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Fri. February 11th 2011@2:52pm( credit/debit card question?)

So I’ve been meaning to write about this question I had  about the credit card and debit card I have with my bank account.  Usually when i use the card it  so often happens there is an electronic method for signing when completing a transaction…. so I haven’t been able to notice this…. and this is the question or the comment I pose… I remember ( ages ago) when I was at a store and  had to sign an actual paper for the merchant to have as the merchant’s receipt and then of course you get to keep your own receipt… Well  just  recently.. approx. a week ago( 2/05/11 at 12:32:07   I went to Cotton tails to get some of this  wonderful french  body cream…. ( its a bit of an experiment… trying to  see if stretch mark cream actually  can work on you face?)..

.anyway… that is where I once again saw a receipt that was paper.. and the odd thing is the receipt had my name backwards.. it had me listed as ziska, mary jean … I could have sworn it used to say mary jean ziska .. like the front of the card… 

So this is the question… is this normal for the receipts  to switch the position of your last and first name on a credit card receipt?  I mean is it dependent on the store? on the machine? or the card?   
I am asking this….after finding the letter from my mom yesterday that was from years ago… and a bunch of papers….one was from probably about 2007… where I  had written down all the different  telephone caller ids that had called me as my mother… 
gregory marion
gregory mj ( 239-593-9357)
private caller
a tender loving care 
unknown caller
 and knowing now that when i get a call from a caller id “gregory marion”.. it is usually a bully on the other end… and how when someone started a new phone service that they were using for fraud….. they would change the name on the caller id…to be backwards.. or some variation that wasn’t the original… which is what we usually  would start out with when the original service would be set up…  anyway to make a long story even longer…  

also since no one will/or has  assisted in finding who has the original parcel of papers that contained the two unopened credit cards from orchard bank… and two keys I  got in the mail from direct buy ….my mom’s check (though voided) and other personal papers.. if at that time was the same time any changes had been made to my  original credit card for my bank….how can i tell? 

Can a card be cloned?  and if so… … would it be exactly like the original? or would  it need something  different.. about it to make it work? like the signature would be backwards? or a number off? or how could it be different and still access your bank account?   or would a cloned card be exactly like the original? 

 How  could i know if this had been done? 

my card has my name on the front…  and I even went into the bank and spoke with one of the representatives..with my concerns….. the only thing that is weird.. is that  sometimes things just  don’t show up on my statement or on the teller machine for when the accounting of the past or last ten transactions … on the day they actually occurred… such as when i buy food or deposit money.. sometimes the days are off… … or now  this signature thing… 

I was assured that this is normal.. but i like when the transaction actually matches the day you actually do the transaction with the actual receipt…

Does anyone know if I should be worried?…. most times when I  ask anyone …. everyone says not to worry… but i still do.. i would  just  hate for a stupid thief or con artist.. or fake… to mess up my life again… 

Fri. February 11th 2011@4:34pm ( email sent to orchard bank concerning the credit cards stolen from personal papers)

Here is the email i sent to Orchard Bank concerning the two credit cards that were in the parcel of personnel papers that were stolen… remember i went to church and asked the  policeman to meet me at my home and the mean man who showed up discredited my accounting of my personal information that was stolen.  anyway.. most police officers that i have met have been wonderful public servants who are genuinely interested in making sure to stop crime.. the day i realized  this parcel of papers were wrong.. was a horrible day… anyway.. here is the email i sent in the contact box for the orchard bank company where the two credit cards originated. 

To whom it may concern: 
February 11th 2011 @4:30pm
I received two orchard bank credit cards in my name through the mail.  I had items stolen from my home including these two credit cards and need to see if anything has been done to continue processing the cards?  If anyone has used the cards? What needs to be done for my own security concerning the cards. I need to alert my credit unions of the incident and make sure that they are not stolen or used for identity theft.  I do not know the numbers on the cards.  I hadn’t even opened one of the two envelopes when the items were stolen. Please email me concerning this situation. Thanks you for your kind attention in this situation,
Sincerely mary jean ziska 

I am adding onto this entry/post: today February 24th 2011 @ 8:42pm
I have still not received an email or letter back from  the orchard bank concerning the two credit cards in my name that were stolen.

Tuesday February 08th 2011 @3:03pm ( freedom of speech )

when i went into my websites and blogs today… (that I personally purchased and own… I started to blog my thoughts….or copy and paste articles.. or just to write  down all the weird or criminal events i have had to endure… i am a bit worried since i could  not get on to my website..or the internet until the afternoon…  and since the  two accounts and were not in the light blue color but in purple (for the hyperlink to access my blog) it was as if I had already been online and had been blogging…
I just  wanted to remind anyone that these are mine…the blog.. the website and the words i write in them…  that it is my right…  my freedom of speech  to be able to  write exactly what i would like to write about.. and that if anyone alters any of my posts that  i will  prosecute! I am totally tired of these criminals ruining my life so their little impostors  get everything she wants… she is a fake for god’s sake… a fraud… and a criminal who steals identities.. to gain personal possessions and monies for herself and her criminal friends..and she belongs in jail for god’s sake..or dead.. but a life in prison for the girls and boys who think this is alright..or funny..  would suit me just  fine…
I am the only Mary Jean Ziska I  know …I went online and it said there was no other Mary Jean Ziska…. maybe a bunch of Marys… or jeans.. or even people who have the last name of Ziska.. but so far as I know.. I am the only real person named Mary Jean Ziska.. the only one!

According to Beth Serlin who gave me this great hat box that says the  original Mary Jean… ( I keep it on my bed…) I should be the only real person …. and the original one…named may jean ziska…. i am not some stupid actor.. not some con artist.. and not related to or friends  with the criminals or freaks or frauds who have harmed my life..

if someone has been going onto my blog posts.. you had better not be altering anything i have to say…. that would be considered hacking and cyber crimes are still punishable… and still  crimes… it is my intellectual  property… my freedom of speech.. and it is protected by the constitution …. not governed by a bunch of criminals who don’t want to be caught.. the entire point of this website is to catch these criminals and put them in jail.. and to make sure the damages they have done to my life will never occur to anyone ever again! and that i can be awarded a settlement to try to give me back 7-8 years that have been stolen so far!    

Here are some other Mary Jean’s i have heard about… i am not saying these women are criminals or they have harmed my life I am just  saying they are not me……..  

*one Mary Jean I was told was a grandmother of a couple I  babysat for in pine ridge..( address:                     ) The family has a college aged daughter and a younger  daughter   which i babysat for….. but I am not her…nor related to her……
*another woman told me she had a grandmother named Mary Jean and I babysat for her as well at Naples Grand.. while she attended a wedding in point cennena   country club… I am not related to her either…

I met one lady at a Robb and Stucky designer show room once…also with a name tag that said Mary Jean….. but i am not related to her as well….

There are also some people who have a last  name of Gregory( like my mother’s ) but most of  these peole I am not related  to either  

if you know of any other people named Mary Jean who i might be getting confused with…  please let me know… . and anyone using my name Mary  Jean Ziska.. let me know or let the police know…. !  Also, if anyone is saying they are me…. ask for proof!!! I have the real drivers license… I have 5 passports and I have matching foot prints from being born… and fingerprints that are uniquely mine!  

