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Friaday April 1st 2011@ 3:04pm ( reply email for biometric Fbi CjIs division Biometric service section Biometric Center of Excellence)





  Re: requesting information concerning biometric voice recognition
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Date: Thu, Mar 24, 2011 11:54 am


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     Thank you for contacting the Biometric Center of Excellence.  I will forward this to the appropriate individual for response.
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 Brandi Meighan
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Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 4:27 pm
Subject: requesting information concerning biometric voice recognition


To whom it may concern:   March 23rd 4:14pm


I am doing some research on the biometric identification process. In particular voice recognition and identification of individuals.  Could you please email me any information concerning the most recent technology that will enable an individual to recognize and identify a person by their voice.


I have been recently been made aware of a card that can change a person’s voice to sound like another individual and to even make a man sound like a woman.  In a Cspan session a few congressmen were able to introduce  “the phone act”. This act will outlaw the use of spoofing cards and i am hoping will also alleviate the problem created by the use of a card they mentioned that can alter a criminals voice.  


I am interested in the capabilities of  authentication  and voice recognition for two reasons.  First , I am interested in  making sure that criminals are not able to commit crimes  and fraud by changing  their voice over the phone, and I am interested in utilizing the voice recognition feature for security devices.    


Could you please email me any and all information, research materials or even the proper contact information concerning the voice recognition technology used by the FBI that could also be used for private use. 

I appreciate your kind attention to this email and anticipate your assistance in this matter to be most helpful!

Please reach me via email:       

Friday April 1st, 2011 @2:28pm ( request for additonal monitoring from police while i am babysitting)

To whom it may concern:  April 1st 2011 @1:46pm


My name is mary jean ziska and my address is: 5632 whisperwood blvd. #1601.  It is located in the  Strand off Immokalee Road. I am requesting assistance in stopping intruders in my home and to have the intruders arrested a soon as possible.


I am requesting assistance in monitoring my residence.  I have had people who somehow  go into my home while i am not there ( usually while away babysitting and for long periods of time) I came home yesterday and I believe that while I was away babysitting from 10:15am until 7pm ( and also out of the home until 9pm doing errands ) that someone was in my home. 


I believe this for two primary reasons.  there was food left on the floor. ( blueberry and  oat which i don’t even have in my pantry or in my fridge or freezer.I made blueberry pancakes about two months ago and froze them… the blueberry on the floor was not two months old.  Nor was it where I normally sit.  I live alone so no one else has been allowed in my home or eating at my table that I am aware of or by my invitation.


The second reason is that i have introduced many locks to try to prevent such burglaries and trespassing and breaking/ entry into my home. I have also put a lock on my fridge since I  found that these intruders made themselves very comfortable in my home and would often eat my food  one bold trespasser even slept in my bed with someone and left a gold emblem witha mertle Beach golfing insignia … these criminals have even worn my clothes and of course i have reproted when they have also stolen items…. 


Acording to the florida  statutes and the laws that pertain to burglery and tresspassing I really need to file reprots and  make certain that they are caught so I can prosecute for both civil and criminal charges….


I am asking that I have an extra patrol check into my residence the days I am baysitting while Ii am not in my home.  I give full permission to    any officer  to arrest any persons in my home when I am not there I don’t care what reason they may use to be in my home. I have given no authorization to anyone to be in my home whie I am babysitting! 


Tomorrow April 2nd I am sitting

babysitting for the Eatons in Pelican Marsh from:  9:30am-1:30pm 

babysititng  for the Orrs in Port Royal rom  7pm unil 11pm  


Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,


mary jean ziska



A Tender Loving Care Service

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director and


Fri. April 01st, 2011 @10:36am ( repost of last blog entry… concerning someone beign in my home yeserday while i was out babysititng all day…. I’m bbing told not to call the police and that no one was in myhome …you decide)

So on the subject of someone being in myome yesterday.. while i was out all day babysitiing . ( i of course am being told that no one was in my home… here is the evidence you decide… )  

I actuallyshould be caling the police right now adn dicumenting one mor injustic nad the laws repeatedly being broken .. and the last time someon told me not to calthe police… was in 2005 when my credit cards and drivers liscense “disappeared…basically were stolen..” i ws told that they woudl jsut show.. up that again.. and not to worry… ( of course sincne then myentrie life has basically and systemitacially been destroyed… but its not the criminals concern right?…. maybe my life will majicallyjsut “show upagain” the life i was supposed to have with out  any of the criminals.. and scumm who have ruin my life!)

