted…. or who else???? my sister maura?? or who???? Part of me is sooo terrified that these peole are soo good at steling form  my friends and family… seriously .. if each of tehm were goi to help with $50,000…..  what is it 200,ooo dollars they have basically stolen…. these . manipulating situations are always to gain something for them selves… what is it this time… 

at first i thought it was jsut to make sur the girls involved woudl try ot make  me look bad inn some fashion.. so they could seem soogreat …. what impress a boy.. with ther cooking skills.. or ther ability to take care of ther children…. or what????? then it was to prove they could  run a  business.. or be creative.. maybe to be artistic.. or athletic…
 or jsut becaus they are mean..
 and criminal….  so why did they ruin today for  me?????…. 

Please pray for me…. it neee a huge financial miracle so i am not at the mercy of peole wh play god…. who think they are puppet masters able to manipulate lives….. and ruin lives….abelrt o maker me cry… then think i will jsut shake it off as if i am some stupid actress…. nope… these are real tears… my stomach gets to hurt for real….. my life gets to be made better or worse for real!!!!! and tehy are not i rapeat NOT GOD…… thse wommen who made me cry this morning.. may God never have mery on  yoru soul..  and mayeverytear i have cried… may each one  you have to cry a milion times….. Who the hell do you think you are??????
ABove the  law? 
and i am only one person.. i cant stop it… and no police  or even FBI has been able to stop it…. it wil be 10 years in 2012…… form teh date the capital one credit card  was compromised….  10 years i never get back… i never … ever get any  of those moments back… and not to mention allteh hell i went through…   and am still going through…. and  no one stopped it… at all….. 

so since i have ot have an appointmetn tomorrow. and these criminals needed me to be out of my hosue.. what do you think they are goign to do?????  I had one  person  eyeing my bed… telling me that i had a nice bed and  they  wanted to try it out… ( gross…. i know… but now i am atually worried that they will steal a mattress????  I mean these criminals are not above stealing anything… really…  they  steal idenities.. they steal mail.. they steal  clothing ..pitctures….  letters… food… pretty much anything … but they better leave my  home alone… i am going to contact  the police  and let them know….