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Thursday Otober 27th 2011 @ 11:56pm ( bullied when awoken this morning… and plans changed for myaunts visit…)

This morning.. i got up to go to the bthroom and a person who is visiting ( fred) woke me up to tell my that my mom had called his phonethree times already adn needed to talk to tme…

acordignto his phone.. the call wasfrom a private caller… and the calls made were:
8:45am/ 9:27am / and 9:29am… i ended up takingthe last call which was a mother who was telling me that my autn fran woudl nto be visiting afte 12 oclock nooon.. but  instead woudl be not  coming to  my house.. codo visit until after 4pm….  then  when i questioned to make sur eit was my actual mother and not some bully girl…. rearranging my life and  ruining  something agian.. teh woman got really really mad and todl me seh woudl baker act me  if i didn’t behave… WHAT?????? i was jsut waking up to be threateded????? and to be made to cry!!!!!!! and to make sure that the person visiting my home  was happy and alright…. this  is the seccond time when he handed over the  phone and i was bullied to tears…. by someoen pretending to be my mother… So now what are teh criminal creeps planning….

I had oen person predict that somegirl will win teh lottery and will go to the ritz carlotn for lunch… then someone else who keeps telling me that “ITS goiing ot work… its really goin gto work!”…. what is gogin to work this time .. an imposter..the idenity thief ill get away with stealing what?????  a condo….. my genuine aned nice family…. my hopes and dreams.. or what????   

Fred left at 11:30…. jsut in time to go to the luncheon…or wheatever is planned… or have been planned with using and manipulating my life for the last few months….  what are they doing this time…. was it the wedding last wekend whe my car mysteriously did not start of Sat. so i coudln tleave my home…. or maybe the option of stealing money form my genuine family… my aunt who loves me.. who really loves me… or my mom who loves me and really loves me.. and isters real aunt / sisters who love me… realy love me… making sure to isolate me form anyoene wo can assist me in savin my condo… or in helping me to acheive my goals or dreams… or what????
These peoplewho see one little bit of my life .. and thingk they knwo who i am.. i had osmeone decide tha ti was a painter .. then that because i ironed this mornign .. tha ti am a leaning lady… they dont knwo a damm thing aboutme… about my life .. about my hopes and dreams.. and what i wanted out of life.. they ruin everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nwhen  i was finally abl ot skype… iwas crying people were yelling.. it was horrible.. nothing like my family or my friends.. and all done onpurpose to make sure taht girl who doesnt eat… whois the sweet anoraxic  can have somme nice family???? or what???? yep i had a “mom ” on teh phoen who said she had ot et offo the phone  because she was readyto faint…. she needed to eat something…  so a bunh of wierdos who have eatin gdisorders… or who do i get stuckwsith on the phone… the prision idiots again.. or  more  imposters /idenity thieves…. who have ruined everything…..  
maybe i will get to have a bunch of alcholics and druggy  people UGGGG…..
bu tit sure is heading in the direction of havin nga horrible horribel next month.. and of ouse it feel like my life was jsut  handed over to a bunch of manipulative and horribel people… maybe the girl stealing my life  this time maybe the girl stealing my life is from canada….or Brazil… ( remember somem idiot thinks i speak spanish now…. or from west palm beach… or from palm beach… or from sarasota…. or where????? i mean seriously… why the hell cant they find the  criminals girls and stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i say my mom  is amazing.. i really mean it.. she is wonderful… and she loves me… really  loves me…  so does my aunt…so do my sisters and my  friends… 

and what did it take only two months to “PULL OFF” stealing a condo….  or money that is supposed to go to protecting my condo… or my life… a life… how about  all teh people who were contacted    to help me financially to make sure that the condo  and my life were fine…  liek the murry family who live  in teh remington .. i bay colony… or mycousin tommy sheppherd…. or my entire bodnar family….( teh aunt fran that is supposed to ocme to visit… ) or maybe… Ron issacs… his dad was contacted…. or who else???? my sister maura?? or who???? Part of me is sooo terrified that these peole are soo good at steling form  my friends and family… seriously .. if each of tehm were goi to help with $50,000…..  what is it 200,ooo dollars they have basically stolen…. these . manipulating situations are always to gain something for them selves… what is it this time… 

