Thursday June 9th 2011 @3:07pm Called and spoke with the office of Congressman( details)

Cliff sterns who was featured on the  c-span program with a few other  congressmen  concerning  the illegal uses and harmful effects of  manipulating phones though various  methods…one being  spoof cards… I spoke with his representative in Gainesville Florida ( Jean Clough ). I wanted to see what progress  has been made on the work he has done concerning the laws…. and wanted to know how the  laws were assisting  others in prosecuting   the damages brought on  by misusing these spoof cards..( ie changing phone  caller id’s and even  changing  voices from men to women through the use of various computer programs…)

In particular I wanted to know if he or one of the representatives could  tell me about the woman who had been told over the phone to take a certain  medication by a jealous woman who had spoofed the pharmacy ‘s telephone and given the  misguided instructions causing the victim to lose her baby….

 Did the laws cover the damages…. as in a murder? was the criminal who used the pharmacy’s phone  number as their spoof ed caller id… was she charged with all the crimes? and what were her penalties?  I personally hope she had the maximum possible… 

Jean couldnt answer any of those questions… but told me that i could email her and hopefully i could set up an appointment  to  bring to attention all the  material in this website and blog to help to promote legislature stopping any of this from happening to anyone else ever… no one should have their lives ruined.. and  their hopes and  dreams stolen…. especially  through the use of criminal means and by breaking laws …. I hate criminals……. con artists.. and the selfish  horrid people who  not only inflict emotional distress…and damages.. but also should be put in jail and held accountable for all their  treacherous actions…  did i mention i hate criminals?          

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