Thursday May 26th 2011 @3:37pm ( tech. expert. on cnbc.. concerning safety of using phone as wallet)

 email i sent to a company  featured on cnbc today… when discussion of using phone as wallet…  ceo John hering( very cute…) and young… but seemed to know  what he was talking about… hope he answers the email/ request i sent:

 request# 131131 and request# 131150

I want to speak with someone or contact someone who has the information concerning biometric voice recognition soft ware.. in particular, a program  or some way of eliminating the uses of voice changing software programs or spoofcard  … Help… i have had my life destroyed by false and fraudulent people on the phone.  i was able to find a company who will be able to  get any real phone number when the number is blocked but i cant find any  scrubbing/filtering software to combat voice changing abilities… thank you for your attention to this email.   sincerely, mary jean ziska  ( ) 

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