Tuesday August 30th 2011 @11:00pm ( letter to capitol one with additonal information)

To whom it may concern:                                                                                 August 25th 2011 @ 6:27pm

My name is Mary Jean Ziska.  I am writing today to dispute charges on my credit report concerning a     Capital One Master Card Account.   I have reports from all three credit agencies.  I found two capitol one credit cards with almost the exact account numbers started at the exact same time. (See details below)

Capitol one credit card: #1:  529107263924xxxx opened:   12/2006 balance of $3003.00.  Fraudulent account I only had one account and it was supposed to have been paid in full in 2006 as noted in the other capitol one credit card.  Police report for identity theft # T1000181/state attorney reference report number:  11-00021030.                                                                                                                                                                              

 Capitol one credit card: #2:  5291072272237xxxx opened:  12/2006 balance of $0.   I believe this was the accurate account.  I only had one account and it was supposed to have been paid in full in 2006 as noted in the Capitol one credit card report.  Police report for identity theft# T1000181/ State Attorney Reference incident report number:  11-00021030.  

 My personal information as reference for my account:   My residence is:  5632 Whisperwood Blvd.   #1601 Naples Florida.   I opened the account in 2002 and had a credit limit of $1000.00. When I recently went online and was able to obtain a credit report from Experian,   the interest on the account created a balance of $3003.00.  During that time frame refinancing for my home was completed through a corrupt lawyer David J. Stern and a corrupt broker, Ian Stein.   The broker, Ian stein was in charge of paying the $1000.00 debt.   I believe that he paid the balance to the account:  (52910722722237xxxx).   He did not repay a personal loan I made to him from the refinancing and may have even been involved in the additional fraudulent accounts that were opened at that time period.   There were additional bills he did not take care of before he disappeared, with his office closed, the phones disconnected and leaving no forwarding address to contact him or his company for the purpose of collecting funds or information concerning his fraudulent activities.    

When I first checked one of my credit reports,   I was shocked to see that interest had been accruing on a capitol one account and a total of $3,003.00 was still showing on the credit report.  I was even more shocked to see that interest was past as of July 2011, when I believed the account had been paid in full in 2006. In fact, when I first received my first Experian credit report,   I thought that there had to have been fraud involved, because i had been informed mine account had been paid off in 2006.

 The man who was my broker, Ian Stein was found to be a con-artist and worked for a lawyer David J Stern who was also convicted of being a criminal.  Ian stein stole $3,000.00 from me personally.   I filed police reports for additional fraudulent accounts I found on my credit report occurring within the same time fame.  The police report for additional fraudulent accounts that I believe may have been started by the same group of con-artists is: (#11-21030)/state attorney reference incident report number: 11-00021030.    Until recently I was under the assumption that all my bills (in good faith) had been paid, and accounting for such would be reflected on my credit report.   I trust with this additional information the necessary adjustments will be made to my account and credit report and the fraudulent account will be removed allowing for just one capitol one account that was paid in full in 2006.                             

On August 22nd 2011@ I called the capitol one telephone number of:  800-955-7070 was listed on my Experian dispute form and reached Katrina @ 3:58pm id# ALM290.  I gave her the account number that showed on my Experian account for my Capitol One Master Card of (#  529107263924…)The address  listed is P.O. BOX 30281 Salt Lake City UT 84130 then there were some additional numbers under the account (0344157357).  She asked to access my account by wanting to know the various information I listed in the first paragraph of this letter. The information I gave her was:    my full name, date of birth, address, account number, and the actual number on the actual credit card.   She even wanted to know my social security number but I never give that out…. (Especially over the phone).    She said she couldn’t see my account information so she transferred me to William (id# 32L5) who is supposed to be an account manager in the recovery department.   I began speaking with him at 4:15pm and spoke to him until 4:19pm. (He said he had to hang up due to an earthquake in Virginia? And he had to evacuate the area? I ‘m not sure if that was the correct information or not but he told me to call back tomorrow morning 8 am to discuss the situation with another representative.  He also told me to fax my information to fax number # 888-259-3021 or mail it to P.O. box 30285 Salt Lake City UT 84130 telephone number 800-955-7070.  It is a different address than the one on the Experian account information sheet.  I want to verify which address is correct? 

 I explained  the entire  situation,  but I don’t  think he understood the  legal implications  and  liability  for the balance of the account after 2006.  He mentioned that the account was signed in 2002 and maintained good standing until 2006-2007 which is true.   The situation in 2006 changed.  In 2006 as per the court of collier county (clerk’s case number # 0600117GA:  July 05 2006 a petition for appointment of guardian was issued and to date, the case has still not been resolved.      

 I am putting back together my credit and my life and as of today I am still going through court cases based on this horrid time period of my life!  I am attempting to rectify this situation with Capitol one master Card company, and the credit bureaus by having this fraudulent account removed.  

I still suffer from severe anxiety caused by events as far back as 2003 and am making sure that those responsible are brought to justice; however I am still left with a mess to clean up in my own life, my credit, and in business and personal relationships.  Due to these extenuating circumstances,   I expect all charges to be justly removed from all my credit reports and credit history.  My credit history should reflect only the time period for account #5291072272237.   As for my Capitol One Master Card Account this would be the time period of:  2002- 2006.

I am writing today to rectify the situation and clear my credit of all the injustice that occurred in 2006-2007!

Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,


Mary Jean Ziska                                                                                                                                      5632whisperwood Blvd. #1601                                                                                                                              Naples Florida  34110









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