Monday March 28th 2011@ 2:10pm ( email to joel osteen concerning products not yet received.)

To whom it may concern: Monday  March 28th 2011 @ 2:04pm
 My name is Mary jean ziska and i have an account with Joel osteen and have order other products and have received them wiht no problem. however, I ordered and payed with a  credit card for two orders that i never received:
1. the order of #301 JXp1011E called “GRACE: when you need it most”.
The order was placed on
the payment method: credit card authorized.
the confrimation code:  445732
order code: 4000445732

2.  the order of JCP1102E called “I declare”
the order was placed on:  2/15/2011 @ 12:46:38
the payment method:  credit card authorized.
the confirmation code:  476369
the order code:  4000476369

I never received either of those orders and am a bit worried since not receiving parcels can be a sign of idenity theft or other criminals interferring in your life. Please email me : and tell me the progress and if these have been sent so i can know when to contact the police concerning my nonreceipt of the items.  I also will need to know how they were sent and will need the tracking codes used along with the companies used to ship the parcels. Thank you for your kind attention to this email. Sincerely, mary jean ziska
I will be putting a copy of this email in a website i had to start ot keep track of all the crimes that been done to my life. thank you my website is:

I called joel osteen ministry concerning the  two cd sets that i did not receive. I spoke with Olga at 4:01pm. these are her excuses or why i never received the cd sets and for the  email i also received @1:43:39pm to that said i unsubscribed form todays word with joel and victoria( which i definately did not do today or any other day   I have joel osteen messages  on facebook and my email address.  This mysterious cacelling of my subscription also happened when i spoke with the woman the first time to find out about the  order. 

I was today today(March 25th 2011@ 4:00pm ) by olga that the reason i did not receive the Grace cd ordered in november of 2010 was that the computer system was going through a restructuring of sorts and they are still trying to work out all the bugs and the cd purchase with a dollar donation was not transferred into the new system.
To actually get the cd set i need to call in and order it again. 
 I know that i spoke with a woman a month after i ordered it  before christmas to see where the cd set was ans dif i coudl expect it by christmas and ws not told any of this. Ali ws told was that it had not processed yet. theat due to the holiday season there was a back up of the cd’s and it will be 4-6 weeks.  

* As for this reason to rectify the problem:   i need to go back and see if the credit card which was a gift card  was actually charged or not.    
Then get a gift card again and call to order the cd set. since now it is full price to obtain. 

I was told by olga that the reason i did not receive the “i dare” cd set is that my credit card did not go through for the purchase and will  have to purchase  it again… and again will have to do it over the phone.   
To rectify this problem i will need to  go back and tryto find the gift card/or credit card used to purchase the cd set adn verify that the chages didnt go through. 

She did mention that they may have put though a test of the credit card  which i believe is a scam and is illegal and i will difinately check to see if that was the case and let the proper  authorities know if that was the case. I am sure that joel osteen and victoria olseen do not condone scams where tests of credit  card validation and obtaining credit card information/scams and  pfishing for credit card information or other fraud  are used with  their  patrons credit  card information. 



















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