I went onto Facebook and there are a ton of profiles set up as Mary Jean …but i haven’t gone through any of them yet to see if anyone is trying to say they are me…. hope not…. I’ll keep you posted….    

tuesday February 08th 2011@ 5:38pm( additional information concerning driver’s privacy protection act)

Driver’s privacy protection Act ;

This act is meant to protect personal information and states that “for use in the normal course of business by a legitimate business or its agents, employees, or contractors but only :
1- to verify the accuracy of personal information submitted by the  individual to the business or its agents, employees or contractors.

( in other words a driver’s license maybe used to verify identification but that’s all certainly not for the collection and storage of information which may be found on the card some of which may be highly sensitive. )

is it legal?
‘drivers license swiping is a relatively new phenomenon and has yet to be challenged.  There is a privacy law in the US called the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (DPPA) that could that could possibly be used to end to end swiping, depending on how you interpret it.  DPPA requires that all states protect the privacy of personal information contained in an individual’s motor vehicle record…” 

The drivers Privacy protection Act (DPPA) and the Privacy of our state motor vehicle record 
permissible uses of a driver’s motor vehicle record :

The DPPA limits the use of a driver’s motor vehical record to certain purposes

These purposes are defined in 18 USC s2721:
*Legitimate government agency functions. 
*Use in matters of motor vehicle safety, theft, emissions, product recalls 
*Motor vehicle market search and surveys. 
*”legitimate” business needs in transactions initiated by the individual to verify accuracy of personal information. 
* Use in connection with a civil, criminal, administrative or arbitral proceeding. 
* Research activities and statistical reports, so long as personal information is not disclosed or used to contact individuals. 
*Insurance activities 
*Notice for towed or impounded vehicles. 
*Use by licensed investigators or security service. 
*Use by private toll transportation facilities. 
*In response to requests for individual records if the state has obtained express consent from the individual. 
* For bulk marketing distribution if State has obtained express consent from the individual. 
* use by any requester where the register can show written consent of the individual. 
* for any other legitimate State use if it relates to motor vehicle or public safety. 

Title 18>Part I > chapter 123>S2721
s 2721.  Prohibition on release and use of certain personal information from State motor vehicle records 
(b) Permissible Uses. 
(3) for use in the normal course of business by a legitimate business or its agents, employees or contractors but only:
(A) to verify the accuracy of personal information submitted by the individual to the business or its agents, employees, or contractors and 
( if such information as so submitted is not correct or is no longer correct, to obtain the correct information but only for the purposes of preventing fraud by pursuing legal remedies against , or recovering on a debt or security interest against the individual. 

Title 18> Part I > chapter 123 > S 2725
S 2725.  Definitions
(1) motor vehicle record ? means any record that pertains to a motor vehicle operator ? permit, motor vehicle title, or vehicle registration  or identification card issued by a department of motor vehicles
(2) person means an individual organization or entity but does not include a state or agency there of
 (3) personal information? means information that identifies an individual including an individual photograph social security number, driver identification number, name address, ( but not the 5-digit zip code ) telephone number, and medical or disability information but does not include information on vehicular accidents driving violations, and drivers status 
(4) highly restricted personal information means an individual photograph or image social security number, medical or disability information
(5) Express consent ? means consent in writing including consent conveyed electronically that bears an electronic signature as defined in section  106 (5) of Public law 106 229.
2)  State laws 
“What states allow a retailer to electronically read the driver’s license and populate a data base with information from drivers license” 

Generally the states that have laws are more or less the same as the federal law, in that a driver’s license may be used to verify identification.  Further, address or telephone numbers can only be recorded when necessary for shipping. 

States that prohibit recording of Personal information:  the following states prohibit merchants from recording certain personal information in connection with credit card transactions: 
* Maryland
* Massachusetts
 *New Jersey 
* new York 
* Pennsylvania 
*Washington DC 
* Wisconsin 
United state drivers licenses
The data stored on magnetic stripes on American driver’s licenses is specified by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators  (AAMVA) Not all states use a magnetic stripe on their  driver’s licenses.  For a list of those that do, see the AAMVA list of US License Technology.  the AAMVA site also contains a list of the Canadian jurisdictions  that use magnetic stripes on their driver’s licenses.  

Question:  what information does a magnetic strip on a driver’s license contain in Florida?
Answer:  The magnetic strip, as its typically called along with the bar code on the back of a Florida driver’s license, stores the same information shown on the card’s front according to the Florida Department of Highway safety and Motor.  

tuesday february 8th 2011 @ 2;03pm ( so i guess the freakks and frauds are playing car games again)

So i guess some freaks and frauds (shall i be bold enough to call them criminals) are at it again .. I
I mean, is it a crime to switch out a car to use? without permission of of the owner?
Tuesday February 8th 2011 @ 2:03pm ( so i guess the freaks and frauds are playing car games again)

So I’m not sure exactly when it occurred this time but boys and girls started to play games with  my car…

(perhaps this time it started while i was babysitting for a family in the Carlyle.. where the child looked strikingly  like the mechanic who worked at auto Europa… i think his name was something like Andy… I’m not saying that was his child… it just  looked exactly like the guy..) 

Anyway, it’s the same thing ( switching out my car to use ….or to have an alternative car get the maintenance that my father or I would pay for )

I guess it is a pretty good scam when you think of all the monies you can gain by switching out a car for a broken car….or to put additional miles on an alternative car… or have someone pay for the repairs that never get done… or  to use the pass code to access a gated community… .. which in this case makes it criminal..right?for whatever reason… it is still criminal… it is still affecting my life.. and my possessions in the negative…. what i mean is the switching out of my car hurts both my life and the life of my car!

A scam that fraudulently gains monies or services  that are not the owners…. is a fraud..right?. and is not and has not been for my benefit…. so it  is not good…and has to be criminal….. I ‘ll check on the Florida statutes.. and the laws that apply to auto theft.. or to tampering with autos…or for scams involving  autos…. there has to be a few  laws….or statutes….on the books..right?. anyway….

It’s the same thing that has been done to me  for years…..I originally noticed it with the gold 300 Mercedes I own… I told everyone I knew that at times it was a different car… and no one listened… no one cared… and even people told me it was my imagination… (?)  for what ever selfish reasons they did nothing to prevent it from happening… or to prevent me from going through more  expensive and bad experiences… t

I know it( exchanging out cars)  happened with  my gold Mercedes.. and now thanks to all of the switching out of MY car… that I purchased from  my father… who told me when he gave it to me that it was in  showroom condition….  now… because of all the mess the switching  has done to my car…  the gold 1990 Mercedes is completely broken with the head gasket in the trunk…and the car stuck in my garage for months and not being able to sell it ….. lovely right?

