Wednesday march 30th 2011 @ 3:34pm ( more mischief by maniulative people!)

yesterday i wnet on line at the  igoogle  hoepage adn guess where i was suposed to be located… inn pine ridge… sinc ei am not in Pine ride.. and the only other  expereience with pine ridge is the painter/construction people …. and the family who i babysat… with the daughter who is asian and supposed ot be 10 and the older daughter who i never met… but  they had a black BMW with a university of florida plate…. I changed back mylocation…. to naples… and when i wen tto go and get some eggs for an easter egg hunt… an d the wsj… and a candy to put in the eggs… low and behold i ws surrounded by all sorts of people who were in ther painting clothes.. i guess if i am nto karne kahel from ohio state…  i should l be a construction worker… of course no one asks who i am.. who i was what epereinces i have had in life… i did have a faux painting busness for a few yesrs and saved up money for an interior design degree…  and of course in that time period is when i met the crimanlly insane conntrol freak …. from hell.. the construction worker from pro line contracting and brooklyn new york who ruined my life! 
so did  the computer with the lojack get exchanged again..from my house or from my car…. and when i was last baystiitng or when?… ….or who is manipulating lives agian… ? should i be worreid that the scummy girls wil be stealing clothes … jewlery…. using my house for  their whore  to door service calls…. especially sinceI  have to babysit… babysit … I think i will nitfy the police an dmake sure they willkeep an eye on my place… and  mylife…..i hate criminals.. and definately   hate the fake scum …..but more importantlyi hate criminals…

another wierd  thing… jsut about ten minutes agao i got ahold o f “my mother”… who now hates scott renshaw… and when i went to skype scott to see if the haair  i cut hair i cut….. was straight…he was  there for a minute..then left….  adn i tried caling and jsut got the messge machine… i stillthink that the smae idiot who manipultes myphone… has also manipulated myskype.. and who knows if i am jsut speakign to a video of the person … or a real  person….. adn if i am speaking to jsuta tape….and the same manipulative idiot video tapes me talkign… then chanages what i am saying….. who knows what the freak may be making me say….  so how do i get my own voice back? how do i get rid of criminals? hwo do i start to prossecute the scummmmm… I was on teh website  for the FBI last night.. cyber crimes…. and allsorts of crimes.. gosh i hope these scummy people get caught… and criminally charged adn i want to take them for every penny they have civilly!  7 yeas of this is far too much….  whaat horrid manipulative people…..

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