Saturday June 25th 2011 @1:26pm ( yes… back online finally…. what a few weeks this has been…UGGGGGGG!!!!!!))

Since i wasn’t able to get my computer working… i started to write…. yes i said write in long hand blog entries.. so  that i could keep posted as to the events.. and any problems or solutions  i may be able to  document…. so here are a few of them….

June 21st. 2011 @8:50am:
Yesterday i went  to staples to go and see about my computer r… to my surprise  my computer had not been  touched… i asked one of the employees what the diagnosis was for the repair  and they  toldmethey had refunded the money for the diagnosis and  I was told that  they had received a call form “corporate” and were told not to touch my computer!

The last time i checked I cant possibly think why /how someone from corporate cold have possibly known me let alone known about t my computer and known anything about when or if it was broken & if it needed to be repaired. 

I know i told “my mother” over the phone about going to staples for my staples rewards when I was recycling all my empty cartridges and when a month a go i had taken it in for repairs

It makes no sense why i wouldn’t be “allowed” to have my computer fixed …. it seems almost a  violation of my rights…  as a consumer…. i am not a person who has committed any crimes that would be reason for me to not be allowed to shop at certain places… ie like   shop lifters….  might be stopped from shopping from certain stores… nor  have i not paid for bills from staples… i actually like staples and the staples rewards program….

i am a real regular human being who should be allowed to shop where i want .. at what i want… and go anywhere i want…. what are we living not in Florida but in some third world country where woman don’t have the same rights as men? or women don’t have the freedom to pick and choose their  life and follow their dreams.. or for that matter ability to pick and choose what stores they are allowed to  use?

seems pretty manipulative to me… and if Karen or any of the other mean girls who manipulate my life are at the bottom of this i want  it to stop!  Ever since the same manipulating criminals have been allowed to do anything to me and ruin everything in my live , my business, my hopes and dreams.. must say life is just not the same…. and i hope no one has  to have their freedoms taken away form them in this manner…  who the hell do these girls /boys think they are?…. God that they can control a person’s life.. and choices?

I   will try to go and see who called…. if it wasn’t from  corporate… then that reeks from  some serious manipulation and if the mean girls are at the bottom of this yet again…… why?….. possibly so that i cant use my computer.?. or go on the internet?…  its defiantly a control issue… and i will have to check for my civil liberties to see if it violates my rights….  in case it is still involved with the identity theft… or the stealing of a business…. what ever … it is not right… it is not alright i should say….

I also went to 5th /3rd bank…. to cash a check form babysitting written on a check from their bank….
wow.. they now have a policy that a check written on their bank account cost 8$ to cash.. at their bank unless you have an account at their bank…. that seems to me  to be such an odd policy….  doesn’t it?  So instead of cashing  the  check at 5th 3rd… i    went  to my bank…

 maybe they need the extra  time   between banks to float the money so they can cash checks…. I think i saw on a t v show  that  criminals do that…. to get checks cashed… but if there is money in an account…  at the actual bank the check is written on….. seems like a very odd policy….. to charge eight dollars just  to cash it…   but  maybe they don’t  want to make new customers… or think that instead of paying the 8 dollars someone will just open a new account? who knows…

i did ask the cashier if he had been there when karen kahel had worked there….. he said he had only worked there a year (   i think that i s what he said… ) so didn’t know her…. guess knowing she had worked at the branch…. when all the mess started.. and when i was sitting for her son… always  good to check… if i do get to find anyone who may  known if she  was having an affair with a guy form the bank… ( ie the guy in the pool….with her while i was sitting for her son….  i mean it could have been the guy for the bMW dealership as well.. but it would be helpful to narrow it down a bit….. )  or would know if she happened to have access to my  safe deposit box…. where i kept extra keys… and garage openers.. and money and jewelry…. UGG i just want to be  sure the criminals are punished….   

I   also wnt by my mom’s house to get the  thomas the train DVD….. she found it in her DVD player… GREAT NEWS that the DVD want stolen but just  in her DVD player…..

on the repair side of things… i did findthat i have a light out in my headlights so one more thing to fix… UGG  

and on a positive note… i did go back to the bullicide website and they have a judge who is now on the website and works in Miami…. I didn’t get to read all the case studies but i did get to send him an email requesting that he view my website   and if he knew of any lawyers who would be available in assisting me or if he had any additional assistance that he could offer  so that the case will be successfully prosecuted!   

What prompted me to  look on the website again… and try to seek additional assistance?…. I was told again that i will never be able to have a lawyer…( first because of all the harem and business loss…. and broken and stolen bits of my life and my possessions…. well …. because i couldn’t  afford one that would  be great….

 i was also told:  that no one will believe me.. and that  it’s all my fault……also  i was told  that when i get upset whether it is through anger… or through crying.. any response to anything said or done to me is unacceptable…  that to these bullies it is o.k. to bully me… to manipulate my life and try to make me look incompetent… or that i have some kind of anger problem.. or even that I’m not nice… whatever  ruins my reputation… and ruins my life…. or whatever false reputation they want to label me with…

these bullies have been allowed to do anything… say anything.. and to do and say anything ABOUT ME!

They have been allowed to get away with taking over yet another business….  even by taking away small jobs… why?  i think it is to try to prove that they can not only do anything.. and say anything… but can control and manipulate any which way they want…. these people are allowed to make up lies… to threaten.. to bully…   until their lies are supposed to be the truth….  and how the hell am i supposed to dispute all the  lies? i have been trying to disprove all their lies… and it is exhausting…. but hopefully documenting in this blog will at least be a bit helpful… we will wait and see…. right.?..

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