at first i thought it was jsut to make sur the girls involved woudl try ot make  me look bad inn some fashion.. so they could seem soogreat …. what impress a boy.. with ther cooking skills.. or ther ability to take care of ther children…. or what????? then it was to prove they could  run a  business.. or be creative.. maybe to be artistic.. or athletic…
 or jsut becaus they are mean..
 and criminal….  so why did they ruin today for  me?????…. 

Please pray for me…. it neee a huge financial miracle so i am not at the mercy of peole wh play god…. who think they are puppet masters able to manipulate lives….. and ruin lives….abelrt o maker me cry… then think i will jsut shake it off as if i am some stupid actress…. nope… these are real tears… my stomach gets to hurt for real….. my life gets to be made better or worse for real!!!!! and tehy are not i rapeat NOT GOD…… thse wommen who made me cry this morning.. may God never have mery on  yoru soul..  and mayeverytear i have cried… may each one  you have to cry a milion times….. Who the hell do you think you are??????
ABove the  law? 
and i am only one person.. i cant stop it… and no police  or even FBI has been able to stop it…. it wil be 10 years in 2012…… form teh date the capital one credit card  was compromised….  10 years i never get back… i never … ever get any  of those moments back… and not to mention allteh hell i went through…   and am still going through…. and  no one stopped it… at all….. 

so since i have ot have an appointmetn tomorrow. and these criminals needed me to be out of my hosue.. what do you think they are goign to do?????  I had one  person  eyeing my bed… telling me that i had a nice bed and  they  wanted to try it out… ( gross…. i know… but now i am atually worried that they will steal a mattress????  I mean these criminals are not above stealing anything… really…  they  steal idenities.. they steal mail.. they steal  clothing ..pitctures….  letters… food… pretty much anything … but they better leave my  home alone… i am going to contact  the police  and let them know…. 


Thursday October 27th 2011 @ 2:37am (strange pop ups.. can someone please explain them to me? )

So today and  yesterday I started gettign therse really wierd pop ups…  they allhave said almos teh same thing…

Local storage
( is requesting
permission to store information on your computer
 request up to 10 kb
currently 0 kb

 then (  is requesting
 permission to store information on your  computer
request up to 10kb
currently 0 kb

i keep pressing delete but  it doesn’t seem to respond when i press delete.. eventually it seems to go away.. but  what is it?

Thursday October 27th 2011 @ 2:16am (can’t email the biometric team at the FBI…. again….)

 So after having music on my mom’s “hold” when calling er.. and having  the wrong caller id show up again …. when she supposedly was calling me…. then having her have a Chicago accent… ( when she was born and raised in  Ohio….. I thought enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... there has to be a way for this to stop…. 

so once again i looked up the  FBI website… and went to their biometric center of excellence…   before when i had gone to “voice recognition link”… i think it just had  a message that they were in the process of  working on the page… but this time ..  there was an entire page that listed information ..  but  still nothing  that would tell me how i can discover variations in voices.. to determine a true identity…. I mean there has to be markers set…  to help to analyze the data…  and some sort of comparison that will be able to eliminate or confirm a specific voice pattern.. pitch.. and utilize all the   study about the uniqueness of a person’s voice… right?

so i also called.. and the operator put me through to the voice mail of a Mr. Bill Carson… He actually called me back but mentioned that he had no knowledge of any  devices  that can monitor.. and detect the variation in voices …. whether taped or in real time….