One more note on the last  and final switch… after paying 5000 for a transmission that Coast land auto had to get from Germany… ( the first transmission they got for the car didn’t work… so they kept my car for a full month… (me-without  a loaner and me- without any transportation ) anyway… when something else was going wrong with the car after they had already fixed the transmission… we took it to the Mercedes dealership…..and after they diagnosed that it was the head gasket ( which auto Europa had fixed in 2006 or 2008 don’t have the paperwork in front of me… anyway.. we called triple A to come and get the car and tow it home… to my home..a different two truck company came and took away my car……Shouldn’t the tow truck company that the triple A sends be the same tow truck man who actually shows up and actually takes your car where it needs to be?   I had no clue that the car actually had the head gasket in the trunk until  much later when i thought of selling the car….
So fraudulently messing with a car… then leaving me with out transportation until i inherited my dead aunts green Saturn Vue…. and having me go through years of repairs to various mechanics( Who  possibly needed finances.. I guess?) .. since.. auto Europa actually supposedly fixed the head gasket in 2006?…….. and now broken again? hummmm   or was it fixed in the first place?   who knows Ii don’t know really anything about cars.. all  I know is that I used to not have any problems with anything in my life until I met that disgusting criminal.. gerard ahler.. and the bully karen kahel…..and what ever or whom ever the  parasitic criminal scummm that somehow slimed their way into my life through  their  scummy and horrible lives.. families… and i’ve hated every moment they put me through hell… 

but again i got off the subject…
the subject of this blog entry is the messing with personal  property again…

this new evidence…  is pretty simple… and a bit shocking.. I’m not sure when the cars were switched out this time… but while I was loading the green Saturn vue… with items to babysit ( remember for the bay couple from  Virgina or Tennessee…at the carlyle) and the baby that looked like the mechanic from auto Europa….anyway…

I noticed that there were dog hairs in the trunk area… of course also the front  console was a mess… but I discounted that until I saw the dog hairs…I haven’t been keeping track of the mileage to pin point a change but it did jump to a larger number very quickly especially since I never leave my house these days trying to prevent all this corrupt  and deviant occurrences that keep ruining my life….so the mileage should still be pretty low…. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

the many numerous times that my old 1990 gold 300 Mercedes had been “exchanged” for one that needed repairs were numerous.. $5000.00 for auto Europa… $5000.00 for coast land auto.. then the Mercedes dealership… even when i just went  to go and get an oil changes and regular maintenance.. these criminals decided it was totally acceptable for me to go ahead and get the procedure ( like an oil change ) and either  pay double?.. or just  get the repairs to the wrong car? or what actually did happen?….

I honestly  didn’t think this was going to happen all over again.. with my dead aunts Saturn vue… and in a rare…. green color…. Saturn…  for a car/company that no longer exists!!!! I thought the parasites wouldn’t  in a million years be able to duplicate a green Saturn SUV and have the same crap happen all over again…I mean hell, they don’t even make the cars anymore… and in green…????? 

(I don’t mean to sound ungrateful….. to my father who gave my cousin a Rolex for the car.. or to my dead aunt or cousin for it.. I received it with 11 thousand miles.. and hardly used since my aunt had cancer and rarely drive it…. which means it should be in great shape…. now…. )

I inherited the Saturn  from my dead aunt when the criminals had already had me put the new $5000.00 transmission in the Mercedes….. … and then mysteriously the Mercedes…. head gasket (that had been repaired in 2006..). broke….. 

or was it really broken.?.. or just used my car for their auto repair shop just like the criminal girls have  used  my closet and home for their own personal use…
these type of people who are horrible people……  should be in jail… and damages for all the fraudulent and fraud should be recouped…..for me…. my father… and anyone who had unknowingly been conned or stolen from  by these criminals…these are parasites that feed off families and people… these could not possibly be good or great people… they could not be my friends.. or my family… they are con artist… actors.. criminals.. and de
viants….. capable of immense harm.. emotional distress.. and destruction!

But here is a personal note to the criminals:   Can’t you go and pick on someone else for a while?… oh say for the rest of my life??????????????????????????????but from what I heard of choosing a “mark” or some nice sap a criminal can use and ruin their life……. they will use and abuse that victim for every penny they can… just because they are scummm… unethical immoral and corrupt deviant people with no idea of right or wrong….  

but back to the  dog hairs… in my trunk…  when i do not own a DOG… let alone a white long haired dog…
I know I wished and prayed and even checked on getting a dog.. (I originally wanted a guard dog… to protect me and my home ) but I was discouraged by the same people who were supposed to have my best interest at heart.. but also by the same fraudulent people  or person on the phone who wanted $7000-$15000 dollars for a German Sheppard guard dog! what were they going to do?…..( for $15000.00.  go and give me the criminals own dog????) or one that would know the criminals?….. they would probably  not only give me one that would know the criminals….and then…  allow them to steal from me as well? very noble… right? 

This is  ridiculous…if it wasn’t so alarming …. and criminal…. but i guess since these same criminals  have basically stolen money, businesses, all my hopes and dreams… and wishes for whatever fake little impostor girl has been also stealing my identity… why do they care?… the answer is they don’t… not one bit .. they care about themselves.. and” what is in it for them”  could the freak have really  gotten a car the same as mine? and on purpose???? 

But then what was even more hilarious… the reasoning these con artists try to use to excuse their behavior… like… when I went to tell someone someone about these new dog hairs.. in my car (when I don’t own a dog)… the excuse I got was that it may have been from when my dead aunt Rita owned the car… so really?????  what???? over 5 years.????????.. and at least 2 professional detailing.. and my own vacuuming and even using tape to make sure there was not one bit of dirt/hairs or anything  in the trunk…. somehow.. mysteriously… the dog hairs showed up???? again??????? what did they have a life of their own… wait… they were ghost dog hairs???? UGGGG  give me a break!  

Nope .. I mean telling me that things disappear and it’ s my fault… making me feel stupid…or unorganized… or  trying to discredit me when  I eventually notice  the criminal’s after effects….and freak out!!!!! telling me something is wrong with me for getting upset that my possessions were stolen… or upset when I was lied to or conned… or bullied… any of it….. is wrong.. but what is worse… is  that these people try to make it my fault!!!!it is not my fault….  nope…  not buying these lies again… or taking the blame for what someone did wrong in my life….

The even worst part is that I got the mean email telling me that I imagined things.
(the white dog hairs in my car??????). and in a way trying to discredit me so they could continue their criminal  behavior without having anyone believe me… really mature…UGGGGG  and sooooo evil but then these are not nice people.. they are not my friends or my family they are only for themselves… they are  out to get something for themselves… whether it is conning someone who has money into believing something.. or lying.. or cheating or stealing they have done it all and as far as it seems….. it is still not stopping…. 

side note…. i just  realized that the Saturn vue that has the white dog hairs also has a leak of some yellow or greenish yellow fluid.. not a lot but i now have dots of the stuff on my garage floor…..Ugg… So now what else will eventually go wrong with a  car that had no problems…. when i got it… it better be nothing…  

I’m sure our legal system would have a ton to say about it… but who knows if any of my correspondence has reached its destination.. I mean how invasive and criminally arrogant are these people?? If they are as criminal and corrupt as they seem they are then as criminal and corrupt as they come…. I just picture them as a group of cackling witches without  one ounce of decency or morals.. . of the lowest scummiest of human life… Uck… my life would have been so wonderful without any of these horrible experiences….  I honestly  hope and pray every day they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law… each and everyone of them…        


Tuesday February 8th 2011 @1:36pm ( article from wsj: faceboook firing case is settled)

 Gosh what a worthless morning… i was trying to go  online all morning  so i could post this article and a few other blog entries… and couldn’t….. and the weird thing is that when i finally did log into my account both the gingerbread man and my search for justice were already hyper linked… as if i had already used them today.. another wired thing is that  instead of having my igoogle account as my home page.. i have yahoo… that hasn’t happened since Celia ( pronounced Shelia ) lived at my mother apartments… and the weird thing is that she disappeared as quickly as Ron.. and any of the recent tenants that seem to disappear with some of my inheritance.. and some of my mothers possessions… weird huh? i cant say for sure its criminal but i know my mom has had the three apartments since the early 1990’s….and it just hasn’t been the same….  

