Thursday May 26th 2011@9:24pm ( phone… cell phone to my mothers)

Well i called to tell my mother that i had spoken to my uncle  actually Skype… and  boy.. her cellphone just wasn’t  like  speaking with my mother at all it was like  all the  way back to when  a black SUV used to be in her drive way…  a very scummy and horrible group of girls who lied and cheated and stole from  me and my family… not friends.. not family… and defiantly not good at all… and the young girls  bully girls  were on the phone   with my mother at all…  in a few phone call conversations where i called my mother on her 239-821-5515 number.. this is the horrid and terrible things that were said…

the girl/boy on the phone  wanted to belittle me and to make me in not look  good standing with the police… by saying that:

no one picked on me.. that it was just things said  that” i didn’t want to hear”… 

when i tried to talk about my uncle and the death of my cousin.. and how most mothers would  give up their own lives to prevent  any harm from  occurring to their daughters..

and there are daughters who were kidnapped.. or killed.. or harmed.. and no real great mother would ever harm their daughter.. let along i know that my mother  would ever harm me… let alone try to make   me look bad..or to harm my reputation.. then i mentioned karne kahel.. and the  girl /boy wanted to hang up  .(its always a nice test to see who the hells on the phone… )   hummm I know that my mother or family or friends would never in a million years ever stick up fora whore i mean trespasser who bullied me to tears..  let alone defend defend her and then in the process pick on me…

As i am typing this.. i have the phone off the hook.. actually it was taken off the hook by the rude and young sounding  person and now that i think of it… i remember being bullied by a person who actually called with cellphone caller id  of GREGORY MARION….when my mother’s cell caller id was Marion Gregory…  it was a person  who would be mean to me.. get me upset.. then put the receiver down and  think was funny for me to get upset or cry at the insults and  harmful and brutally  nasty things that were said.. i keep thinking it is a boy with a small you know what.. who only gets off on picking on girls… and he has to bring  girls in to town from different parts of the state.. none would ever be interested in him here… HA!… So that is the big deal for me to be  babysitting in Bonita.. while they’re entertaining… but

I have already told a real live police woman  when and for how long i would be babysitting this past Sunday and i also emailed the police  to alert them and to tell them to arrest anyone in or near my home!

and now that  i have a voice…  and have a voice that i can keep  a record of alt he injustices.. document all the times.. dates… and be bale to track the phones… and phone numbers.. and i can’t wait to put all these criminals in jail…   and take them to court for damages both civilly and criminally… they need to be stopped… and for ever!

 phone calls to : 239-821-5515:  this evening stating at: 

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