first of course sicne 2003 Gerard ahler… and of coure we cant forget the usual suspect who trespassed with  her baycarriage.. and her rnnning shoes… good old wher i mean bully from carlton laske s the white blond haired  “whore to door service girls” Karen Kahel… who by the way went to ohio state.. wierd that i was babysitting  peope all day who  are also from ohio… but then alot of people are form ohio.. hell that is why karen used me to babysit… i was born in ohio… 

So here is the evidence.. so i was baysiting yesterday which was March 31st 2011 form 11am until 7pm leaving my home aprox 10:15am then after babysititng I went to the beach( iwent over by my aunts frans  condo which is right by where i used to live aon teh beach when we first mooved here and also where i used to come  home to from boarding school… if i wasnt going home to saudi…

then i wnet to  say my novena at St. Johnls cathlic church then decided to go to whole foods to get some of the great yeast free bread i’ve ben eating forever…the voss water the basil plants.. 4 brand new plants ( mine mysteriously keep dying..those great dutch cookies i love with nutella… and after wards stoped my  block buster to see the amazing sale for DVD’s….. the blockbuster  by river chase that i love… is sadly goign out of business….. they have DVD’s fr 3.99 and even some for .99!.. I was there until the store closed….which ws 9am!.. then i came home…
Since they are refinishing the driveays with these great pavers.. and we cant use our garage i entied my car( fully loaded… with all mybaysiting gear..and go home a bit tireded….. after having a realy long day but a realy nice one at the orrs babysititng in port royal…. 

I had started locking up everything when things wer being stolen…. and lately even started lockign the refridge.. it stoped the whore to door servce girlse( ie karen kahel.. and her buddies… form using my house to entrertain her guy friends… adn use my food.. my clothing… my life… adn ruin everything i ever want ed or ever loved…. ! well last night i went ot put awaythe groceries..and teh combination i had used to lock the door want workign… cahnge it ever time.. liek i now have to chagne locks.. and th alocks on the closets.. to dkkp outthe pareasites…. ( is that more appropriate to use for the termonology for people or insects who feed off others…..(?)

anyway.. the lock i now put on the refridge didnt work… i though tmaybe i got the conbo wrong.. but ws too tire dot worry about it.. so went ot bed… this morning  however… when i went to try the lock again… i pulled out a chair frim my kitchen table.. and noticed a blueberry bythe foot of another chair…. I dondt have any blueberries in my house… i actualy havent bought blueberries for about 1-2 months.. whe i last made blueberry pancakes adn froze them… so her is the quetstion… HOW THE HELL DID A BLUEBERRY GET IN MY HOUSE..AT THE FOOT OF THE TABLE ….. WITH AN OAT….BY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

know i thoguh t it a bit wierd that some boy at the port royal club was also named greyson.. like karnen’s son but that ws theday i  saw a fake scot renshaw on a bike headign back to port royal with some random girl… UGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! may she go to jail.. may her and her entier famly be cursed!  what liitle good it does.. she will jsut screw someone withmoney and get out of everything jsu tliek getting out of the buling and getting out of tresspassign or any other laws that she had broken……  guessits good to be pretty have onlg blond hari and be a whore adn a buly and a con artist….  . 

Friday April 01st 2011@10:36am ( someone in my home….thought i’ve been told of course not… you decide!)

So on the subject of someone being in my home…. but i am trying to be told that of course not… here is the evidence decide… I probably shoudl be calling the police right now… adn dicumentign one more injustice and the laws repeatedly being broken…. but Chuck the predsiden t of our condo asociation swears that no one ws in my home.. that he kept a very careful eye on all the construction gogin on in the neighborhood…. and i repeat.. swears that no one was here… 

here is the evidence…. So I went babysitting yesterday  which was March 31st 2011 from 11am until 7pm leaving my home aprox. 10:15am…. then after babysitting I went to  see the beach.. i went over by my aunts …my myaunt frans condoright by where I  used to  live on the beach when we first moved here .. or at least  when i came here from boarding school… and eventually moved here mylast year of boarding schol… whi cam e here from boarding school….  then went ot say my novena at St. John;s catholic church… then decide to ge to whole foods to get some of the  items i usually can’t find anywhere else… i am so close to publix and at both stores the people are super nice….