Should i be worried that in 2004 Carla told me that my family thinks i am dead and that i should be happy with what ever family i get?  or that i was told that my inheritance was already given to someone else… and i will get nothing.. that they are using my inheritance ? i mean who are these freaks? but i am off the subject… i was going to  post the article from the wall street journal…. 
here it is:


A company that fired a worker after she posted negative remarks about her boss on Facebook has settled a complaint brought by the National Labor Relations Board by agreeing to revamp its rules to ensure they don’t restrict workers’ rights, the NLRB said.

A separate, private settlement was reached between the employer—ambulance service American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc.—and the employee, though terms of that agreement weren’t immediately available. The worker, Dawnmarie Souza, was a member of the Teamsters union and the Teamsters represented her before the NLRB.

The case had become a test of how much latitude employees may have when posting comments about work matters from their home computers on social media sites such as Facebook.

When the National Labor Relations Board issued its complaint about the firing last fall, it alleged the firing was illegal because the online posting constituted “protected concerted activity” under the National Labor Relations Act.

That law allows employees to discuss the terms and conditions of their employment with co-workers and others, and the employee involved in the case had posted comments about her supervisor and responded to further comments from her co-workers, the NLRB said.

The NLRB had also alleged the company maintained and enforced overly broad rules in its employee handbook regarding blogging, Internet posting, and communications between employees.

At the time the complaint was announced, American Medical Response of
Connecticut denied the allegations and said the employee in question was discharged “based on multiple, serious complaints about her behavior.” The employee was also being held accountable for negative personal attacks that she posted on Facebook about a coworker, the company said at the time, and added that it believes those statements were not concerted activity protected under federal law.

A spokeswoman for American Medical Response of Connecticut didn’t immediately respond Monday to a request for comment. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment. Ms. Souza couldn’t be reached for comment.

Under the terms of the settlement approved by the NLRB’s Hartford, Conn., Regional Director Jonathan Kreisberg, the company agreed to revise its rules. The company agreed not to discipline or discharge employees for engaging in discussions about wages and other work issues when not on the job, the NLRB said.

The problems began when the employee, a Teamsters union member, was questioned about a customer complaint regarding her work.

The NLRB alleged that the employer illegally denied the employee union representation during an investigatory interview about the matter. The employee later posted the negative remark about the supervisor on her personal Facebook page from her home computer. The comment drew supportive responses from her co-workers and led to more negative remarks from the employee.

As part of the settlement with the NLRB, the company also promised that employee requests for union representation will not be denied in the future and that employees will not be threatened with discipline for requesting union representation.

Write to Melanie Trottman at

Copyright 2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved



sunday february 6th 2011@ 12:02pm( gosh I thought it was going to have a great day but one phone call ruined it all…. what a horrible day already!)

So I thought this was going to be a great day…. boy I was wrong again,,, I woke up early.. Actually in enough time to see the business show your business on MSNBC… had an apple with some hummus… then into workout clothes… and watched Joel Osteen,,,, I had already been to st johns catholic church for the 3pm mass.. supposedly my mom was going to be there… but I never saw her….
guess I should just know since my aunt Fran Bodnar is in town.. and someone started playing with messing up phone messages and arrangements for dinners and now the movie… these  messed up games with my life so I would miss seeing her and the rest of my family….. they have been doing this for about 7 years by now.. the parasites want to manipulate situations…. Get/give mixed up phone message or even email messages so that all plans fall through or are so completely confused as to what is supposed to be the real plans… then they can then swoop down and claim the Christmas presents,  the parties.. the luncheons.. all the fun and wonderful events and people… then they try  to pass me off for someone I am not… or use me or my likeness for someone I am not.. These freaks actually think that a person can be categorized by their country… or by what they are wearing…or what their hair cut is like… I know Gerard started using my likeness in 2003 when I met him and he wanted to see what my hair was like.. and how I looked in a baseball cap.. and from the back of my head… then of course  .. Depending on my weight.. and my likeness what clothes I am wearing..

but most importantly…. who i get to meet with or talk to … and have plans with…. and  who I get to talk to on the phone… or email.. poof….my life is instantly destroyed..… voila… I am supposed to be someone else.. or some other freakish and vile  use of me, my name, or my likeness…  so like yesterday when I was wearing the same cream brooks brother dress but with a cutter and buck cream and white checked button down over it and a tan/taupe/ or whatever color you want to call it… ( see me in face book with my niece .. it’s the same profile picture… with the same dress… ad sweater set…)

anyway… the same basic outfit I  have worn babysitting.. and meeting my aunt.. and getting scones and croissants  and  ice cream at the Ritz…..  me mary jean ziska…. the same regular yet very normal and  very real person who gets mixed up withal sorts of girls who play games with my life for there own selfish intentions….

And  it is happening now as much as it has been the past 7-9 years……  very manipulative and destructive to my life…. It’s as if they have systematically taken every single person and opportunity   and ruined it and taken it out of my life… and they did it on purpose.. like having me eat certain foods I normally would not eat… they did that for thanksgiving.. and even yesterday  when I was told to leave Wess a note telling him to watch a movie with me..  I’m guessing this  was to make it seem like  I even know this person Wess? Or I’m dating him or something?…. they are always manipulating something……   Which I do not even really know him…..

then today on the phone.. the conversation with the fake and wrong person on the phone… conversation started with the person asking why did I ask Wess if he was Brazilian..having to explain that even  simple and small things that were bad experiences.. are still traumatic…
the Brazilian comment came from my mom having this book out on the coffee table of Monet…   Carla made  me  get a Monet date book… and she tried to run my life while  she was my roommate… she went through my business cards and actually threw cards away that she decided were not people she wanted me to know or meet… she also one time tried to get me to sell my condo… and basically tried to get these people to hire me as a live in nanny  telling me that I could probably fit most of my things  in storage and I’d have one room to live in!!!    When I had a successful business.. a great condo… and a life….what the hell???!!!!!

 I guess she wanted all that i had?.. and  what….just wanted to take it from me?…. … anyway.. its not anything against anyone from any country…even the united states (which by the way I am a proud  American citizen)… but I was blessed to have been able to grow up overseas in Saudi… and to have had the opportunity to go to boarding school… and got to travel all over the world…and i think i made friends all over the world… or all through my life.. at least i remember them being  real and genuine friends…. and had a great life before these  idiots thought it would be fun to manipulate my life.. and lie and cheat and steal…. 

