Tuesday February 15th 2011@1:15pm ( third invoice for a cosmopolitan magazine i never ordered and have been cancelling!)

so while opening up my mail this afternoon i received yet another invoice from the Hearst Corporation… for a cosmopolitan magazine that I did not order… ever… and thought i already canceled!  so let’s try to cancel this all over again….

I’ll get back onto the website and blog when I have once again completed this…. and see what happens… 
the order is for cosmopolitan dispatch date of 02/03/11 account # 00 8415 6603  third invoice advisory no.  payment is supposed to be due on 03/05/11 and notification officer is G.L. VAlk the Herst corporation is located :

The Hearst Corporation 
Box 6093
Harlan, Iowa 51593 

Here it is:…. so once again I have canceled the subscription to cosmopolitan magazine @ 2:53pm canceled on line!  
no confirmation number for the cancellation but the note along with the cancellation is:
” your subscription will be canceled within the next few days.  You will no longer receive Cosmopolitan magazine however your request may have occurred after the upcoming issue was sent. If this is the case you will not receive anymore issues after the current issue. ” 
I changed the address and it said”  following magazines will be affected by your change of address:
O- the Oprah Magazine ( which i also never myself ordered but did receive for a while years ago as a gift but do not have a subscription now! 
Cosmopolitan ( which i never ordered and should not be receiving)

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