Tuesday February 15th 2011 @11:18pm( fbi website)

While on the internet this evening I found the official FBI website.  I once had someone tell me the FBI had an office here in Naples but when looking on the website  they do not have an office. One more lie… to just make me look stupid?.. or test and see how gullible I would be to following directions?… who knows.. whatever the reason… its just   one more lie/ one more con… anyway…

  It would be great to have actual real FBI people who were law abiding persons… with all the resources they have….. to be able to stop all the theft, the bulling..and con-artists…. to  be able to catch any and all the criminals.. and definitely  give me the evidence so I can prosecute for the damages they have inflicted in  my life for the past 7 years! 

 Wow, that would be a dream come true… to have all the horrid people put in jail!…..I found the website googling:   the loss of revenue from retail theft….. and there was an article with information from Frank Abagnale ( Abagnale and Associates) … remember the movie?… “Catch me if you Can” I actually gave the movie to my old roommate Scott Renshaw… I loved that movie… anyway… 

 Here is the website for anyone looking to ever contact the FBI: 


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