It is individual people who  have harmed my life…..that  I will never forgive and I do not like them because  of the way they manipulate my life…or what they said to me.. or what they did to my life… !   I explained that I was made to live  with a girl Carla from Brazil who liked to manipulate my life and was the liar…..I told you she  lied about her portfolio..( Scott showed me she took pictures from someone else on line..and claimed them as her work )  then wanted me to teach her how to run and do my business.. then tried to make me look stupid by instead of putting money in the bank accounts… I had 3 of them at three different banks at the time  she wanted me to put money in envelopes(?)…. With labels on them as if I couldn’t handle money…. She also wanted me to marry her brother who was psycho…so he could get a green card… and also wanted to know if i could live with 5-10 people in my condo…(?)
So this morning’s telephone conversation was like that… first not being able to reach my aunt…( she couldn’t  hear me on the phone when I called her… I checked and made sure the magic jack was set to  telephone not headset… then tried again…. No… couldn’t get through… then called my mother to see if we could make a time for the movie…she or whoever did a conference call and then plans were made for 2:30 movie…  but my aunt Fran sounded weird… so I ended up going to the front of the guard gate to call…. And there was no answer on my mother’s phone line… NONE.. and I had just supposedly spoken to her…        


So it started all over again.. with these horrible girls and boys playing games with  my life… and manipulating my life…. All over again!!!!!… ie mixing up messages..   not allowing the real people I have been trying  to call or contact to get in touch with me……. all the same tricks and things…the parasites( which is exactly what they are….they feed off of others…)  have been doing for the last 7 or 8 years of my life.. they attach themselves to any or all of my wealthy family
members.. or friends..or even clients . and then they use the phone as a method for manipulation( see the congressman blog entry on  phone act as for laws being broken…)  or emails for manipulation somehow they hack into email accounts… or even phones over the internet.. or  …they make claims that they need :  a new house or a new car… or something like new furniture or whatever .. and so many times they actually use me and say it is for me… but to be honest I  have never seen any of the proceeds or gifts that were meant  for me… these criminals .. they take the proceeds or profits or gifts for themselves…they manipulate even to the extent of attending parties or functions that they were not meant to be a part of…. Or ever invited to… but they “act “ / manipulate and steal not only opportunities… but lives… and leave everything  for the real person in a complete mess….  …. as if they are  so this is how it worked this morning……. .

.so as I mentioned earlier… I thought this was going to be a great day…. boy I  was wrong again…I woke up early.. actually  in enough time to see the business show “your business”  on MSNBC… had an apple with some hummus… ( which by the way doesn’t make  me Arab…. Just healthy…. ) then into work out clothes… and watched Joel Osteen…., nice positive  message about having a great year.. blessing overwhelming…..people…. . god having the right people  lined up….for business… for connections… it was nice… and  I had already been to st johns catholic church for the 3pm mass.. supposedly  my mom was going to be there… but I never saw her….

So the messing up of my life… started with my aunt Fran Bodnar  is  in town… I am assuming also one look alike for Scott Renshaw… and  probably a look alike( double)  for a cousin or two….. .. ie mixing up messages..for the dinner at the Ritz on Thursday…. and on Fr.i when I was babysitting from 6:30pm-11pm then ran  a few errands.. ie getting mascara at CVS( Saks 5th ave want open at  that hour to get any of the great Chanel mascara .. so I got  replacement . and gas…. then tried  going back to the Ritz Carlton to … but the security guards didn’t want me there(?) …I was trying to just  kill some time until  the gourmet  shop opened so I  could get the croissant and scones for  my mother, and my aunt, and myself…. I thought I ‘d bring them by a bit later in the am for a surprise  breakfast….

Anyway.. I’m assuming if there is a very important girl and boy….lets say an Italian boy with a Canadian girl…..or I don’t even know where to begin with all the people it could have been… whom ever is was….  perhaps they didn’t want to be “found out”..   or once again i wasn’t supposed t get  in the way… depending on games or conns or what ever they do…..   

I even  was wondering how far karne kahels power had in hotels? ….  or who she was with this super bowl weekend…. or if not her…. ( because I would  really like her to be gone….) but what i am more interested in these days… is  who was so interested in manipulating my life and my family?……. …

anyway… ( from the last time I was on the phone)… and had the people telling me to take off the information on my websites that she was mean.. or a bully or was messing around with a guy  in a pool…while she was married… 

usually the retaliation is pretty harsh…those mean girls can get pretty mean..and with their boyfriends money they have the capacity to do a lot of damage…. anyway… since my aunt Fran was in town I thought I was safe….. OPPPs…. not today….or the last few days….

anyway…I was trying to kill some time until  the Gourmet shop opened so i could get the croissant and scones for me, my mother and my aunt….and back to yesterdays events: then I went by my aunt Frans condo… when she wasn’t up yet.. I went by my mom’s house..waiting until I could again go by my aunt Frans…  in the meantime  I had some breakfast….

And an aunt Fran came by…… she told me to bring by the scone after church….kept changing the time and the   day… but I ended up going to 3 pm mass where my mom supposedly was going to  be there but never saw her…. Then to aunt Frans and gave her the scone.. and made plans for today.. the movie…it was going to be either 1pm or 2:30 pm… and I was to call my aunt this morning by 10am  so we could finalize plans…  which is why there was such a horrible morning….. UGGGGGGG

After aunt Frans… ( I saw a  girl from  England…..or Ohio..or I even  thought she  may have even been one of the  Czech republic nannies… where ever)  she is the same girl  who looked so strikingly like the  girl that was supposed to be in this  couple that I babysat for at La playa…when there was a wedding… and while i was babysitting….someone  was in  my home and and in my clothes  and wore this brown polka dotted dress  I own….and left it inside out in my closet….. whoever she is… and .who knows who she really is…. Anyway… she or someone who looked like her… was sitting by the pool while I was visiting with my aunt…. 

 After leaving the beach condo… I went to my mom’s to tell her of the plans.. then  went to waterside shops… where I stopped into the Chanel counter to say hi then onto the apple store.. to discuss an idea…  after  I finished with that and really having a great day.. I went and met with Mr. Webber who lives in the same building we used to live in… and wasn’t home until probably 8 or 9 pm if not later…. This all in contrast to the manipulation of this morning and the entire day…..  

Anyway….back to this mornings events… (all so that I won’t go to the movie with  my mom and aunt)… or (so that I will be out of the way)… so that  these idiot girls(I’m assuming it’s still the same con artists…”whore to door servic
e girls”… can still lie and cheat and steal.. and the actors or scum who act like they are big deals can ruin lives.. and connections…  can steal events and can manipulate lives… they get some kind of sick pleasure out of ruining events .. lives and families….

Starting  today… I checked my emails and for the telephone number I am not even supposed to have anymore( 561-594-5921)…. There was a message/number called at 4am…. but the new number that is also completely messed up…. Obviously….from today’s  occurrences….

Money and the control of a person’s contacts gives these criminals power…why doesn’t someone sop them!!!!!

So  when I called my mother’s home from the magic jack number… I had this “fake mom” who was trying to convince me that there are these horrible issues and problems with basically every member of my family……  of my family.. this horrid girl was trying to tell me something bad about every single  member of my family… saying  my sister maura was horrible.. that my sister mattie was horrible and that my aunt and mom were fighting..   completely wrong!!!!! AlL of it!!!! ...

Completely  evil to try to manipulate and cause havoc and drama and trauma and emotional distress for one phone call… and one movie!!!!  It got me so mad I packed up everything and went to my guard gate and  after calling from the guard  gate…I took my car and raced to my mom’s house when I  couldn’t  reach her on the phone… then when I saw she was alright… I raced home wondering what  damage the idiots could have done in a few short minutes…  and why they   could have wanted me out of my home?…

If it was the same girl from la playa.. i know the face but not the name .. they /she lies….. and may be one of the girls who has been stealing jobs from the  babysitting businesses with whatever her partner in crime is….…

once someone who looked exactly like her…( was actually by my aunts home once and she  said she was British) but when i was babysitting for the look alike of this girl she said she was from Ohio(?)..but here again I could have been sitting for the babysitters.. and the fake couple was a liar… again… because they had said they were from  ohio… but then from England????? What is going on????…a really mixed up story..