I could have sworn that they have that type of technology … at least on t.v right?  i watch a ton of law and order these days… ( i used to just  watch cnbc …and msnbc… but currently i am very interested in stopping criminals.. especially ones that have been ruining my life for so long… ) I guess the guys who do all those TV shows can create  the gadgets in theory… just not in reality… what a shame.. because when someone manipulates your life over the phone.. or over the computer.. they  can really mess up everything! 

I also wrote a long  email to the biometric  email address  but the funny thing… when I went to actually send the email… it wouldn’t  go through… like……not go through at all.… in fact … the  whole computer went a bit wacky. and it closed down… then when i  brought up everything again.. the email was gone… not saved as a  draft  as i had tried to  do….  and it wouldn’t copy  and paste it either…  just  really weird …  i still have to rewrite the email.. and see if i actually get a real genuine response…

Thursday October 27th 2011 @ 1:19am (missing mail…. missing ink cartridge… ) )

 Well the cost of  print cartridges for my Lexmark printer is outrageous…. so i went on line and found a website  that offered the cartridge i needed at a much lower cost….  but i never received it… normally i would think Oh.. possible a mistake.. or a delay…. or something.. but if you remember  i also never received the Joel Osteen Cds/DVD’s   ordered online.   I  never received them at all.… in fact i had  to repurchase them to get them…. and that was months and months later…

but  I actually thought that was just a mistake… like the present Scott had mailed to me for Christmas…  being opened…. hummmm

anyway… I  ordered the cartridge…. not a phone order…  but an online order….  it never came and still hasn’t shown up…. well….now that a most of the  normal mail I usually receive  hasn’t shown up… well….I’m a bit panicking… here is the information on the ink cartridge…
I guess i will have to contact the United states postal service… and  theft… ( a felony by the  way… ) and  let eh police know… something very fishy and stinky is going g on all over again! 

The  company for the ink is:   TFP International
the website is:
 the cost of the  ink cartridge is $12.70 

I purchased one black  ink cartridge on  October 8th 2011 @ 11:46am 
order # 20025227
tracking # 9101010521297747864639

I looked up order online when i had not received it by October 20th and emailed at 12:03pm  through the website contact us section that i had not received  my  ink.

I never received an email  response so by October 23rd I looked up the tracking code and saw that the transaction had been completed .. the money  taken out of the gift card i used to purchase it.. and also it said the item  had been shipped and the shipment was completed… 

on October 24th i looked up the contact information so i could leave a telephone message and at 4:02pm I left a message at  support  telephone: ( 877-897-4909)
and also an additional email through their  contact us on their  website.  I mentioned again tha ti had not received my cartridge.

A few days ago i  had the opportunity to speak with my mail man and asked him if he had seen a box for  the ink cartridge.. if he may have placed it in my mail box.. or by my door… but he did not recall any of that.. also i asked him if anyone had or was redirecting my mail… because i had also not received any of eh Harvard Executive  program brochures.. or really any  mail that had my name on it… and was really suspicious…  I  had received those mail flyers.. with
” to resident”.. but not anything  of importance.. not in at lease a month..

Since some girl has relentlessly stolen soooo much of my life… pictures.. letters, jewelry, probably even  “borrowed my drivers license and credit cards… in 2005…. and of course form my credit report i know of the  credit cards.. and  all the fraudulent  accounts….  stealing all my personal  data.. and  even my cashmere sweater…. pretty much anything this criminal girl wanted she just took.. and i never g0t anything back… so the thief is pretty damn good at  ruining my life.. and by stealing my mail.. or redirecting it.. i have heard that i s how some identity thieves have established new residences…. DAMMMMM why can’t this all be over….. 

so as well as the ink cartridge, and the HBS executive programs brochures… ( which by the  way i called and spoke with  Kelly on October 24th 2011.  I also  emailed a confirmation of address
to:   executive_    to make sure that my address in their files had not been changed… and they confirmed that it was the same address i have had since 1999! ( not that i have been getting their brochures since then ..i have just lived in my condo since then !

