Tuesday February 15th 2011 @11:16pm(email posted to fbi website)

To whom it may concern:                 February 15th 2011

Since 2003, I have been dealing with the aftermath of a man who said his name was Gerard Ahler.  He claimed to be a member of the mafia, and threatened to kill my mother and ruin my life. Since then i have been put through hell.I have dealt with a girl Karen Kahel who has bulled and harassed me and numerous others who have basically destroyed my life.  I created a website and blog to try to document the laws broken, the crimes committed and to try to accurately document any of the assistance I have received in resolving any of the numerous crimes. To date, I am still dealing with nothing being resolved.   Please refer to the website and blog I created to document the worst years of my life. The website is:  www.mysearchforjustice.com and please contact me as to what I should do to rectify any of the situations.  I have a few email address to contact me:
Thank you for your kind attention to this email,
Mary Jean Ziska               

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