Anyway…thought i saw a girl like her hanging out by my aunts condo… wonder  if she is conning her way into pretending to be me… and was someone who met my aunt at the ritz for dinner when all my  communications  got totally mixed up… i seriously hope there  is karma.. and a god who is just and that all these girls get all tangled up in their web of deceit!!!! and choke!!!!

anyway it is now 1;35 and i did not go to the movie…. will not  go to the 2pm movie… so another holiday  weekend ruined by manipulative disgusting worthless human beings… how self centered.. how rude. and how horrible..ruining phone conversions.. ruining relationships… ruining  holidays….  

(excuse my typing… its going  to be worse than ever… my  1st nail  on the right hand completely broke off… totally bleeding and the band-aid helps a bit but it still hurts to type…)

So now i know for certain that the magic jack phone is absolutely worthless.. but I figured it would be when the parcel of important papers and two credit cards and two keys were stolen… but then I keep forgetting that these can artists have somehow decided  that I don’t matter…. I don’t matter right???… so its o.k. to harm my life to ruin holidays… and to manipulate  my life and my family….  and it is o.k. they have already stolen all my money.. businesses…business ideas…  and done everything humanly possible to give me the worst 7 years of my life… for no reason at all.. I mean …. Am I in some type of competition to be me? to have my family?  for a husband?? for a new business?? for what?  I never signed up to have my life destroyed… never signed up and gave anyone permission at all to ruin any part of my life… and I want to know who is responsible for today’s  disaster… what a waste….. what selfish and horrible people… I  think I  will also put this in the blog as well…    

Thursday February 3rd 2011@6:36pm( googled: damages…..and restitution… and )


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Civil procedure in the United States
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In law, damages is an award of money to be paid to a person as compensation for loss or injury;[1] grammatically, it is a singular noun, not plural.



[edit] Compensatory damages

Compensatory damages, called actual damages, are paid to compensate the claimant for loss, injury, or harm suffered as a result of (see requirement of causation) another’s breach of duty.

[edit] Quantum/measure of damages

[edit] Breach of contract duty – (ex contractu)

On a breach of contract by a defendant, a court generally awards the
sum that would restore the injured party to the economic position they
expected from performance of the promise or promises (known as an “expectation measure” or “benefit-of-the-bargain” measure of damages).

When it is either not possible or not desirable to award sured in
that way, a court may award money damages designed to restore the
injured party to the economic position they occupied at the time the
contract was entered (known as the “reliance measure“), or designed to prevent the breaching party from being unjustly enriched (“restitution”) (see below).

Parties may contract for liquidated damages
to be paid upon a breach of the contract by one of the parties. Under
common law, a liquidated damages clause will not be enforced if the
purpose of the term is solely to punish a breach (in this case it is
termed penal damages).
The clause will be enforceable if it involves a genuine attempt to
quantify a loss in advance and is a good faith estimate of economic
loss. Courts have ruled as excessive and invalidated damages which the
parties contracted as liquidated, but which the court nonetheless found
to be penal.

[edit] Breach of tort duty – (ex delicto)

Damages in tort are generally awarded to place the claimant in the
position that would have been taken had the tort not taken place.
Damages in tort are quantified under two headings: general damages and special damages.

In personal injury claims, damages for compensation are quantified by
reference to the severity of the injuries sustained (see below general
damages for more details). In non-personal injury claims, for instance, a
claim for professional negligence against solicitors, the measure of
damages will be assessed by the loss suffered by the client due to the
negligent act or omission by the solicitor giving rise to the loss. The
loss must be reasonably foreseeable and not too remote.[2]
Financial losses are usually simple to quantify but in complex cases
which involve loss of pension entitlements and future loss projections,
the instructing solicitor will usually employ a specialist expert
actuary or accountant to assist with the quantification of the loss.

[edit] General damages

General damages, sometimes styled hedonic damages,
compensate the claimant for the non-monetary aspects of the specific
harm suffered. This is usually termed ‘pain, suffering and loss of
amenity’. Examples of this include physical or emotional pain and
suffering, loss of companionship, loss of consortium, disfigurement, loss of reputation, loss or impairment of mental or physical capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.[3]
This is not easily quantifiable, and depends on the individual
circumstances of the claimant. Judges in the United Kingdom base the
award on damages awarded in similar previous cases.

General damages are generally awarded only in claims brought by
individuals, when they have suffered personal harm. Examples would be
personal injury (following the tort of negligence by the defendant), or
the tort of defamation.

[edit] Speculative damages

Speculative damages
are damages that have not yet occurred, but the plaintiff expects them
to. Typically, these damages cannot be recovered unless the plaintiff
can prove that they are reasonably likely to occur.[4]

[edit] Quantification of personal injury claims

The quantification of personal injury is not an exact science. In
English law solicitors like to call personal injury claims as “general
damages” for pain and suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA). Solicitors
quantify personal injury claims by reference to previous awards made by
the courts which are “similar” to the case in hand. The guidance
solicitors will take into account to help quantify general damages are
as hereunder:

1 The age of the client

The age of the client is important especially when dealing with fatal
accident claims or permanent injuries. The younger the injured victim
with a permanent injury the longer that person has to live with the
PSLA. As a consequence, the greater the compensation payment. In fatal
accident claims, generally the younger deceased, the greater the
dependency claim by the partner and children.

2 The nature and extent of the injuries sustained.

Solicitors will consider “like for like” injuries with the case in
hand and similar cases decided by the courts previously. These cases are
known as precedents. Generally speaking decisions from the higher
courts will bind the lower courts. Therefore, judgments from the House
of Lords and the Court of Appeal have greater authority than the lower
courts such as the High Court and the County Court. A compensation award
can only be right or wrong with reference to previous judgments.
Sometimes it is a matter of opinion of how much an injury claim is worth
and the skill of the solicitor is persuading the opponent and
ultimately the judge that their assessment is right.[citation needed]
Solicitors must be careful when looking at older cases when quantifying
a claim to ensure that the award is brought up to date and to take into
account the court of appeal case in Heil v Rankin [5] Generally speaking the greater the injury the greater the damages awarded.

A quick guide to assess personal injury claims is by reference to the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases [1]. Some case examples can also be considered [2]

3 Gender of the client

Generally speaking damages for personal injury for males and females
are the same. However where there can be a difference weighted in favour
of females is where the injury results in permanent scarring to the
skin.[citation needed]
Where the scarring is clearly visible such as the face, legs, and arms,
females will usually obtain an greater amount of compensation than
males. The compensation reflects the general assumption that females
will be affected more than males by scarring and thus will be awarded
more. However each case will be decided on its own particular facts. For
instance a male model who sustains a scarring tissue to his face may
obtain just as much as a female.[citation needed]

4 Personal attributes and fortitude of the client

This heading is inextricably linked with the other points above.
Where two clients are of the same age, experience and suffer the same
injury, it does not necessarily mean that they will be affected the
same. We are all different. Some people will recover more quickly than
others. The courts will assess each claim on its own particular facts
and therefore if one claimant recovers more quickly than another, the
damages will be reflected accordingly. It is important to note here that
“psychological injuries” may also follow from an accident which may
increase the quantum of damages.