Another mail item i have not been receiving…. my boarding school(Villa Maria) newsletter… I called the school on October 25th 2011 and  emailed the same day  to verify my address and to let them know that i have not been receiving my newsletter…  I received a confirmation  email
from the  director of development  for the Sisters of the Humility of Mary and they had my correct address for the newsletter.. that  I haven’t  received in a really long time!  isn’t this all toooo familiar… and a bit scary…. again…  


Thursday October 27th 2011 @ 12:33am (telephone inconsistencies again….)

Speaking on the telephone used to bring such pleasure to my life.. the connection of genuine friends..of family.. sharing lives.. moments and thoughts… Gosh…. I was constantly on the phone… but now it brings mostly great sorrow.. people  who constantly and consistently  lie. or use the phone to manipulate…. or worse yet to con me…  and  i dread calling anyone  especially those phone numbers  that are supposed to be associated with the people i love..and people  who should know me.. and who I should know… really really  well… like  family and genuine friends…  but nothing has been the  same… or is right on  the phone…..   almost ever…

like yesterday..I called my mothers home phone number … when speaking with whom i though was her.. she got a call… and thanks to call waiting.. she  put me on hold… sounds normal enough right… well.. her call waiting  had music…   her call waiting has never had music… ever… when she got back on the phone… I asked if she had my sister put music on her call waiting…. as that is what i heard …  nope…  just another mystery…

 So who the hell was I really speaking with???????

Wednesday October 26th 2011 ( opps… its for the 26th but writing on the 27th 12:02am… missing napkins… )

O.k. its almost ridiculous…. right? who the hell would  steal cloth napkins?…. and a lot of them… well my aunt is coming over tomorrow and  while completing  some of the last minute preparations… i washed and ironed the napkins… yes i would have preferred to have  the life i wanted and been able to have them either  ironed by someone else or sent out with the dry cleaning…

 but having my identity stolen… and every thing horrid and rotten i have had to endure…. and everything else ruined… since 2002… well i have nothing  in my life the way  i ever wanted it… so  since i actually have to fold and  iron them myself…i noticed this evening… that a lot of them are missing… Here’ s the list: 

Originally i had a table where i had 6 chairs.. and had 2 set of napkins with 8 napkins in each set:

first set of napkins:  2 packages of white William Sonoma napkins= 4 in each package x 2 packages= 8 napkins
I have only three napkins left! Missing 5 napkins!

2nd set of thin white napkins that i got from my mom with the same number of red napkins for Christmas….. also 2 packages 4 in each package x 2 packages=  8 napkins
I also only have three left! Missing 5 napkins!

the third set of napkins are pretty old.. and have these white non readable label.. and i got them ages ago… also 4 in a package… one package but
only have  3 left….. Missing 1 napkin!

I  think i mentioned this before … but in case i only said it and haven’t written it in my blog… i am also  missing this lavender soap about 1 cup of it form my bathroom….  i bought it at the Ritz Carlton  gift ship ages ago… and also from my bathroom… missing about a cup of lavender cream… my mom had bought me the set of matching soap and cream from  William Sonoma.. but i hadn’t really used the cream…. so it was practically new… Sheesh… what slimy  little thieves…  right?

 I guess someone might say i am being  a bit  petty…. myself.. I have actually even  had people tell me its no big deal…..  what’s the problem? they say…..  its only a bit of this or a bit of that.. or that  I go overboard  when I try to  stop people from stealing    my possession… they seem to think  that if there  isn’t a great big price tag on the item then it is o.k.  to steal… or if i don’t notice .. then it is o.k. to steal… or even worse yet … that if they  steal the evidence  of any crime.. (like the bulling emails or the  anonymous letters..)  then they can say it didn’t happen… or i didn’t own it… or i was imagining it… or any number of  really damaging  excuses… that somehow in their sick and twisted mind makes it o.k. to steal from  me…. BUT IT NOT OK TO STEAL FROM ME…. after  years of crimes committed  that have totally damaged my life… have ruined what i wanted… and  even stolen what i had…  of stolen jewelry, and clothing.. and all that I’ve been through… and never gotten back what was rightfully mine.. what was originally mine…  I AM GOING TO MENTION EVERYTHING…. NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL.. I WANT THEM CAUGHT.. AND I WANT DAMAGES FOR THE YEARS OF MY LIFE THY HAVE RUINED! 

