Thursday June 9th 2011@3:51pm ( What duties do congressmen have)

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What Duties Do Congressmen Have?


The U.S. House
of Representatives has 435 members elected based on the population of
each of the 50 states. Congressmen serve their congressional districts
in two-year terms and have several duties from legislative
responsibilities to making the best decisions for their constituents as
their representatives and links to the federal government.

  1. Proposing Laws

    • One of the main duties congressmen have is to write, propose and help to pass federal laws. The House of Representatives is solely responsible of proposing bills concerning taxation and federal spending policies.


    • Congressmen need to make
      decisions every day. Therefore, congressmen need to be familiar with
      several topics, able to evaluate information from multiple sources and
      make decisions benefiting their constituents based on the knowledge and
      information they have. In addition, congressmen are responsible of
      deciding whether an official should be tried in impeachment proceedings.

    Serving in Committees

    • Congressmen usually serve on two
      committees. To be able to serve as a member of any committee, the
      congressman needs to become an expert in the topics his committee
      assignments include. In addition, the congressman needs to attend
      meetings, question witnesses, prepare amendments to bills, vote and
      write committee reports.

    Representing Constituents

    • A congressman represents about
      650,000 people from the state congressional district he or she was
      elected from. To be able to represent the constituents, the congressman
      needs to follow the local media and visit the district to act as the
      link between the district and the federal government. Besides giving a
      voice to their constituents, congressmen also help their districts to
      get federal funding for projects and programs and advice their
      constituents of how to apply for federal benefits and grants.

    Managing an Office

    • Congressmen can have 22 staff
      members in their Washington and district offices. Each congressman runs
      his or her own office, supervises the office staff, budgets personal and
      office expenses and balances the expenses at the end of the fiscal

    Maintaining Campaign Organization

    • Congressmen run their own
      election and reelection campaigns. As part of the campaigning,
      congressmen need to organize and attend fundraising events, make public appearances, take positions on issues and create campaign strategies.

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