When a personal injury claim is settled either in court or out of
court, the most common way the compensation payment is made is by a lump
sum award in full and final settlement of the claim. Once accepted
there can be no further award for compensation at a later time unless
the claim is settled by provisional damages often found in industrial
injury claims such as asbestos related injuries.

[edit] Special damages

Special damages compensate the claimant for the quantifiable monetary losses suffered by the plaintiff.[citation needed]
For example, extra costs, repair or replacement of damaged property,
lost earnings (both historically and in the future), loss of
irreplaceable items, additional domestic costs, etc. They are seen in
both personal and commercial actions.

Special damages can include direct losses (such as amounts the claimant had to spend to try to mitigate[6]
problems) and consequential or economic losses resulting from lost
profits in a business. Special damages basically include the
compensatory and punitive damages for the tort committed in lieu of the
injury or harm to the plaintiff.

Damages in tort are awarded generally to place the claimant in the
position in which he would have been had the tort not taken place.
Damages for breach of contract are generally awarded to place the
claimant in the position in which he would have been had the contract
not been breached. This can often result in a different measure of
damages. In cases where it is possible to frame a claim in either
contract or tort, it is necessary to be aware of what gives the best

If the transaction was a “good bargain” contract generally gives a better result for the claimant.

As an example, Neal sells Mary a watch for £100. Neal tells Mary it
is an antique Rolex. In fact it is a fake one and worth £50. If it had
been a genuine antique Rolex, it would be worth £500. Neal is in breach
of contract and could be sued. In contract, Mary is entitled to an item
worth £500, but she has only one worth £50. Her damages are £450. Neal
also induced Mary to enter into the contract through a misrepresentation
(a tort). If Mary sues in tort, she is entitled to damages that put
herself back to the same financial position place she would have been in
had the misrepresentation not been made. She would clearly not have
entered into the contract knowing the watch was fake, and is entitled to
her £100 back. Thus her damages in tort are £100. (However, she would
have to return the watch, or else her damages would be £50.)

If the transaction were a “bad bargain”, tort gives a better result
for the claimant. If in the above example Mary had overpaid, paying £750
for the watch, her damages in contract would still be £450 (giving him
the item he contracted to buy), however in tort damages are £700. This
is because damages in tort put her in the position she would have been
in had the tort not taken place, and are calculated as her money back
(£750) less the value of what she actually got (£50).

[edit] Various matters

[edit] Incidental and consequential losses

Special damages are sometimes divided into incidental damages, and consequential damages.

Incidental losses include the costs needed to remedy problems and put
things right. The largest element is likely to be the reinstatement of
property damage. Take for example a factory which was burnt down by the
negligence of a contractor. The claimant would be entitled to the direct
costs required to rebuild the factory and replace the damaged

The claimant may also be entitled to any consequential losses. These
are the lost profits that the claimant could have been expected to make
in the period whilst the factory was closed and rebuilt.

[edit] Foreseeability and remoteness

Damages are likely to be limited to those reasonably foreseeable by
the defendant. If a defendant could not reasonably have foreseen that
someone might be hurt by their actions, there may be no liability. This
is known as remoteness.

This rule does not usually apply to intentional torts (e.g. deceit), and also has stunted applicability to the quantum in negligence where the maxim Intended consequences are never too remote applies – ‘never’ is inaccurate here but resorts to unforeseeable direct and natural consequences of an act.

[edit] Quantifying losses in practice – expert evidence

It may be useful for the lawyers for the plaintiff and/or the defendant to employ forensic accountants or forensic economists to give evidence on the value of the loss. In this case, they may be called upon to give opinion evidence as an expert witness.

[edit] Statutory damages

Statutory damages
are laid down in law. Mere violation of the law can entitle the victim
to a statutory award, even if no actual injury occurred. These are
similar to, but different from, nominal damages (see below) in which no
written sum is specified.

For example, the possible remedies for misrepresentation in the United Kingdom are codified in the Misrepresentations Act.

[edit] Nominal damages

On the other hand, nominal damages are very small damages awarded to
show that the loss or harm suffered was technical rather than actual.
Perhaps the most famous nominal damages award in modern times has been
the $1 verdict against the National Football League (NFL) in the 1986 antitrust suit prosecuted by the United States Football League. Although the verdict was automatically trebled pursuant to antitrust law in the United States,
the resulting $3 judgment was regarded as a victory for the NFL.
Historically, one of the best known nominal damage awards was the farthing that the jury awarded to James Whistler in his libel suit against John Ruskin. In the English jurisdiction, nominal damages are generally fixed at £2.

Many times a party that has been wronged but is not able to prove
significant damages will sue for nominal damages. This is particularly
common in cases involving alleged violations of constitutional rights,
such as freedom of speech.

[edit] Punitive damages (non-compensatory)

Generally, punitive damages, which are also termed exemplary damages in the United Kingdom,
are not awarded in order to compensate the plaintiff, but in order to
reform or deter the defendant and similar persons from pursuing a course
of action such as that which damaged the plaintiff. Punitive damages
are awarded only in special cases where conduct was egregiously
invidious and are over and above the amount of compensatory damages,
such as in the event of malice or intent. Great judicial restraint is expected to be exercised in their application. In the United States punitive damages awards are subject to the limitations imposed by the due process of law clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

In England and Wales, exemplary damages are limited to the circumstances set out by Lord Patrick Devlin in the leading case of Rookes v. Barnard. They are:

  1. Oppressive, arbitrary or unconstitutional actions by the servants of government.
  2. Where the defendant’s conduct was ‘calculated’ to make a profit for himself.
  3. Where a statute expressly authorises the same.

Rookes v Barnard has been much criticised and has not been followed in Canada or Australia or by the Privy Council.

Punitive damages awarded in a US case would be difficult to get
recognition for in a European court, where punitive damages are most
likely to be considered to violate ordre public.[7][2]

[edit] Restitutionary or disgorgement damages

In certain areas of the law another head of damages has long been
available, whereby the defendant is made to give up the profits made
through the civil wrong in restitution.
Doyle and Wright define restitutionary damages as being a monetary
remedy that is measured according to the defendant’s gain rather than
the plaintiff’s loss.[8]
The plaintiff thereby gains damages which are not measured by reference
to any loss sustained. In some areas of the law this heading of damages
is uncontroversial; most particularly intellectual property rights and breach of fiduciary relationship.

In England and Wales the House of Lords case of Attorney-General v. Blake opened up the possibility of restitutionary damages for breach of contract. In this case the profits made by a defecting spy, George Blake,
for the publication of his book, were awarded to the British Government
for breach of contract. The case has been followed in English courts,
but the situations in which restitutionary damages will be available
remain unclear.

The basis for restitutionary damages is much debated, but is usually
seen as based on denying a wrongdoer any profit from his wrongdoing. The
really difficult question, and one which is currently unanswered,
relates to what wrongs should allow this remedy.

[edit] Legal costs

In addition to damages, the successful party is entitled to be
awarded his reasonable legal costs that he spent during the case. This
is the rule in most countries other than the United States. In the
United States, a party generally is not entitled to its attorneys’ fees or for hardships undergone during trial, although a few exceptions exist, such as discrimination.[9] See American rule.