Tuesday October 25th 2011 @2:03pm ( wierd message about 5th 3rd bank)

Well get this.. remember i mentioned that karen kahle used to work at 5th 3rd bank… and i had an account there…actually i had not only a checking and saving account there ( the branch of 5th 3rd bank right by the strand…. )  ( I’ll look up the exact address…. and insert it later…)  here is the  address:  5636 Tavilla Circle Naples Florida 34110 telephone # 239-514-7575)  anyway… i had called up a woman Monica waleres… who i think works in their finance division… I called her to say hi and to see if she thought this business idea i had just come up with …  would be a great idea… anyway…. when i called her, we discussed that i had introduced her to his friend of mine fred who’s sister wanted to purchase property and who wanted to get a loan from  her and her bank( 5th /3rd bank…)

well… she mentioned in passing that her manager (I  will also get this person’s name to put in this blog post… ) that the  manager decided that he did not want  any of my business….so i couldn’t  try  to get a  loan or open an account there…. hummmm

 pretty  interesting development in  bank accounts since  my bank account was  closed  at that branch  immediately…. i mean immediately  after i emailed the head of 5th 3rd bank to get the  information regarding wanting information  when karne kahle worked there and when i had things missing from  my home… and missing from my safe deposit box…. 

 funny enough…  when i started working for her…  she was working at 5th 3rd bank… that is when i saw her  with some dark hared guy in her pool at carlton lakes… and when she gave me instructions on how to walk her child  ( not in her property…. )  and told me specifically  how to trespass… into….   the strand… which is what she was consistently doing in 2005…. and for years after until she got  her name on someones list…. in fact the exact  day she was trespassing and she  bullied me to tears.. at the main guard gate of eh strand….   and was jumping up and down  saying she won .. she won…. 

 anyway because of her trespassing practices…. and her association with the 5th 3rd bank… and since i had extra keys in the safe deposit box… and money.. and jewelery… and all important papers…hummmmm

Now that i have actual proof of identity theft from my credit reports that started  in 2002…. i think i have a right to find out who the criminals are.. and to make sure they are punished  to the full extent of the law… but instead of 5th 3rd bank cooperating… or giving me any information… instead of trying to protect their reputation…. it just felt that someone needed to protect their mistress… HUmmmmm…. anyway… even though  the person on the phone  may have been one of the bully girls and not Monica…  i still asked for the letter to be in writing.. so i can post it in my blog and let the  world know… the truth…  especially since i really want to make sure all the lies and manipulation… and harm stops…. 

my dad thought that  since she was screwing around when her son was 3 months old.. that maybe it was the father of her son…( the guy in the  pool….)  and when i told him  that after I had  sent a 4 paragraph email… requesting information  on  when she worked… to  either verify or exempt her from being  a suspect at the   times i had  items missing from my home… when i told him they closed down my bank account in retaliation of the email….   he  said that perhaps    the  man  who was  in the pool.. and trying to protect her… worked at 5th/ 3rd bank or was associated with  the bank.. hummm

 either  way.. i can use the  letter to strengthen the  defamation  law suit…and her bulling and harassment… and the fact that she  ruined my life.. and i want restitution…  and i want  both civil and criminal law suits… and charges made against her .. and anyone else who decided it would be fun to bully  me .. to steal from  me… and to harm my life in every way possible…  … she is not above the law.. the real laws of florida or even the united states of america for that matter!.. even though she thinks she can do anything she wants to anyone she wants..     I’m sure one day the truth will be revealed..  when it does she will have to be subject to all the  Florida state statues.. laws and penalities....  

