Thursday October 27th 2011 @1:55pm( need to check on price difference for kappa alpha theta dues… )

 I received an email for a lifetime theta orgainization  I spoke with a representtion on the phone concerning this email… the organization has a one time fee that will provide dues for  your  life to kappa alpha theta.. she told me that the normal dues for kappa alpha theta ……would be around 
$15.00 a year…  I don’t know if she meant  alumani dues as well as  dues when we were active and on campus… or if there are different prices for different areas in the world… but i do know  that i pay 40 dollars each year for my dues here in naples… for the alumani association…. so i jsut wanted to put this in  the blog.. to remind me to check on the actual dues….  adn the cost for kappa alpha theta… 


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