Wedensday June 29th 2011 @ 3:26pm ( trying to catch up on posts… and on repairs to my computer.. and my lifeHA!)

 So within  the past  weeks…..  between baby sititng at the Hyatt for the Edwards Jones  group and life in general i went  to staples   to try  to   find out who in corporate would have possibly called to say that they  wouldn’t  work on my computer… I was able to speak with the manager ( who was a super nice lady)  and she told  me luckily or maybe unluckily for me … that  it wasn’t just a random girl who had called in to make sure i wouldn’t have the use of the internet.. or a computer  which would mean I could not  write in my blog … it wasn’t a girl who once again was trying  to violate my rights….

but  Bill Back the general manager made the decision that they didn’t want me to write about the service or the repairs on the computer… or the liability if anything went wrong with the computer or the  information on the hard drive while they were trying to repair it… 

the woman manager   told me that this blog and website were the primary reasons for not wanting to take in my computer and do the repairs….

 Can telling the truth actually be a liability? I am just trying to recount the facts  as they occur and my opinion of the incidents may be a bit  subjective  but  i will say when someone helps me or when someone doesn’t and i will say exactly what they say to me if i feel that the conversation is bulling  or  if it is not what i would ever hear  that  person  say…  


there was a really nice girl anna who was a huge help… and alex wo was super nice especially when i had been crying about  the computer not working when i brought it into the store… and most everyone has been  super nice with excellent customer service  even when mike was at the store and had repaired it the first time…  

staples had refunded my money and returned my  computer and hard drive in the same condition i left it with them…. not working…..  

so i ended up trying to get it to work . myself… and i was able to take the old hard drive that mike that taken the information off and put on the new larger hard drive… and just formatted it and reinstalled windows.. and all the original Cd’s that came with it….  i  could get windows to work …but coudlnt get on the internet… and no matter what i tried i wasn’t able to go online…..  so i called a guy that i had met while he and his partner were walking their German Shepard dog….. his name is Nate James and is the president /CEO  of NAPLES FLORIDA TECH ( computer repair and training services )    his website is: and phone is 239-594-8324

He was able to come out to my home and get the internet working on the computer!!!!! all working now  now that i know… it was really a pretty simple fix he needed to download the driver that would allow the computer to communicate with the internet…..   he charged  me $55.00 and had to stay a bit longer to try to work on the other computers… so i was only able to pay him $75.00.

the following day while i was on  line a blue screen came up with a critical error…. so i went to the larger hard drive and even though it supposedly had all the info still store on it…  I had to do the same thing…. and format the hard drive and install windows.. and start all over….  which means scanning in everything….  and trying to recapture all the articles i had copied from the wall street journal… or were of interest for business… or for family… or for life….. Sheesh….   its going to take forever…. UGG

I tried testing the smaller hard drive and  only tried using it for a short while  but it didint   go to that blue screen  but i will try it again to see what happens…. if it does have critical errors… i don’t know if i have to reinstall everything or if something wasn’t   installed….  anyone have any ideas?  what the problem could be? i really don’t have any money left  to fix things all over again…. HA! especially since i just paid electric and car insurance! 

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