Saturday October 15th 2011 @ 1:58pm ( truth verses omission or plain out lies)

so on the subject of truth and people being truthful abut who  they are, about their past  about present situations… and about  how they are manipulating your life.. or harming your life… 

 so when a person omits a vital bit of information that presnets a clear picture of who they are… of how ther past can affect yoru life or even about how their past can actaully hurt  your  life… what should you do?  when you eventually find out the truth?

Will the  information actually affect  how you react to any bad situations?  absoultely!  will that information  then taint all the stories you are told about  their supposed past, or their family.. or even the present… and who they know or do not  know… absolutely… and when the stores change on a daily basis.. or even change two or three times a day… what  are you supposed to believe?  

honestly, are there any normal and nice and great people  out there?…       

Monday October 10th 2011@11am ( two days of horrid phone converstaions… wrong caller id for my mom’s phone…spoofed phone number not enough numbers for a real caller id)

Tow days of horrid phone calls… back to the bully girls on the  phone..  my mothers telephone  answereing  machine has tow options for answering the phone and for the message yourreceive when  calling… one has 4 businesses… the  other one has 1 business…  and the latest development is when i get a phone call from a caller id that doestn even have enough numbers to be a real telephone number… the  caller id  that shows up is: (  26669-6687)  see.. not enough numbers fro a real telephone number  and not even close to my mother’s telephne  nubmer or her cell mnumber… but the bully girls have been answering the phone of 239-598-1515  at times and 239-821-5515.. i started taping all the  converstaions…  as of late i have been told by these fake mom’s that  i  have people leave my facebook  because they dont like me… ( a lie..)  and i have been told that the college that i created on one wall of my condo by my den  makes her think of the movie a beautiful mind… as if me createing a college to try to remind me that at one point in time i was really loved and had real friends… that instead of me putting up positive quotes on freindship and  articles or memtoes.. that remind me that i used to be able to go on vacations and trips that wer fun.. or tha ti liek the ritz carlton or the 4 seasons.. or that ali al naimi had a son who i was friends with  when i was 13-19… or the   notes that mattie sent me with a present…that  wer to remind me that i was loved.. that i was valued.. and the  i actully mattered… nooooo 

instead i had a horrid mom who wanated to make my work of art.. in to  some bad and horrible 
( horrible isnt exactly the right word…  but wanted to make it into  some way of makein g me look bd… and the coment about being a freind..  tha tyou have to be a freind to have a friend… my  mom woudl have never said that to me… is she supposed to be the same person who gave me the gift  of a little box hat said my daughter.. my friend.. for one christmas.. or the one who apreciated teh cards and  book  inserts i wrote.. and the perosn who i had over to ceelbrate mother’s day.. and  birthdays.. and who actully used to be one of my  biggerst fans.. ( and in that i mean  she was someone  who was supposrtive and loving  and  great….   who wanted me to have my hopes and dreams  and wishes become a reality… and she helped me to acheive… to dream and to believe that all things were possible …. 
 yesterday and today  it wasa  a womwn or man or kid or who ever was on the phone… who  waated or enjoyed cutting me down..until i cried.. who told  me that no one wanted to hear about  anything i had gone through .. that   told  me  that since i have to talk loud on the phone because i use ti thorugh speaker phone… i was yelling and then  when she got me really upset to where i was really yelling…or crying  or even swearing… after getting me upset to that point…  then would  really tell me somethng mean..or say something  horrible…. 

all done  on purpose.. all done  to make me look bad… and  i was supposed to be quiet.. to allow anyone  to say anything… to be poliet.. and let  some  person  on the phone tell me that  i was bad.. or no one liked me  or tha i needed to make sure other people were made to be  happy… making me feel that i wasn’t important…  nothing like my mom… and when i todl them this… it didnt matter…  
hoestly not at all like my mom… or my friend… not even  like a freind.. 