[edit] History

Among the Saxons, a price called Weregeld was paid for homicide by the killer, in part to the family of the victim, in part to the local king.

[edit] See also

[edit] References

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Thursday February 3rd 2011 @5:16pm( phone conversation bully girl)


So i got to call my mom this evening…( her home phone number239-598-1515 from my magic jack….which I rarely use and somehow  I never seem to reach the people i am trying to reach when I try to  call  anyone… somehow no longer seems to get either the right number or the right people or both…. 

I saw this one law and order episode…with robin Williams… where he was a criminal who had a ton of cell phones all set up to answer different numbers… then he used his voice manipulating skills… and pretended to be the people at all the various locations…. Could it be possible that no matter where i call.. i ma getting the same group of con artists??????  sometimes it sure feels like the same people….the same….. bullies…. the same lies….I just don’t know how to find the location….i have tried calling the phone companies.. the police .. anyone and everyone….l

…. we( my mother my aunt Fran and   myself) were  supposed to go to the Ritz this evening…. possibly for dinner or a snack.. not really sure what the exact purpose was. but it was supposed to be a nice visit.. and include a meal…..

 ( then again… the information I had received concerning  the evenings plans were  made over the phone..and if the problem is the phone…. or whoever screws up the destination of my calls… or who i am supposed to be speaking with…. why would i think that making plans over the phone would be any better?)

Anyway,  I first talked to my mom… she wasn’t feeling well… and wasn’t going  to meet my aunt….  she told me of a great invention by mc hammer… wasn’t  exactly like  like my invention… or the thought of my invention….. (the app that could not only track clothing… purchase clothing and keep tract of clothing…but be instrumental in use with Alzheimer patients.. or high end clothing..)
 the phone was breaking up and so i hung up and called back… but this time the second time i called i got a woman who was horrible… like the girls from la Playa..( in  my blog entry where the guy on the phone said his name was  Dave.. the girl who manipulated my phone…was (?)

 hummm  but then that is who  these people said they were on the phone..and since they are liars.. who can believe anything?….. 

anyway… the”mom” on the phone for the second call… the one who was horrid…. reprimand me about calling karn kahel a “whore”.. I guess I just thought that was an appropriate  name or category…. since i babysat  for her….and instead of being at 5th third bank i saw her in the pool in an orange bathing suit making out with a man who had a full head of hair… while i babysat for her son Greyson and the husband i was introduced to was named Todd and had no hair at  all on is head…

I was told that “whore” was not an appropriate terminology for what she is.. and i should go back to just calling her a bully since she used to trespass into the strand and took it upon herself to taunt me and to bully me and to call me names.. to the point where i was shaking … sobbing and ready to throw up….

 I was then  told that she will  hurt my life …..and on the phone this woman told me ( me as the victim who was harmed by the bully karen kahel from Ohio state and lives in Carlton lakes) is allowed to do anything she wants… as I said.. the phone was the right number… and the right message on the phone..( with 4 different businesses) …..but most of the times i was calling….the person on the other end of the phone… just horrible…. How is this still happening??????

we are talking about a group of people who can’t remember any specifics about my life… such as the fact that my mother gave me a bin full of personal  papers and memorabilia…  and  instructions about the songs and specific instructions about her funeral.. about who was to get what items if or when she died… about how much she loved me… the person couldn’t  recount any of that at all… I wonder if this was/is the same group of bullies even on this phone…

 again I did get two phone calls back that had no caller id…  and as i mentioned before.. it is usually the bully girls who don’t want to be caught for their threatening and abusive calls….  i was also threatened that if i didn’t take off the “whore” comment and the spreading of her legs and screwing guys to get things like her BMW…

(wait she actually wanted me to meet favio(SP?) from  the fort myers BMW…..did i mention that before? i guess  she may have thought  that if she had people use “her guy”  so could  get a good deal on a BMW..( i dont know what she ever thought i would do for her.. maybe her other babysitters  allowed  themselves to be pimped out… but i did nothing to help her get her silver BMW!

Oh i was also threatened on the phone that if i didn’t take off the comment  in association with karn kahel  being a “whore”… that i would lose my home… and that no one would want babysit  for them since this girl was allowed to bully me and threaten me and make me cry.. and allowed to trespass into the strand …. it doesn’t make any sense.. that i am the one who is supposed to be punished because this girl was horrible.. doesn’t it  sound like these idiots on the phone….could possibly be her family?????.. or her boyfriends????..or someone who also went to Ohio state???? HUmmmmm .

It makes me embarrassed to have been born in Ohio…   to have blond hair and to be a catholic girl who ever met her and had my life ruined by her and gerard ahler!
As i mentioned before and in the website home page.. i want damages... today i actually googled damages…  and restitution…. for seven years of damages… of ruining a life.. a reputation… of emotional distress… and compensation for all the loss…… especially all the harm and damages that i am supposed to be able to endure so that karnen kahel is not harmed.. nor inconvenienced… but somehow these people seem to think it is perfectly acceptable for this or any bully girl to damage my life.. make me cry… to steal from me harm me.. lie to me

Am supposed to be quiet?.. Am  I supposed to sit by and passively allow anyone to harm my life my reputation and my family? … because to these people I do not matter as much as karne kahel who went to Ohio state and who lives in Carlton lakes and who goes out( i am not supposed to say she has sex or whores around with these peoples’ sons…and that she did the same things while she was married and had a three month old son…. so…..that is why she needed a babysitter…. )

Some how it is supposed to be o.k. for her to harass me.. to bully me… and to ruin my life… and once again I am supposed to allow it to happen… according to these people giving me advice on the phone… I should be the nice  girl that  I am… and I should be quiet because she is much more  valuable than I am….  

I was actually told it was not classy on my part to point out that bullies exist…and by mentioning the bullies name…(Karen Kahel)  that was not classy?????

This website is to find justice where none has been found.. that means telling the truth and the whole truth so help me god… ( as they say in court right? so that is exactly what i am doing.. i am telling the truth i am using names… and i am asking for the authorities.. ie police, lawyers and senators and congressmen to make sure that justice is sought for the wrongs and criminal acts that have been committed…..

is  wrong… harassing people and trespassing is wrong.. stealing is wrong and against the law…even impersonating someone on the phone (check the caller id act) is wrong.. this  illegal behavior is against the law….and laws were made for the protection of the society to keep order and to make sure that people aren’t harmed… not the other way around.. not to protect the bully.. or the people who break the laws… what are these people thinking???? me…( and this is just a moral and value call on my part.)…keeping vows like being faithful…. is one i would keep… if married.. taking  a vow that most married people keep….not to have sex with a strange man in the carlton lakes pool with while a babysitter is watching your three month old baby boy… )  I don’t know.. call me old fashioned… but  sleeping with someone other than your husband when you are married is wrong… but these people keep trying to convince me that  somehow karen kahel is allowed to harm lives. to harm my life…  and that it  is alright… the thing is.. it is not alright…. being bullied is not alright at any age… and peole should speak out about it..

My mother would have stood up for me… my mother would have   made sure that no one harmed any of her 3 daughters.. that we all had the very best life had to offer.. and that we were all  blessed… i mean she did that for my first  years of life… and beyond.. and i am eternally grateful and love her for it….