Thursday October 27th 2011 @1:35( beign told to behave… What teh hell???? )

 So what does it feel like to have someone tell you “they liked  how you behaved”???? or worse yet that they didnt like hwo yoru behaved… as if you were a child.. or their possession..or beign a perosn directed by this control freak…… 

So what does it feel like  to have someont  tell you they  “liked” how you behaved….  or to “not talk”….. and tehn when you start  talking…  about your  feelings orantig  that is not on  ther agenda…. then yoru are asked to stop talking…  not talk about whats on yoru mind… and not to be able to tell someon when something  bothers you… or when their behavior  ” displeases” you ….. 

I am not a pet dog… i am a real person. …..who is not some freaky trained animal to ” “behave” I dont sit on command.. or walk on command… … or heel at an owners feet…. I don’t jsut  sit there when one perons is allowed to talk “AT” me … as if i am a prop…. or a plant… or some other inadiment object…. to no tbe allowed to say anthing… and while you are not allowed to say anything…. or have nay real input int a real conversation…. or what the hell.. it doesn’t  matter what you say…  or what i say… because its liek some freak show where the toher peroson is actully taking under ther breath… and not at all contributing  to a genuine converstion… wierd comments that dont evne correspond with a normal  adn real genuine discussion or conversation.. and then to hav that person tell you as if they are a director.. or God or some puppet master…  they have th gall to tell you they liked how you behaved… or that tehy didnt liek how you bahaved…  adn to give  you some sort of  consequences as to the  action they will tak e dependign on yoru behavior… threats actually…. teh  use of fear and contol…. ( ask karen kahle hwo it works… she is really good at it… infact she is a phycology major … she must knw exactly how to push buttons an dto harm lives… to psychologically brutialize and torture people  hell she ‘s been doin it to my life sin i met her… in 2005….. but they most peole  dotn get the joy and pleaser outof seing  girls cry… its takes a really demented and horrid person to do suh thngs….  

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