Tuesday February 15th 2011 @11:52am( note on gerard ahler or mr gerard i jsut remembered)

Even though this was the  worst valentines day…. I  would have to say  the next worst  valentines day i spent with Mr Gerard… or was it really Gerard Aahler…or some other name he used.as his alias…. UCK….. such a
con-artist and scummmm anyway.. I did remember  recently after “his
girls” quizzed me when I got that facial.. and was stupid enough to give
over the keys of my SUV.. and  take off my diamond earrings.. and
diamond cross necklace… that he checked into the Marco Beach Ocean Resort
under the name of Mr. Gerard…. of course i had no idea that meeting
him would ruin my life but I guess I should have guessed something was
seriously wrong when my SUV had a sliced tire on February 15th  (after he had my SUV most of the day before)….  God I hate criminals.. and I hate slime…. who knows
where  my SUV went while it was supposed to be getting detailed…  wait I’d better put this in the www.mysearchforjustice.com website as well…

Oh and get this…maybe there is no connection but the name…. and the
same personality.. and the entire experience…. just too familiar….
maybe it is just  really coincidental… but I had to babysit at the La Playa for a “Mr. Gerard”..starting late in the evening….He had come over
for the night from Fort Lauderdale… with children.. no diapers.. no
bottles..no milk…  no pajamas… I went to the room and the kids were
there… he said his wife was in Chicago and not to call her if there 
was and emergency… and he proceeded to leave me and go to Trulucks to
meet his”friend” luckily I had a ton of supplies in the car…..  not
that it is the same person but how many  last names of Gerard could
there be? At least my lawyer should know about it… what if the Gerard Aahler had stolen the Mr. Gerards info…. or visa- versa…. I can’t
believe I had blocked out  all this…

Anyway… speaking of Gloria.. ( her new website: www.gloriafletcherpa.com ) and then thinking of  horrible valentines days….

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