and i should be able to talk to  my real mom  on teh phone.. and be able to share all my thoughts or feelings.. and  all my daily activities..or incidents.. not  have to censor any of  it….. 

i called up my old roomate.. who made me feel so much better.. and i left a message for gloria who usually will come in and  will agree  that my mother actually rallyy did loveme.. and that my sisters really did and still do love me… and that no the mean bully girls who say and do whatever to make themselves look good and try to cut me down to make them also look better… that they couldn’t  possiblly  be my mother on  the  phone… especilly when they make me cry or get me upset on purpose…   

i am not some  actor.. not  fake and  things people say or do actually affect me…   and  i am not going  through any of this agian…  bulling me to the point of wisheing i were dead.. instead of having to endire these women and groups who selfishly manipulate.. i am not goign throgh this agian…  i cried last night and today  missing my real family and real genuine friends … ones  who actually love you…. for real…. very  lonely  and missing them a lot yesterday and today…. especially when you have  horrible replacements…  who make you miss the real and genuine people who actually love you.. and know you.. and  make your  life better…  who tell you they love you… and mean it.. and who tell you that yoru other friends love you and actauly mean it as well….  

 and they need to quit mixing  up my real family with all these other people…you no w starting with teh idenity theives in 2002…..    who have used my life or my identity to get something for themselves….  like  condo’s or homes… or cars or clothing or  whatever… else they have stolen.. or  used my life or my family or my friends.. to get for them selves… 

 real friends  and real family members want to make their  family and   friends happy.. and  share  hopes and dreams… because they care… i mean really care… 

ayway.. since i cant seem to actaully get anyone to listen.. i gues i will go back to blogging everything… agina… and keeping track so hoepfully the police will be  to  catch these spoofing / telephone     bullies  once and for all…..


Saturday October 08th 2011 @2:55pm ( catching up on events… computers broken twice, car broken twice, and a picture frame tha now wont fit the way it did in the guest room…)

so i havent been on line blogging in a while… i wish i coul dsay it was because ti wa too busy having  a great life…  some days were o.k. but i also had to fix a bunch of things.. since last month..  i had to spend days with my computers… getting theem to run the way they should… now i am hapy to say they are working great.. and that a gentlemen  from microsoft was ableto even retrieve a bunch of material.. letters and such  from a harddrive…  my battery died mysteriously twice…even one day when  i had tested it and ran the car in my garage the day before… one day when i was supposed to babysit for a woman designe r who is from ohio.. i luckily made it to teh sitting job on time and everythng went  fine.. but teh second tme i was stranded at home.. and it was  on a saturday… i thnk htere was even a  wedding goign on …  guess someoen didt wanat tme to inturupt the festivities… hummm….

also i have been spending most of my time at home… assuming that it give the bullies  less of a changce to try ot harm my life… but a few wierd things have happened…  one being this picture frame that i had in my guest bedroom… it was a picture set that  hangs from a rod… and it forms a square with composed of  multiple pictures… well i geot it as a gift  a few christmasses… mysister had origionally calledto tell me that she was sending me a set of cahmire pajamas… then of course as has  been the cse with teh phone calls and giflts and anything tha twoudl be a great gt for me the past few years… i got another call that said i woudlnt be getting that gift but the picture fram instead…  now this is what is wierd.. it fit into a perfet square when i origionally set it up in the guest room… and then wen i decided to move it to  my master bedroom… to put with all the other pictures…  the hooks and the pictures will not  make a perfect square… imean how low… to actually have to manipulate a simimple picture fraam and screw up something so simple… so i jsut put the majority of the pictures on the hooks and the pictures of mea dn mysisters at the egyptian pyramids.. and in formt of the taj mahal.. and us in st. croix and me a s a 5 year old mascott chreerleader… and of cours of my dad and kapilia in australia.. well i just had to put it  on the wall separately…  now why the hell does some idiot need to ruin absolutely everythin g about my life…????? what petty and spiteful liitle girl needs to not  only steal my life my identity  and my pictures?????

