Friday April 1st 2011 @ 10:58pm ( list of items still missing…)

so i thought II’d take a break from  trying to undo the lock that is not working  with the code i put into it yesterday before leaving to go babysit… and write up a list of items that are still missing…
of course my diamond earrings… and my pearl earrings… and the ring i gave to maura..  some fake .look alike sister who said  “score” when i handed  it over to her…. UGG god only knows who i really gave my  sisters sing to … i know she gave it to me for safe keeping guess she never thought i would have  to have endured all the  scum these past 7 years…. . the diamond and saphire ring… was really nice… i could l kick myself for handing it over.. i knew somewhere in the pit of my stomach.. that it was the wrong person… it was just like the one princess Diana had.. but this  group of con artists are pretty good at their cons… and i was really sweet and innocent and guillible…

so still missing…
 one bloomingdale regular poka dotted  pillow case and the pillow that was in it..
one monagramed face cloth
one set of diamond earrings given to me by my dad from  saudi..
one set of pearl earrings given to me by my dad from saudi


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