speaking of getting mixed up with idenities.. i wasa out yesterday  running some errands… and when i went to go and get gas.. there was this afraican ameriacan guy  in fron t of me with this red and  grey  shirt on … that said ohio state… of course sinc ethe biggest bully of allwas karen kah(from ohio state) and since she liked ot pass her self off any anyone.. or probably steal anyones idenity… i’m jsut assuming here… since i basically  took her place when i was babysittign so she coudl be kissing some dark harded guy in teh pool….UCK….. not her husband… bythe way… 
I told the guy the biggest bylly i ever met was from ohio state and named karen kahel. and that i had heard my cousins gail’s son ended up going to ohi stte istead of norta dame.. and i wished he had goen to notre dame..instead.. ahh.. the murray kids ( mike..who wa sin my grade as a senior in high school her ein naples… and one of the first   people e ever met in naples  endd up going there… to notra dame..   not  ohio state… anyway it was a bit of a wierd day teh dady at eh bakery at publix told me i looked diffeent adn asked about my hair color ( honestly my natural color is probablya pretty dirty  or sandy blond/ brown…if that is a color…  but yes i do dye it.. nowit is blond.. i try n otto go too light… i really don’t want to get mixed up with anything close  to karen kahel and her white blond hair…  not that i look anythng like her… but beign born in ohio…  i really don’t  want to get mixed up with her or her bully clique…. anyway.. as i was saying… my hair.. now blond one color porcessed… but i used to get the one color process…. with high lights… and  i would still have it done  that way if i could afford it now.. i would to also have a standing appointment for a manicur and pedicure… and i was thinkin gback on  how different my life soould have been…  if i didnt have any stupid idenity theives.. and worthless cirminals in my life .. i hate criminals…

also missing from my bathroom cram.. lavender  hand cream from wiliam was a kit …youknow the soap and the cream.. my mother gave it to me ages ago and i rarely use it so to my shock about a cup of it is missing…  also aht lavender soap i bought from the ritz carlton… also about a cup is missing.. but the most noticible thing ins tha bath soap… i just bought it on october 1st and there is no way in hell  that it is half used up in one week…. i coudl actually make oen caontainer last for a whole month or longer…  

another wierd thinkg .. remember when i had mentioned aouthe bloomingdle pillowcases and the actual pillow  disappearing? well i have one pillow case that mysteriously is all ripped.. luckily… not the soft bloomingdale cases i had gotten from my mom as a present but still.. how the hell would that have happened?…. some boy or shore to door servic egirl hiding out agian….  it  is alsway refreshing to hear the sirens of hte police… to think that the y are cathcing the criminals… and to  belive that justice will someday be service to all the  criminals who think it is somehow alright to   harm lives…  
hummm… lets see..i still  lock up everything.. and dotn leave my houes unless necessary… and after hacin ghygine suppoles disappearing..imay hv to attach another lock on lmy bathroom as well? this is gettign ridiculious….
whata shame to have to go though this kind of stuff.. allthe rime.. but at least i hope it is lessening..right? there was a movie on with drew berrymore called “ever after” a cinceraella type story.. set in france witha french prince who of course savs the aday and wisks her away to live happily ever after…  ( actually a favorite  of little girls but especially one littel girl loved it when i was babysitting the last time they were in town….) anyway.. made me think of what if i had jsut stayed in franc when i was 18-19 years old…  it was safe tehr idenity thieves.. no on estealin money or jewlery or usinesses.. or manipulatin glives fo rther owne selfish benefit right? or if i had never met that fat disgusitn gitalina criminal scummm gerard ahler… or never met the bully karen kahel.. ugg….. or if i had been jsut able to  talk to all my real frriends and familyand make new amazing freinds or even start my own family…..  with no psucho manipulatin g and screwing with teh phoens..or computers..or my home or my life… how amzign a life i could have had for the last 8 years.. how absolutly amazing it all could have been….. what a shame…..